Mother Sees Satanic Messages on Children's Television

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The following is reblogged from Henry Makow’s site:
A Texas mother’s shocking discovery: Children’s
cartoons are being used to degrade her children
and indoctrinate them on issues like gender.
by LS
Hello Henry. I’ve been following your site for quite some time now and I’ve learned a lot from your writings. One of the best things I’ve learned from you is that mainstream entertainment is satanic and made to corrupt the masses.
Well, I’ve been noticing that many of the children’s television programs are getting worse and worse as time goes on. These shows are just getting nasty, and they are blatant with the filth they are putting out. I watch these shows with my kids and the filth that I see is shocking. Here are a few examples of the trash that these shows put out for the masses. Remember that these shows are geared towards CHILDREN!
First there is the Nickelodeon television show Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn. One of the episodes is titled “Poo Dunnit”, a wordplay on the phrase “Who Dunnit”. That entire episode is about the kids and their parents trying to find out which one of them took a sh!t in one of the house toilets and didn’t flush. Yes, the entire episode revolved around a clump of sh!t in a toilet. The foul-mouthed potty humor and the talks about sh!t in this episode were so disgusting.
The word “poop” was even used three times in one sentence by one of the child characters. At one point in the episode, the children were actually examining the piece of sh!t in the toilet and one of them stated it looked like a flamingo. In your past writings you stated that the illuminati entertainment has an obsession with feces and bodily functions like sh!tting. Well, this entire episode was one big tribute to that sick obsession.
Then there is the Cartoon Network show Adventure Time. This show is already full of questionable material, but here I’ll only focus on two bits that I’ve noticed.
The first is a quote from one of characters. In one of the more recent episodes titled “Friends Forever”, a character stated that, “Well, one isn’t purely defined by their sex or gender. I’ve yet to find out who I really am…”
This is exactly the same propaganda that is spouted by illuminati feminist and homosexual groups to encourage gender confusion and the destruction of male and female. Then there is yet another quote from a character in a different episode titled “All the Little People”.
The character, who is a crafty magician, says “Do what thou swill be the whole piece of law”.
This is a blatant reference to the notable quote of Satanist Aleister Crowley: “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law”. I’m sure I don’t need to explain any further why this is horribly wrong.

These are just the things that I’ve picked up on while watching these children’s shows with my kids, I’m sure there’s a lot more out there. Mainstream entertainment is sick and corrupt. I’m glad I’ve found your site so that I can see what is really happening to the world. Thanks.

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First Comment by Anonymous:
I just watched 5 minutes of the show in question, R.N.D.D., for the first time ever. Here’s what I saw: The kids are in school, building a white volcano for science class. The volcano inadvertently erupts gobs and gobs of white foam all over the kids, who make a game of it, throwing and smearing it on one another. In the background throughout the scene, there are ‘butterflies’ hanging on the wall. Their teacher, while reprimanding the kids, makes a veiled ‘sign of Baphomet’ with one hand, and the girl (Dawn), is wearing a t-shirt with a picture of a ‘cat’ that’s got some kind of device over the top of its head that’s covered in a two-tone masonic print. If you’re unfamiliar with these motifs, explanations can be found online easily enough. More jarring than anything was the way these kids act like the “adults” I remember from sitcoms. Their manner is utterly unnatural.
On a side note, I can only guess that the reference in the “Poo” episode to it looking like a flamingo is a reference to the John Waters film ‘Pink Flamingoes’ – a barage of filth that culminates with a character named “Divine” actually consuming fecal matter in the process of filming.
Big ups to the mother who has the good sense to be aware of what’s happening in her child’s life. Here’s my point: It doesn’t matter what you watch; you will find PROGRAMING, in almost, EVERY SHOT. For what its worth, I recommend listening to what Alan Watt, (not alan Watt[s]), has to say on the matter. His broadcasts are on youtube. In one, he mentions how a friend, who’d worked for one of those 3-letter organizations, once advised him: NEVER WATCH THE TELEVISION.
Where’s the crux of the problem? It’s in the fact that the parents are so programmed themselves, they just don’t want to hear about it. Most prefer to remain comfortable watching their own favored propaganda, while telling themselves that people like yours truly are just grasping at straws. Meanwhile their children are being indoctrinated to service pedophiles.
Comments for “Mother Sees Satanic Messages on Children’s TV”
Dan said (April 27, 2015):
I threw out television in May 2008. It’s an addiction. Flat screen TVs have become ubiquitous everywhere you go. Waiting rooms, restaurants, even on buses now. Even on people’s phones.
Anyone with children has a duty to protect them from exposure to this insidious mind control programming and behavior conditioning. Television has no redeeming qualities at all. It’s an instrument of destruction pure and simple. I guarantee anyone that if you get the god damn thing out of your house, you will recover from the withdrawal very quickly. So will your children.
Nothing destroys any culture more thoroughly than television.
Al Thompson said (April 26, 2015):
Most of the media is satanic and amoral. Without a proper moral structure, no one can live a secure and happy life. The intent of these cartoons is to corrupt the children just as the public schools do. This should be a good reason to cut the cable and do without TV. All of this garbage works to destroy the minds of those who watch it. I see no point in continuing paying for material that will corrupt the viewer’s mind. Until people start developing a higher moral standard, all of this will get worse.
I think it is best to stop worrying about what other people do and concentrate on yourself and your family. The reason is that you can’t control what other people do but you can control yourself. Make sure your own moral standards are in line with the natural law and try to stay within it. Separate your mind from the “new world order” as it is too destructive to be of any value to anyone.
The natural order is easier to understand without a lot of religious doctrines which may or may not be true. Those commandments that reside within the natural order are the ones that have value. These commandments can be proven by just a little bit of thought and right reason. It’s not difficult; religion makes it difficult in my opinion. The God who created everyone established the natural foundation for all of mankind. It is the same for everyone.
Twisting the minds of little children is what the media is all about, especially with the abomination of Bruce Jenner. Again, the true intent here is to destroy the minds of the children by getting them to question their gender. This is as stupid and evil as anyone can get. Make the media companies pay for their perversion. Cut the cable and spend more time outside and let the children play.
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0 responses to “Mother Sees Satanic Messages on Children's Television

  1. Mike, this is a great article, and most important in this day and age. As an adult, I see more, and more, and more programs that have incorporated homosexual characters into their story lines. In my real life, amongst family and friends, I don’t have even one person who is a homosexual. My mind wonders why we see such a an explosion of these characters in various stories, which really do not add to the story line.

  2. Simply appalling!! To think that this stuff is being filtered into children through what was once thought to be innocent..cartoons!! It is a satanic world and it’s everywhere, I’ve seen it in the self centered nature and cruelty of some people. I’ve always thought the job of parenting children to be one of the hardest jobs out there but now the parents have to be great censoring sleuths also. And it’s the books from school, movies, cartoons, games, music, etc… It has to be exhausting along with all the other duties involved in raising children.

  3. Demonic filth. What is happening to America?
    God help us, please!

  4. This is perfect Bizarro New World Disorder: BNWD.

  5. The Satanistas have taken over every department of society—banking, government, corporations, media, culture, etc., etc. Identify the religious affiliation of most of them—there’s your answer. (Henry Makow nailed it at least ten years ago).

    • Lance Jackson

      In a sane world where Americans cared about their country’s future, their children’s future, etc They would have beaten back the Satanist far left back to the pit and locked the door. I have also given this a lot of thought, “what have they NOT taken over yet? and I come up empty. They have done a thorough job of infiltrating most Christian denominations, although I have seen more small home based church groups sprouting up that do not follow the rainbow flag flock. Henry Makow posts such honest, thought provoking articles

  6. We must humbly submit to the liberal progressive imposition of their Dhimmitude up on America.
    As part of our Dhimmitude, we know that our children will be indoctrinated in our schools as to their true gender identity. We will pay for abortions and sex change operations as a form of taxation. We will serve the LGTB “community” or have our businesses confiscated. If we work for a major corporation, we will submit to gay sensitivity training or be without employment. No derogatory comment can be made by Christian clergy that offense homosexuals. Our military will give them preference. Dhimmitude comes in many forms liberal and Islamic. Neither are acceptable and drawing Mohammed is not the only restriction on free speech as liberal Sharia is imposed upon us.

  7. Victoria King

    These demonic perverts, who run the world, have been working toward this dark day since the beginning. They envision an era where they control everything and everyone under the enthroned sovereignty of lucifer. They are all linking up now too: illuminati, freemasons, satanists, atheists, cyborg types, sex deviates, Islamic radicals, geeks, stoners, communist-fascists, and the like… We are very close to the fulfillment of this horror show, and the necessity to oppose it has never been more dire. Appreciate your site. God bless you and keep you.

  8. I, as a teenager who has watched the recent cartoons and kids TV shows as well as the shows from the 90s all the way back through the 60s, can tell all of you that there are no demonic or illuminati references made to mind wash kids. Shows in the 20th century were as bad (many worse) than the ones now. TV shows like adventure time are just fun to watch and all of what you have said are just poking fun of people like you who flip out over little things that have no impact on children or teens of any kind especially since they know the shows aren’t real and know nothing of any of the specific references that make fun of all the illuminati fear in idiots like you. There is nothing wrong with shows nowadays so before you post garbage how about watching some more of the shows from all of your child hoods up to the 90s.

  9. Wasn’t the producer of Nikelodeon a porn maker too? I was on a site where the lady who lived in Bayside NY and was given visions of Jesus and Mary and there are pictures. One is one of a television and someone took a picture of it (I don’t know if it’s authentic) but it had these evil looking things coming out of the TV. Also, when a person or child watches TV their brain waves essentially ‘flatline’. What better way for them to be subliminally programmed. And, technology is ‘seeping’ into all our lives, they even have it turning on peoples ovens, thermostats and ordering for them online. The road to hell is paved with convenience.
    Pray to God and Jesus to help deliver us from the evil ones!


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