Mother Claims Her Daughter Was Suspended for Wearing Wrong Shade of Green

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Maybe they should consider moving to the Seattle School District.
green shirt
Fox 29 (NJ): It’s not easy being green. In fact, it could even get you suspended from elementary school, especially if you’re wearing the wrong shade. She says school officials told her not to bring her daughter back to class and as she told FOX 29’s Brad Sattin it had everything to do with the color of her shirt.
8-year-old Kylie and her twin sister Karlie don’t look like troublemakers, but Kylie was suspended from school.  The reason, according to her mother: a violation of the dress code Monday. Their mother, Crystal, says she got a call from the vice principal at Winslow Township School 4.
“He wanted me to know that she can’t wear that shirt and if she does wear that shirt again, she would be suspended,” she told FOX 29.
The district’s policy states that shirts or blouses be white, dark green or navy blue with collars only. Kelly green is a violation. Crystal admits her conversation with the assistant principal and then the principal did get a bit heated.
My child messed up, I messed it up for my child, and she be suspended next time for it, but to suspend a child over the shade of a shirt. I found it a little ridiculous,” she explained.
The girls missed the bus Tuesday morning, and when they arrived at school a few minutes late– properly dressed– they were met by the principal. “She told me don’t bother to sign her in and told Kylie that she’s not in school today,” the mother explained.
“I got suspended for wearing the different color they wanted me to wear,” said Kylie. “The principal told me that I don’t have to stay here and I could leave.” The mother decided to take both girls home.
Another woman says her 2nd grandson was suspended Tuesday for wearing the wrong shade of blue. According to the woman, it’s the same shirt he regularly wore last year.
One  little boy’s mom defends the school, saying the uniform dress code was made crystal clear in orientation from day one. “I mean, if you start letting certain things slide, then you have to let a lot of things slide, and then everyone is pretty much wearing what they want to wear,” she said.
FOX 29 reached out to both the principal and the district superintendent. A spokesperson would only tell FOX 29 that our information about Kylie’s one day suspension is incorrect, but would not go into detail. There’s no school tomorrow for Yom Kippur, but the kids will be back to school on Thursday.

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0 responses to “Mother Claims Her Daughter Was Suspended for Wearing Wrong Shade of Green

  1. There’s three consonants for that in popular parlance. I’m sure you know what they are – The first one is W.

  2. I am going to assume this is a ” public indoctrination center ” , therefore this is reason # 2000 to get your kids out of public school . Home school , private schooling , parochial schooling . has got to be better . Have my
    doubts about the latter two though . It’s only a matter of time for them to sink into the gutter .
    Communist manifesto , give us your kids , to be brainwashed . Then we have all the rest. # 17 of the 45 goals I do believe .

    New Jersey Winslow Township (public) School #4’s principal is Sheresa Clement. Contact info:
    541 Kali Rd., Sicklerville, NJ 08081
    Ph: (856) 728-2400
    Fx: (856) 875-5401
    Web site:

  4. Are they just competing with the Boston and Cambridge?

  5. This situation is a 180degree turn from I what experience whenever I drive on a particular street where there is a high school. If I’m driving around 2:30pm I see the kids leaving school and the way the girls are dressed is immodest and shameful…no enforcement of dress code at all. I have seen girls wearing handkerchiefs across their chests with a string that they call a shirt, shorts so high their butt cheeks hang out and skirts so high underwear is exposed. I’ve seen parents dropping off students wearing pants so tight they look like they were painted onto their legs. These kids are raising themselves even with their parents around (the dress code should originate at home). And to make matters worse, there is a church at the corner of the street and in the window of the church is a rainbow flag.

    • I’ve seen high school girls dressed like that too. They all look, not in their teens, but old beyond their years.

      • exactly….where are the parents who stand up and put their feet down stating “I don’t think so!” and refuse to let their children leave home disrespecting themselves?
        Those children have the mindset that it’s OK to look like whores, and then of course, they go to sex ed or planned UNparenthood and are told they can act like whores as well. They’re told to just use condoms and when they become pregnant they can give their baby’s body parts to planned UNparenthood….very sad.

  6. Just more evidence that the freemasonry-backed “public school” system is geared towards being like a prison and conditioning the “inmates”. This much ruckus over a uniform is demonstrating what the uniform tactic has always been about, submission of the individual to the corrupt “state”, crushing individuality in favor of a hive-mind and compliance. Not that the high schoolers mentioned by MomOfIV are any better of course, they are also wearing what they have been conditioned to wear, and both reflect the psychopathy that is modern society.
    Hopefully the parents of those girls and that boy will have the good sense to not send their kids back to that contemptible totalitarian whorehouse that dares call itself a place of education… as it’s goal is to turn those kids into what is being seen in the “high” schools, people without any sense of morality. This is a much more serious problem than some might think, because the “public schools” shape those who will comprise the larger part of society over time, and if the “education” they get is amoral, or even anti-moral, well we are already beginning to see the rotten fruit of what even 90’s school systems wrought in present day.
    Heres hoping those girls and that boy can get a Real education away from the prison system which is trying to turn them into good little uniform wearing brown shirts.

  7. The fact they are ignoring is, you can buy every child the exact same shirt and in a short period of time, due to different laundry methods, they will all look different.
    Perhaps we could use the racial attack and say this principal is attacking the little white girl, it works for them. Sad.

  8. Insane people, all of them; fire every administrator in that school and start over; in case anyone doesn’t know- – kelly green IS a dark green. No doubt they wanted forest green?? If it has to be a “particular shade”, let the school “furnish” the shirt. And, yes, different laundry methods, or detergents, will make them look different very quickly.

  9. … “I mean, if you start letting certain things slide, then you have to let a lot of things slide, and then everyone is pretty much wearing what they want to wear,” she said.
    OMG! For shame … God knows what they might wear. What if it was not perfectly (politically) correct??? … too much to imagine. :-\


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