MS-13 wants to send younger and more violent offenders to the U.S.

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And yet demorats will continue to defend their sanctuary policies which allow these animals to freely roam in the U.S.
From Fox News: Frustrated MS-13 gang leaders feeling the pressure from the Trump administration’s crackdown are looking to send “younger, more violent offenders” to the United States to take over the role of being enforcers, officials say.
The revelations were made Thursday during a House Committee on Homeland Security meeting on fighting international criminal organizations, where officials discussed the arrests and imprisonment of MS-13 members and leadership over the last year.
“They’re very much interested in sending younger, more violent offenders up through their channels into this country in order to be enforcers for the gang,” said Stephen Richardson, assistant director of the FBI’s criminal investigative division, according to VOA News.
Peter King, R-N.Y., the committee’s chairman, said his staff recently visited El Salvador and was told by law enforcement there that the gang — which mostly operates out of prisons in the Central American country — is “frustrated that MS-13 members in [the U.S.] are not violent enough.”
“It’s a horrifying thought,” King was quoted as saying by VOA News.
Justice Department figures say the gang has 40,000 members worldwide, with around 10,000 in the U.S. carrying out crimes ranging from extortion to gun trafficking.
“We’re looking at the information we’re getting and doubling down our efforts against MS-13,” Raymond Villaneuva, an assistant director for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, told lawmakers in response to King’s comments.
The gang, also responsible for dozens of gruesome deaths throughout the U.S., was designated a “priority” last year by the Justice Department’s Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force. Prosecutors are able to pursue any legal avenue to target MS-13, according to Attorney Gen. Jeff Sessions.
U.S. officials and three Central American countries announced in September that more than 3,800 members of MS-13 and the 18th Street gangs have been charged since March.
Sessions also said in December the Justice Department convicted more than 1,000 gang members in the U.S. in 2017, VOA News reported.
MS-13 is believed to be behind 25 killings on New York’s Long Island alone in the past two years.
Trump in July 2017 visited Brentwood, N.Y., a town that has experienced the gang’s wrath, and pledged to push Congress for additional federal immigration agents to crack down on gang members who are in the country illegally. He also called MS-13 members “animals.”
Many MS-13 recruits are middle- and high-school students, predominantly in immigrant communities, who are said to risk violent retribution if they leave.
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0 responses to “MS-13 wants to send younger and more violent offenders to the U.S.

  1. America dealing with the baby it created. MS 13 is an all American gang creation; it all started because immigrants from El Salvador needed to protect themselves from the white gangs preying on them. Now they surpassed whites at their own game. So the government can’t even stop the Bloods or Crips deporting MS 13 won’t stop them…

    • “it all started because immigrants from El Salvador needed to protect themselves from the white gangs preying on them.”
      From Wikipedia: “The Mara Salvatrucha gang originated in Los Angeles, set up in the 1980s by Salvadoran immigrants in the city’s Pico-Union neighborhood who immigrated to the United States after the Central American civil wars of the 1980s.[22] Originally the gang’s main purpose was to protect Salvadoran immigrants from other, more established gangs of Los Angeles, who were predominantly composed of Mexicans and African-Americans.[23]”

    • Um, no. This ain’t whitey’s fault. Surprised you didn’t blame the police…

  2. #Complicit: The #SchumerShutdown may be over but illegal alien & cop-killer Luis Bracamontes is STILL on trial for murdering police officers Danny Oliver and Michael Davis, Jr. — please pray for their families… and pray for justice!

  3. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Flashback: Under President Obama, MS-13 “foot soldiers” were “colonizing” new criminal territory
    #OpenBorders and #Illegals: how Obama “transformed” America
    Related: The #SchumerShutdown may be over but illegal alien and cop-killer Luis Bracamontes is STILL on trial for murdering Deputy Sheriff Danny Oliver and Detective Michael Davis, Jr. — please pray for the families of these fallen officers… and pray for justice! #Complicit!

  4. Maybe as recently as the 1950s NYPD could save the taxpayers money and avoid needlessly clogging up the courts and jails with guaranteed recidivists by shooting psychopathic vermin like MS13 down here and there on one pretext or the other. Word gets around. Identification with MS13 becomes a death warrant and so they go somewhere else, say LA or Seattle, where they’re lavished with benefits until they can get established and start preying on the local black and old-line Hispanic communities—as the record shows. Hey, all you city blacks and Hispanics, vote Democratic and sacrifice your children to Moloch for mo’ stuff. What a deal!
    Pat Buchanan has a new article about failed Democracy—a little late one might add—and he fails to reach the obvious conclusion, which is that demographics will make continued democracy in this country a death warrant for white Americans of European ancestry, and so much so that many prominent Jews are somewhat prematurely (we can hope) celebrating the extermination of “whiteness” from the planet. PB is finally on the right page, but he also fails to mention that the Republican establishment is granted existence solely to ensure this comes about by absorbing and neutralizing native Christian-American opposition and leadership. In fact it’s no exaggeration saying that being represented by the Republican establishment is an extinction-level mistake that makes the threat of MS13 seem trifling in comparison.

  5. The younger, smaller, & less violent they are, the easier they should be to contain… arrest, jail, or just plain knock upside the head with a bat if need be.
    Don’t coddle the gang bangers. Take them out of their “game” early when they refuse to get with the program… obey the law… act civilized. Otherwise, you just enable them and concede ground and society to them which will be that much harder to take back later on…

  6. Keep Feeding the Wild Beast, – maybe The Beast won’t eat You, = but it’s propagated Off-Spring surely will..!! Do Nothing = Prepare to Loose a few Lives & Limbs..!!

  7. Here’s the formula: The best way to get rid of invaders is to pluck them off. Flick, pick and grip and crush them, or drop them into a bucket of water to drown them.

  8. I read somewhere that some MS-13 were/are govt. operatives of some sort, and they could be behind the set-up murder of Seth Rich. It also said that had the Hildebeast won, she was going to march out two M3-13 gang members as his killer. No wonder Donna Brazille was scared to death!!
    And looking at those guys above, the only way to take them out is with Fire! Scary stuff!


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