Multnomah County receives grant to evaluate the “pre-trial system” from foundation with ties to Soros

This guy is ALWAYS involved in messing with our criminal justice system (and not in a good way).

KATU reports that Multnomah County (Portland, Oregon) is planning to change the way it looks at those arrested for a crime. They are to receive a $2M grant from the MacArthur Foundation to study the pre-trial system (aka “bail reform”), which decides who goes to jail and who is released.

MacArthur Foundations’ ties to Soros? See here, here and here.

From the KATU report:

“The county received this funding from the MacArthur Foundation, and staff tell KATU moving forward they only want people who pose a flight risk and a risk to public safety to be put behind bars.

“We have an assessment that shows how our system works: how it works well and the lots of spaces where there is room for improvement. We’ll be using these funds to determine what types of staff we can hire, probably some data capacity and some more project folks and some attorneys to help us figure out how the new system can be built,” said Abbey Stamp with the Local Public Safety Coordinating Council.

Jay Scroggin is the Adult Services Division Director for the county’s Department of Community Justice. He said they’ll spend the next two years creating a system based on science and risk.

What crime they did, and how much money they have in their pocket — which is our current system — does not predict whether they are likely to show up to court or likely to commit a crime while released,” Scroggin said.

Ultimately, Stamp said this could improve safety.”

Read the whole story here.


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11 months ago

I think all criminals should camp out on SORE o’s front lawn.

11 months ago

Stanktuary city Portland is the perfect spot for Soros’ money, mayor Ted Wheeler is Competing with Seattle and San Francisco for the $h!thole award

11 months ago
Reply to  She,Her,Mrs

I think they’re both tied for SKANKuary city, LOL! I think Soros should get nominated for “the traitorous money stealing fake philanthropist who is trying to destroy every country he touches” award.

11 months ago

“they only want people who pose a flight risk and a risk to public safety to be put behind bars.“
Oh thank goodness,Ted Wheeler is finally going to fill the jail with all his buddies at Rose City ANTIFA!👈

Dr. Eowyn
11 months ago

We must conclude by now, after ample evidence, that whatever that is funded by Soros is anathema to America’s interests.

11 months ago

I live next door to Multnomah county and am counting the days until I will be moving out of Oregon for good. Portland metro has become unrecognizable from 20 years ago when I moved here. I’m past done.