Muller Swallows Wrong Man

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WARNING: May Cause Indigestion!

Unlike eating a nice tasty corrupt lawyer, some victims may cause injury, and in some cases, death.

Note to Deep State: You just gave a national platform to a man who has the goods on you.

When this man talks, he will tell all about the Hillary Clinton email scandal. He and Jerome Corsi will blow the lid off the secrets of the globalist cabal that has been destroying America since the JFK assassination. And because CNN and the main stream media will be looking on gleefully expecting to see constitutionalists thrown to the lions, the whole world will hear his case against you.

Nothing you take for heartburn and acid reflux will make you feel better.

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18 responses to “Muller Swallows Wrong Man

  1. I sincerely hope you’re right, TD.

    • Me too.

    • I do believe you are right, Trail—provided Roger Stone does not—GOD FORBID—die of “natural causes” or has some “accident.” I DO NOT put ANYTHING past these MORAL REPTILES in our government, whatever agency they may be employed in.

      Whether Donald Trump, given his GROTESQUE FAILURE on the Wall and the Democrat government shut-down, becomes Carter 2.0 does not matter now: We MUST pray for both him AND Roger Stone and other Defenders of Freedom: The fight is about to get more desperate than anyone has ever known.

      A Prayer to Our Lord: Jesus, You have NEVER failed us yet. WE are the sinners. Please defend and preserve the lives of Your allies and defenders and the allies and defenders of our Endangered Nation, because our continued sovereignty depends upon it.

  2. The wave moves right, the wave moves left, the waters unsafe to navigate and so we wait for calmer seas. We move to Venezuela……..nothing’s going to happen.

  3. Every man ( 8 ) on those pictures have a price on their heads.

    • Hi Alma, I am curious what you mean. Are all of them under a death threat from one entity? I could picture deep state death threats toward Stone, Pieczenik and Corsi, but Muller and the others?

      • Hello TrailDust, In my opinión, in a “world” of convulsive politics, character exposure and notoriety are conducive to inner passions with dire consequences

      • I would think that Mueller, Brennan, et al., know that if they screw up ONCE, even by accident, that they will have to watch their backs for the rest of their lives. Hey—as long as there’s a Clinton alive, they may be doing that now.

  4. They may be too dumb to know that, but I doubt it. That means they CAN’T allow him to talk. In fact, I think that’s why they have him. They may use him on Trump, but more at silencing or stopping him from taking any action on Hillary and the others.

    Look at Tom Fitton. He’s having trouble getting cooperation from Trump’s Just Us department. It is no longer Obongo’s. How do you explain that. Remember when Trump said he was going to release those documents? I haven’t seen them. Fitton is asking for them. The court says he can have them. Where are they?

    This is another classic. If he’s the real deal he’d fire Mueller. Or, he’s afraid of Mueller. Either way, is that acceptable? The Odor goes unpunished. That’s how The Odor rolls.

    • ” That means they CAN’T allow him to talk.”

      My first thought too. If he knows that much and is a threat because he will blab, then they will find a way to silence him through whatever means – even if that means he has a “sudden heart attack” as well.

      I hate being cynical, but I just can’t get too excited anymore about reports of anything happening that would allow for the evil bastards to reap their just rewards. Things just don’t seem to work that way.

      • You’re being realistic, not “cynical”. I think they gave Cohen a little “tune up” too. They claim it was “shoulder surgery”. Since when do you get a black eye from shoulder surgery?

        There are a number of connections that are easy to understand. Keeping the lid on them must be a major effort for them. I know that Judicial Watch has been prying a bunch of information loose.

        The back story to that whole alleged “Russian meeting” was arranged by Comey and friends. Cohen was up to his eyeballs in it (big surprise there). People don’t seem to understand just how controlled this whole “press” thing is. No matter what the information, if it isn’t conducive to the success of The Odor, you’ll never see it on MSM.

        Just like SHES. We have lots of information, it isn’t on TV.

  5. My personal favorite, implicating our worst President in history, the Sabbatean.
    Sept. 2, 2016: FBI officials Lisa Page and Peter Strzok text that “[President Obama] wants to know everything we’re doing.”

    Trump “Collusion” Timeline

  6. I first heard Dr. Steve Pieczenik on Alex Jones, and he is very knowledgeable on political intrigue and events. I heard about Stone and Corsi before I ever heard of Alex Jones, and I have been following Roger Stone, listening to him almost every day I can on Infowars.

    Alex Jones and Roger Stone had a falling out with Dr. Corsi. I do not know the details on it, but Roger Stone spared no vitriol on him, calling Dr. Corsi “a liar.” Apparently, Dr. Corsi caved to Mueller for a lighter sentence, opined Stone.

    Well, they have their battles while we are after the truth. I, for one, am all in favor of Robert Mueller GOING AWAY FOREVER, at least from the public eye. I cannot fathom, for the life of me, why President Trump did not fire this MORAL REPTILE from his position moments after his inauguration as POTUS.

    But Make No Mistake: Robert Mueller, mercenary political assassin that he is, has absolutely no moral qualms WHATSOEVER about doing whatever it takes to reach his goal. And if that means hounding Roger Stone or ANYONE ELSE into an early grave, so be it. I do sincerely hope that Roger Stone can take him apart on the witness stand, but even then, would a single Democrat on Planet Earth ever publicly give him any credit at all?

    Make No Mistake: This is a slow-motion coup against Donald J. Trump. And Alex Jones and Roger Stone said, within the past 10 to 14 days, that an attempt on the President’s life very well could take place THIS MARCH.

    President Trump, you said you would “drain the Swamp” and “build the Wall.” WE’RE WAITING, AND WE’RE LOSING PATIENCE.

  7. Courage seems to be a rare attribute.

    What I fear would happen seems to be happening. The NY Post reports Roger Stone says he would consider cooperating with Mueller:

    • Yeah, just shows how dependable ego maniacs are as a class. It’s all “me, me, what about ME?”.

      Mueller and friends have ruined several people. Whether you believe that is right or not I’m not sure that being accused should cost someone their life’s earnings. This isn’t any different from “Star Chamber” hearings.

      He should have never let this get started. Once it had he should have immediately shut it down. It has been and remains, out of control.


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