Murder Me Elmo – Ramadan Edition

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CNN uses Elmo to put a friendly face on the muslim invasion

Murder Me Elmo
In another cynical display of mendacity, FNN (Fake Network News) uses a beloved muppet character to lie to innocent children about the true nature of the “migrants” flooding Europe.
Today’s episode of Sesame Street has been brought to you by the letters,
J, I, H, A and D.

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0 responses to “Murder Me Elmo – Ramadan Edition

  1. How despicable, using Elmo to brainwash kids.
    TD: Is that “Murder Me” Elmo doll for real?

    • “Refugees”? How about “illegal aliens”? This has to be a satire. Even the CIA-owned MSM isn’t that cheeky. Why would any sane person be in favor of this?

    • Hey, what IS that noise?? Oh, it’s Jim Henson, spinning in his grave! This is absolutely insane- they’re trying to program kids to think that ‘globalism’ is just great, oh we’re all the SAME….because a puppet with an agenda told us so….

  2. traildustfotm

    No, it’s not real, thankfully. It’s a humorous take on Tickle Me Elmo, devised in Adobe Illustrator by some wise guy.

  3. Can they stoop any lower? I was sitting there numb watching this.

  4. This is vile propaganda on the part of those who are using Elmo in this manner. If you will note the wild and grandiose hand gestures of the woman to the left . . . young children are very taken by story tellers who utilize these same mannerisms in telling stories to the young. Young children love this–it raises their level of excitement, as if they become part of the story. This woman is extremely crafty, and vile, bordering on being evil, to use these weapons to seduce little children who do not have the sophistication to be able to protect themselves against believing such wiles. . . and we wonder why the younger generations have been seduced into believing in Socialism. This is an example of the weapons they use against our children.
    I am now off topic . . . I had a phone call from one of my nieces today. She has taken both of her older children out of public school (ages 13 and 15) . . . and NO they are not going to be taught the prescribed “home school curriculum.” She is a rather bright young mother, and she will be picking out what she wants to teach them, as long as they can pass proficiency tests, because as she said, “I don’t want the school district to indoctrinate my children.” Believe me, I am one proud Aunt this evening!

  5. Merkel had a baby

  6. I remember seeing a commercial on TV somewhere and they had that wimpy neutered ‘Surgeon General” and Elmo (both had hands stuck up their keisters) and Elmo was telling kids to make sure they get their vaccines!
    When I was a kid, if I had seen that I would have started to hate Elmo.
    Pretty soon they’ll have an Elmo doll that can behead ‘infidels’!

  7. WAIT A MINNIT….WHO THE HECK LETS THEIR KIDS WATCH CNN, ANYWAY? LOL! I think they got Elmo confused with one of the CNN hosts. 😉


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