Move Over President Lucifer

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There’s a new Devil in town


Positioning (marketing)

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Positioning is “the place a product occupies in consumers minds relative to competing products”. – Kotler, P., & Armstrong, G. (2012). Principles of Marketing. Pearson Prentice Hall.

Hillary is now The Devil

Donald Trump knows positioning. He is a marketing genius. He knows how to positively position his properties and developments and his brand. But he also knows how to negatively position his competitors. Just ask Little Marco or Lyin Ted. They’ll confirm his effectiveness.
The Donald has be experimenting on the best position to place Hillary in the minds of the voting public. Lying Crooked Hillary may have just been promoted to the position of  The Devil.

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0 responses to “Move Over President Lucifer

  1. William Brandon Shanley

    Responsible for the death and displacement of millions of people!

  2. LOL – I think Trump is more correct than he thinks.

  3. Since this is obviously a battle between good and evil, no title could be more fitting for Hillary Beelzebub Clinton. Now, the question is: Which army will be victorious. It seems Hillary’s promotion became effective many decades ago, as she is well practiced in the art of LYING, CORRUPTION, and DECEPTION.

  4. Why Not? It is the actual truth. And Make No Mistake: Hillary IS planning to steal this election. The precedent has already been set when Obama stole the 2012 election. (And on a seemingly unrelated note, I find it to be a bad omen that would-be Reagan assassin John Hinckley, Jr. would be released at this time. The first news I heard was that Obama requested it; Then I heard that George H.W. Bush requested it. Main point: They’re going to do whatever they can to stop Trump).

    • Is it really stealing when your owner gives it to you? She hears her father’s voice, just like her “hubby”. “Screwtape and Wormwood”. She can’t stop cackling.

  5. I must admit, (although, perhaps I am a pessimist) I truly fear that this upcoming election may very well be stolen. If we think the thievery of the last election was anything, I think this upcoming one will be thievery on steroids! Just look at the murders, and larceny to be found in Killary’s past histor
    Just look at the judgement that came down in North Caroline, striking the “voter ID law.” How can it possibly be that a law requiring a prospective voter to show picture ID before they vote can possibly be wrong. It is claimed that it injures blacks who do not have access to government issued identification cards. We are in the year 2016, not 1952, how many people do not have at least a state ID card, issued in place of a driver’s license? Picture ID is even required when you present yourself at your doctor’s office for an appointment to see the doctor . . . at least that is true in Portland, Oregon. If you need to cash a check, if you want to open a savings account, or checking account, if you want to pick up a prescription for a narcotic medicine . . . you need to show government issued picture ID. In this part of the country we did not look at the color of a person’s skin, and if it is dark, then we absolve them of the regulations of requiring picture ID. I cannot imagine that North Carolina is that far behind the times, what with ID theft, theft of services, and other larcenies being committed on a whole sale basis. This particular judgement by the court is but one way that there will be theft of the upcoming election.
    May Our God Bless this nation that somehow we can overcome whatever evil is strewn in our paths. I pray each day that we as a people can overcome all the stumbling blocks that Satan has in store for us, in order to insure that our liberty and freedoms may be preserved for this generation and the next.

  6. Maybe Trump needs to have the NRA put their endorsement of Trump to the test,and take volunteers to go undercover to protect him. There are so many members who are/were Special Forces and have extensive training in matters such as this. Why not invite them to put their skills to work for America once again?


  7. Her demon shows itself?

    • Sure looks like that to me-or maybe it’s just her brain injury getting out of control again…..

      • I think it more likely it’s her “soul” injury. It’s just Satan’s way of reminding her who owns who.

  8. Looks like TBI or possibly demon possession. Either is possible with this woman.

  9. Like the old saying, “If the shoe fits, help the lady put it on!”

    • I thought it was,”If the shoe fits,just put it in Hillary’s mouth,and it’ll find her foot eventually.”

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