Move along. There's nothing to see here.

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WCVB 5 Boston

Man soliciting for Islamic State charity reported at Harvard

Kennedy School spokesman says ‘no threat’

Kennedy School of Government

Kennedy School of Government

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. —Harvard University police are investigating reports that a man came to the university’s Kennedy School of Government to solicit donations for a charity connected to the Islamic State.
Kennedy School spokesman Doug Gavel said in a statement Friday that there “does not appear to be a threat to the community.”
He says an email was sent to members of the Kennedy School community on Thursday informing them of the solicitations, which occurred Tuesday.
The man has not been seen since.
The internal email said the man in his late 20s or early 30s identified himself as a Harvard student, but it does not appear is if he had any affiliation with the Ivy League school.
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“…does not appear to be a threat to the community.”

Now when have we heard that before? Hmmmm… 
Oh yeah, the innocent islamic chemical engineering graduates who converged from several states to “visit” the Quabbin Reservoir at midnight a couple of years ago. Nothing out of the ordinary. Move along

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0 responses to “Move along. There's nothing to see here.

  1. I can’t remember his name but one of the WBZ radio commentators always speaks the truth and he has been giving editorial commentary about opening the doors to MIT and Harvard to Islamic state students who would openly nuke NYC ending with WE ARE SUICIDAL
    One thing I was not aware of was after reading Christians truther’s blog hat Cambridge/Boston have some of the most radical mosques in the US
    The Quabbin incident shook me after heard about it on the news, the nooze and libturds didn’t seem concerned at all….YES WE HAVE BECOME SUICIDAL

  2. What is it about the Left that make them so susceptible to the the Evil Jedi mind trick?

    • A working, questioning, seeking mind they lack, for starters and complete absence of a soul, I offer humbly.

  3. Why didn’t someone report the activities of this dune monkey immediately?


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