Mother of Trayvon Martin can't keep story straight

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Sybrina Fulton on the Today show

Yesterday morning on NBC’s TODAY show, Sybrina Fulton said this about George Zimmerman’s fatal shooting of her son Trayvon Martin:

“I believe it was an accident. I believe that it just got out of control and he [Zimmerman] couldn’t turn the clock back.”

Yesterday afternoon, after her morning remarks drew widespread media attention, Sybrina Fulton retracted her comments. Ryan Julison, a spokesman for the Martin family, e-mailed a statement to MSNBC-TV saying Fulton’s previous comments had been “mischaracterized.” Fulton’s new statement now says:
“When I referenced the word ‘accident’ today with regard to Trayvon’s death, in NO way did I mean the shooting was an accident. My son was profiled, followed and murdered by George Zimmerman, and there was nothing accidental about that.”

She added that the “accident” was that Martin and Zimmerman ever crossed paths.

Whew! Keeping track of one’s lies can be so nerve-wracking!

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0 responses to “Mother of Trayvon Martin can't keep story straight

  1. That clears that up. Not the brightest bulb.

  2. Garbage in, garbage out.

  3. The Accident was that as her son was trying to get more Jewelry to feed his Meth addiction, accidentally Zimmerman got in his way!

  4. She should have spoken with her attorney first (maybe that is one of them sitting next to her?). Or was he too busy working on her trademark applications?

  5. Slop in, slop out.

  6. Well of course she backtracked you can’t cash in as they have on an “accident”.

  7. Something’s fishy if you ask me. I watched her on O’Reiley last night and she almost acts out of it…like someone might act on a muscle relaxer or something. It’s all really strange…where has the “girlfriend” been in all of this? Or like someone said above, where’s the father?

  8. I think someone got to her also. Can’t stray from the path put out by Sharpton, Jesse, Black Panthers

  9. Where is the latin-american response to this portrayal of Zimmerman as a bloodthirsty prejudiced lunatic who was let loose with a gun in the gated community as a “security” guard, patrol man or whatever his title was.
    How come the latino caucuses aren’t up in arms about this? Why should Trayvon and his lot get all the sympathy? We need character references for both of them. His school reports and his current employer would be a good place to start. Then the psychiatrist’s report on both of these two men. Their voting records, and letters from their Pastors etc. Then of course there’s the old fashioned way of looking at things:
    innocent until proven guilty.

  10. edward oleander

    I love the warmth, compassion, understanding and empathy just pouring out from this board to the mother of a dead child.
    Maybe the Latino community isn’t saying much because they don’t feel that Zimmerman is being wrongly prosecuted just because he is Latino.
    Terry, you just used the most blatant (and rather contemptible) Straw Men that I’ve seen in a while. When Trayvon’s family has actually MADE money from any of those “deals,” and you have some evidence of that, THEN you demonize the family any way you want.
    Alice, haven’t you been watching the news? Several of his friends, including an African-American, have come forth to talk positively about Zimmerman’s character. And I do believe he IS innocent until proven guilty, which will be difficult since the police didn’t want to be bothered to gather forensic evidence.

    • Hey Flower Power you’re back! We missed u!! 😀

    • I’m backing you 10000% As for profiting from their angels death, they both have already. It’s been stated in the news although not as a top story but sort of muttered under the breath of the liberal media and Fox news. They’ve made money on interviews, t-shirts among other things. I have a feeling this is why Sharpton has gone missing, he usually makes a bit of money too.

    • Terry, I’m 100% got your back.

  11. Oleander, Please return to the freeway center divider.

    • Is that a threat, COCOA?
      Conservatives and Christians don’t sink to the level of leftwing trolls who make threats on FOTM. We’re better than that. We use reason, logic, and evidence to defeat them — not cheap shots, physical threats, and wishing them ill.
      Please observe the rules of FOTM.

      • BTW, oleanders are those green plants that Kalifornia plants in the center dividers of the freeways. Jack Rabbits like to hide there.

  12. Obviously Oleander thought so. Threat?

  13. I cannot believe the sentiment here. I have followed this subject as closely as anyone possibly could. I am white and the mother of a white son and he was attacked by natives and Middle easterns and the police at separate times when he was a teenager! He was always a good kid and never in any trouble. He is 33 now and a great person. I cry for that mother. I BET she is out of it on drugs or something! wouldn’t be able to get out of bed if my son was killed. A young friend of ours was killed and his mom sat in the corner with a blanket around her for weeks not being able to talk or eat. It happened in December and we had no Christmas that year as everyone was so upset. Vigilante action is criminal and I cannot see how anyone can take sides in this. The Black Panthers that set a bounty on Zimmerman should be arrested. Al Sharpton should just go away. The rest of you need to keep your nasty opinions to yourselves and let the court decide. BTW: If you have seen the layout of that complex where Martin was killed, he was found no where near the road where Zimmerman’s car was so Zimmerman had to have followed the boy who was carrying a cell phone and an ice tea! That takes two hands so what did Zimmerman think he saw in his hands ….? Martin was talking on the cell phone. Zimmerman was told not to follow him. Get the facts!!!!

  14. I hate to say it, but these parents like all the other welfare race based recipients in line for a handout are hoping for revenge. The death of their son is their oppertunity to cash in on the money machine.
    I have a white policeman family member 15 years ago experienced the same tactics and threats to his life by the Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton & Louis Farakhan tag team and the black low life welfare mentality infecting the black community in its entirty. The only, and probably the same difference was my innocent policeman family member didn’t get railroaded, although the liberal media tried, he was exonerated by the court and finally retired 2 years ago. Good riddance to L.A. California who has since surrendered to the black killing machine like all the rest.


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