Multimillionaire actor John Cusack is a socialist who can’t spell

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Actor John Cusack, 52, is high-school graduate who dropped out of New York University after one year, saying he just had “too much fire in his belly” for college. He then went into acting and is probably best known for director Roland Emmerich’s 2009 disaster film 2012, in which Cusack played a struggling novelist who saves the world from the apocalypse.

Although John Cusack is very white (Irish American) and one of the wealthiest of Americans, with an estimated net worth of $50 million, he is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, which espouses socialism, “internationalism” (globalism), LGBT rights, and anti-white and anti-male supremacy “socialist feminism”. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is also a member of the Democratic Socialists of America; millionaire Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) is a self-described “democratic socialist”.

Cusack’s socialism (Medicare for all; Green New Deal is not about energy, but a way to “transform the country”), anti-GOP (“gop deathkkkult”), and hysterical anti-Trumpism (Trump colludes with the Russians; is a “nazi” who uses “deception”, “lies”, “gulags”, “internment camps”; and “tortures” and “abducts” children) are amply revealed in his tweets, which are replete with cringe-inducing spelling/grammatical errors that are not mere typos because there are so many of them.

Below is a sample of his latest tweets. Cusack’s politics are underlined in red; his spelling/grammatical errors are circled in red.

If you patronize this faux socialist by watching his movies and TV, you’re contributing to his $50 million fortune and enabling his political activism.

See also “John Cusack Wishes Satanic Death on Fox and Republicans“.


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20 responses to “Multimillionaire actor John Cusack is a socialist who can’t spell

  1. I think Cusack may have dropped out of third grade, not college.

  2. Let me expound on MY “litmus test” . . . . from henceforth I will not be able to pay to view any films, or other projects that feature such a loony, out of his mind, dumb bunny such as John Cusack.

    This man is so ignorant that he evidently would have no problem putting not only his own life in peril, but the lives of his family members. Anyone who has half an ounce of sense ought to know that if the Socialists/Communists really are able to install themselves as the government of this land — actors, and highly paid entertainers will be stripped of their properties, wealth, etc. If they speak out about being treated in an egregious manner . . . well then, they will be permanently silenced! How stupid do you have to be to wish that on yourself???

    This is the pitiful plight of so many of today’s lowly educated morons. I suppose they must feel that if they can garner millions of dollars on just one film, or venture — that they must really be superior to the rest of us schmucks.

    Good grief! It never ceases to amaze me how many of God’s children really are ignorant. Unfortunately they seemingly want to take the rest of us along on their deluded ride. No Thanks!

    • That’s right Lulu. He has that “Alinsky” thing going. Notice how he sees everything as some sort of obstacle to be lied around. He knows what he wants – Communism (although couched in the PC term “Socialism”), but he is simply fighting “Trumpism”.

      All of these losers do that. Their objective has been shown to be repressive and unworkable but still they push for more enforced misery for everyone.

  3. They never fail to entertain us.
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

  4. william chandler

    We are at WAR and if you do not recognize the Communist onslaught you WILL.
    It should be called the “BROWN New Deal” because SHIT is brown, not green.
    Pol Pot & the Khmer Rouge, China’s “Cultural Revolution” The Bolshevik-Jewish Ukrainian Holomodor. Now Assholia Occasional-Cortex, who “amazingly discovered” her Jewishness, wishes to follow their path to chaos and bring a Bolshevik-Jewish holocaust of White Christians to the New World.
    Their “BROWN New Deal” is the same as their predecessor’s —- destroy civilization, massacre millions, drive everyone back to an agrarian subsistaence level while THEY live FAT .

  5. guess he’s on the AOC bandwagon. No cars. No planes. Tear down most buildings. Only renewable energy. For you.
    Cusack thinks he get’s to check the opt out box.
    I think Lulu hit the nail on the head.
    “if the Socialists/Communists really are able to install themselves as the government of this land — actors, and highly paid entertainers will be stripped of their properties, wealth, etc.”
    Ha Ha Ha. the joke’s on you cusack.

  6. You missed one–‘fur’ you>

  7. Gee, I thot spelling wus impurtent, that’s wat teacher sez. That’s why I uses Spellchecker.

    • He wouldn’t be an actor if he wasn’t brilliant.

      • Lophatt . . . I just added a “Like” as it ticked me off that there were two “Dislikes.” I must have missed something, or perhaps my old age dementia is kicking in, but I just could not see where that comment deserved even one thumbs down . . . much less two. It makes me feel bad to know that I am slipping . . .

        • Thanks Lulu. Apparently some don’t have a sense of humor nor can they recognize sarcasm (unless I put it in parentheses”. Thanks, obviously I was being facetious.

    • Joseph . . . I was dumbfounded by the fact that he is unable to write in a coherent manner. The man is years younger than I, but he sure is a dummy. Maybe he spent his time in school daydreaming of the day when he would be a highly paid actor . . . .

  8. Maybe the doctor dropped John on his head!

    At any rate, years back, Cusack made a great movie with Angelica Huston, “The Grifters.” Despite his political stupidity, I highly recommend it. “The Sure Thing” was another great movie. Oh Well, go figure!

  9. Shouldn’t the “beautiful people” be beautiful? They’re all weird looking.

    • Some of them may have been “beautiful” in their youth, but time has a way of revealing the “Dorian Grey” within, which is what happened to Cusack, now in his earl 50s.

  10. Just because you are rich does not mean you are honest or intelligent. Look at most of Congressional millionaires, most very rich but not honest or intelligent.
    The need for attention leads many of them to expose their lack of intelligence, honesty and integrity.

  11. He is the same schmuck that dares to question the intelligence of others. What a buffoon he is! He is tripping on his own ego. Leeann


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