MSNBC: Detained children will turn into "Terminator-like characters" who "seek vengeance"

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This is anchor Stephanie Ruhle at MSLSD. This is the left now: PURE HYPERBOLE.

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0 responses to “MSNBC: Detained children will turn into "Terminator-like characters" who "seek vengeance"

  1. So much bulls**t!
    If they are indeed fleeing from the terrible environments they claim to be running from, then the shelters we are putting them in here on American soil are safer environments than the ones they came from. They are being clothed, fed, sheltered and may be experiencing safe havens for the first time in their lives. How is this MORE traumatic than what they came from?
    Honestly, the entire left-wing population of the United States doesn’t have a collective two brains to put together among all of them.

  2. Wow… all I can say is Wow!
    These two women are clueless.
    I got an idea.. lets make it illegal for illegal aliens to break the law.

  3. The Left really are insane.

  4. The anchorwoman looks like she’s the daughter of ex-Missouri professor Melissa Click who trampled free speech a few years ago.

  5. The so called “children” are not going to turn into terminators seeking vengeance, THEY ARE BORN with an innate hate for the United States, that’s what they hear from the moment they are born and blame us for their misfortunes and miseries. The US has handed money to Latin America to slow the spread of communism from Cuba but it all went to corrupt politicians that kept the masses poor and ignorant, but lo and behold, we are seeing the results with the illegal immigration. If allowed the Mara Salvatrucha(MS13) will recruit the unaccompanied “children” and branch out like a locust invasion.

  6. traildustfotm

    “HYPERBOLE” is indeed what we are seeing now. This is “the boy who cried wolf” all over again. And what they fail to realize is that they are destroying their own credibility.

  7. I think they are trying to create an excuse for the horrific atrocities created by ms13: ‘it’s all America’s fault for trying to protect its borders’. these libtards are filled with so much hatred for anything pro-America they cannot reason properly, if at all.
    they think ms13 are ‘victims’ and USA is the ‘perpetrator’.

  8. Left/libtard progressives will probably have more to worry about at the hands of ticked-off American citizens before all this is over. Just sayin’.

  9. Or maybe Transformers? Only a Leftist would utter a dumb statement like this. She probably thought Star Wars was a documentary.

  10. NEGATIVE: The Left has already begun morphing into Terminators! What do you think the ANTIFA GOONS are? We are living in that time where, in the words of Shakespeare, “All men have lost their reason.”
    Yep. They’re just getting started. I guess this will last for 40 years….

  11. Okay-When THAT happens,we should send ’em to China,have ’em reverse-engineered,manufacture a bunch of ’em,program ’em to be Anti-Mexican and send ’em right back across the Border…

  12. Sorry DCG but web its about msm i feel sick,so going to puke

  13. I couldn’t watch this nonsense (🤮). I suppose the talking head didn’t mention the effect of parental abandonment on the poor children’s psyches, did she?
    And who’ll cry for MY kid when he’s motherless from me refusing to pay my taxes that go to support the immigrants’ children? (He’s a white, cis-gendered, straight male from a two-parent family…so f*** him, I suppose. He’s privileged enough.)

    • In Douglas Reed’s book “The Controversy of Zion” he has a character he calls “The Prophet”. This is a real person from the 19th century who went around preaching on “liberal” causes. He is a “character” in the sense that he represents a strange but common trait among “liberals”. They often champion other people’s cause at the expense of their own.
      Everyone else is “worthy”, but they are not. I’m fairly certain this is connected to the idea of “white guilt”. The old saw “charity begins at home” is apt. The parents of these kids using them as pawns does not obligate us to pick up where they left off. They are already citizens of somewhere, be that Mexico, El Salvador, whatever.
      This is a scam and the kids are fodder for it. It really took off during Obongo’s reign although, Sparky Bush pushed it pretty hard too. They get to use the kids i.e. human trafficking, and those that somehow end up here are used as leverage to get their parents (or those posing as their parents) residency.
      Imagine putting your own kids on a train or bus and sending them to a foreign country. In Tijuana they “dirty them up” so that they can be more effective beggars. In India they break their arms and legs so that people will have pity on them. It’s heartbreaking.
      There doesn’t seem to be a limit to man’s inhumanity to man. Nonetheless, we can only do so much. The solutions to these problems are not ours alone. If they are that serious about opening the borders for all comers they should change the laws. Failing that they must abide by them or move somewhere else that better suits them.

  14. Oh wait, I thought they were talking about Hillary and her post election nuclear temper tantrum.

  15. I’m getting sick of seeing/hearing/reading this stuff repeated ad nauseum on even the local news as if it happened here — maybe down the street or across town.
    They’ve also been repeating the story about the “unarmed” kid who was shot by the cops after fleeing them in a car matching the description of a car involved in a drive-by shooting… after stopping, the kid jumped out of the car and ran. Cops shot him. Yet the ONLY thing the news reports is that “another unarmed young black man was shot by cops”. And the rioters then gathering en masse to block major roadways for HOURS in response.
    Doesn’t that make the MSM guilty of inciting to riot?
    And on the topic of this post, why don’t the shrinks talk about the effects being aborted has on its victims? Such hypocrisy! More to the point, some of these folks are coming from 1000s of miles away, yet they can’t go thru the official ports of entry to become legal citizens. Why not? Why are many of the children unaccompanied by their parents or adults of any kind? They’re coming through illegal entry points, so they get detained until they can be vetted, just as it’s always been.


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