Moxie has a prayer request

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One of FOTM’s regular commenters, moxielouise, asks us to pray for her friend Z, a former Marine who was deployed to Iraq.

After he left the service and returned home, he couldn’t find work in America. So he’s now back in Iraq, in a dangerous area, working for a private contractor.

No U.S. troops remain in Iraq since the last 13,000 U.S. troops were withdrawn in December 2011. But our troops are still in that hell-hole called Afghanistan. Our war there is now the longest war in U.S. history.

Please say a prayer for Z and for all our soldiers serving in danger zones across the world — that God sends His angels to watch over and protect them.

Thank you.


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0 responses to “Moxie has a prayer request

  1. I pray for all of them every single day. We owe it to them to win the battle here, and straighten this mess out, one way or the other.

  2. Indeed please say a prayer for Z and for all our soldiers that cannot find their way back.

  3. God bless him and keep him. My son too is a contractor in Afghanistan. Since he retired from the mlitary, he’s been back to Ira1 5 times and a contractor, and now is at a Forward Operating Base there..He’ll be there a years. I pray for all our troops and contractors. May God keep them in his loving arms. I worry all the time.

  4. Prayers for Z and all the military over there.

  5. I am a long term supporter of the USO and constantly pray for our troops and a strong and free America; I will include Z in my prayers.
    I saw Romney speaking at the Union League Club in Valley Forge today and the crowd that packed the building exhorted the values he presented. He actually sounded and looked like a real Commander-in-Chief and will give Z and all the troops a reason to believe in these United States when he becomes President Romney on November 6th. God bless you Z.

  6. Dear LORD forgive us our sins take care of our precious troops BRING AMERICA BACK TO YOU in
    the precious name of JESUS AMEN

  7. Thanks to all for your prayers…Linda, I will keep your son in my prayers also. And Eo, thanks for posting this for Z.

  8. Z will be in my prayers. My two nephews are serving in the Navy and are both stationed in the Mediterranean and Gulf regions. It is such a difficult area with no peace in sight. May God protect our loved ones and all servicemen and women. May our Lord guide us and support us as we yearn for a trustworthy leader.

  9. Here’s hoping our military’s vote is not stifled…if anyone deserves a voice in this election, they do.

  10. Dear Heavenly Father, in the name of the LORD Jesus Christ of Nazareth we lift up Z before your throne of grace and say thank you for allowing us to come into your presence one more time. We love you LORD and we know that with God all things are possible, so we claim the victory over fear, anxiety, depression, poverty and all the other foul spirits that might so easily beset Z on the battlefield in the physical and the spiritual realm while he is deployed overseas serving the USA and we the citizens. The fateful decisions that are being made, that is, to send young men and women to risk their lives on account of our national security and access to resources and to attack people of another nation and country, soldiers and civilians alike, is a heavy choice.
    Let those who make this type of fateful decision aware of the responsibility they bear to have godly intentions when they take other people’s lives in their hands, and have the capability to make sure they are as best supplied and cared for in their serving our republic as is necessary.
    We have fresh in our minds the dreadful lack of preparedness over the recent attack on our Consulate and Ambassador and his staff in Libya, and we pray LORD that those who have the authority over these young men and women, whether they be in the US Military or working for outside Security Companies that their lives are being truly valued. We know that we cannot servie two gods, it has to be either our God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who became flesh and dwelt among us, Emanuel God with us, or mammon.
    We come up against all worshippers of mammon in our Government, the Administration, the DOJ and say, you are hereby put on notice that you cannot touch the annointed followers of our God, and that any finger that you lay against them will not be unnoticed and you will bear the wrath and punishment that our God will mete out so you had better make sure that Z is in good hands and returns home safely, and can find a decent job over here and start leading a decent life, we know that you are not going to give him a stone when he asks for an egg and we praise you in the beauty of holiness. Thank you for being God all by yourself and for being beautiful for situations.
    We give you all the glory, the honor and the praise ITNOJ.

  11. My prayers are with him, God bless you!

  12. Amen to all of the Prayers


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