Mukilteo shooting victim’s brother sues killer, store where gun was purchased

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From KIRO: A lawsuit has been filed against a Washington state man convicted of killing three people at a house party and against the store where he bought the gun used in the killings.

The Daily Herald reports David Bui filed the suit earlier this month against 22-year-old Allen Ivanov, his parents and the Cabela’s outfitter store in Marysville, claiming the store and his parents should have known how Ivanov was planning to use the AR-15-style rifle.

(Note: Ivanov legally purchased his firearm. He warned friends that he was going to commit a mass shooting and those who actually knew how he was planning to use the AR-15 said absolutely NOTHING. From Wikipedia: Ivanov sent text messages to his friends alluding to his plans to commit a mass shooting a couple of days beforehand, calling himself a “future shooter”. Police say he was motivated by the recent breakup between him and one of the victims, and his anger that his ex-girlfriend seemed to be moving along in her life.)

Bui is the brother of Anna Bui, who was killed in July 2016 at a house in Mukilteo along with Jacob Long and Jordan Ebner. Ivanov was sentenced last year to life in prison without parole.

Representatives for Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s parent company, did not return the newspaper’s calls or an email seeking comment.


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6 responses to “Mukilteo shooting victim’s brother sues killer, store where gun was purchased

  1. Fat people should sue silverware makers. People who wreck while texting should sue stupidphone makers. Those who cut themselves on a brand new knife should sue the cutlery company.

  2. Time to sue Ford and Toyota while thier at it.

  3. Why should the suit stop at the shooter’s parents? Why not include the shooter’s grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.?

    • Damn right! A pox on ’em. Why are inanimate objects always getting away with this? Lately my weed-wacker’s been looking at my funny! I tried to find his brother but there aren’t any “Homelites” listed here. I did find a few Winchesters and Remingtons though.

  4. I seriously doubt the suit vs. the gun store will fly, as if shop owners have God-like abilities to “read minds” & determine all future “intentions of the heart” of Buyers. So the aggrieved Bui guy (& probably his leftie attorney) is dreaming on that one.

    Bars have been sued for serving drinks to people who then go out & cause vehicular accidents, but I can’t recall the outcomes. If the drinker was visibly outrageously drunk, then possibly the bar could be held accountable for negligently selling booze to an already-inebriated person. Even so, I want to doubt that as well, because why should it be the bar’s job to have to determine how well every patron tolerates the liquor?

    Trying to demonize the Sellers for what Buyers later do is ridiculous. I don’t think it will pass “judicial inspection.”


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