MS-13 gang member sentenced to decades in prison for role in 2015 murder

From Fox News: A member of the violent MS-13 street gang was sentenced Monday to more than 22 years in federal prison for his role in the death of a gang associate suspected of being an informant.

Jose Andrade, 27, also received three years of probation and will be subject to deportation to his native El Salvador upon completion of his sentence, according to federal prosecutors.

Andrade, who went by the nickname “Inocente,” pleaded guilty in March to charges of racketeering conspiracy involving murder and conspiracy to distribute marijuana.

Prosecutors claimed Andrade was involved in planning the July 2015 murder in Lawrence of a teenager who was wrongly suspected by gang members of cooperating with law enforcement. Investigators said Andrade planned to take part in the killing himself, but could not do so because he was arrested the previous month.

Authorities say that Andrade is one of 49 defendants who have been convicted as part of a crackdown on MS-13 by federal, state and local officials. Of those defendants, 16 have been found to have “committed or knowingly participated in murders.”

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He’s just another one of Nasty Nancy’s favorite sons. They all have that “divine spark”, dontcha know!


Save taxpayers money. Let the police drop MS-13 members off in sanctuary cities before these animals suck up resources for decades in local prisons, with the deal backed up by a promise of old style Chicago due process right between the eyes if they return.

If I recall correctly from a Cato study, everyday Hispanics as a group are the most supportive of proactive stop-and-frisk crime intervention by the police, but you’d get the opposite impression from the kosher msm. I’d also guess that no group suffers more from MS-13 than Hispanic families with teenage kids.


At first glance I thought what’s Nasty Nancy doing embracing the MS13? Decades in jail, he’ll be 22+27 =49+3=52+ -he’ll be out in 2043+, which means I’ll support him until I die, I’ll be 100 y.o. in 2042 that, I hope not to make the 100 mark, meantime this sob will get all the amenities from my taxes while I’ll most likely be denied assistance from the government.

Skid Marx
Skid Marx

But I thought these downtrodden comrades of the camel’s caravan collective were all Tesla and Einstein clones?
Ohh…there is a reason why their home countries are big steaming piles.
At least we will have some vibrant diverse diseases to add to the indispensable tapestry of diversity. Forward!

Steven Broiles

22 years is not enough for this kind of crime; The sentence really should be death. (In which case, he’d linger on death row for 30 years).
This “Innocente” is garbage enough. What really galls me is how a lunatic like Nancy Pelosi—supposedly a Catholic (at one time)—can say that these VERMIN actually have a “Divine spark” in them. What galls me even more is that those kooky Californians keep voting her in—and now she’ll become Speaker of the House one more time!

“How Long, O Lord?…..”


As a Massachusetts resident, I am very aware of the sanctuary city of Lawrence, MA. The town north of Boston has become a big problem. Why wasn’t he sentenced to life without parole?


This MS-13 iniation murder/sexual assault of 4 Black teenagers in Newark NJ, was buried at the time by the Democrat/Bolshevik MSM, because the Black Democrats in Newark were about ready to go on a rampage against the Brown Democrat immigrants. The lying Bolshevik/Democrat’s can’t have Blacks hating Browns, they have to hate Whites! So the MS-13 angle was suppressed for a long time.

Final defendant in Newark schoolyard killings convicted on 3 counts of murder