Most Politically-Correct Shop of the Year

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America has come to this….

PC shop
H/t Break

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0 responses to “Most Politically-Correct Shop of the Year

  1. Good grief…

  2. I think the company’s being sarcastic… at least I hope it is! My men’s group ONLY performs traditional Christian Christmas songs; we make no apologies to any of the hospitals, extended care, convalescent hospitals, and retirement lodges, etc., where we perform, and no one complains. There surely are people of every faith in our audience, but we made this decision when we started and we’re not changing. It’s CHRISTmas, for God’s sake!!

  3. Great post. Strikes a fear in me that America has come to this. So so far from where it was when I was a child…

  4. The world is crazier’n sh”””””’!!!

  5. LOL – I am detecting a healthy dose of sarcasm on that storefront.
    And as a politically incorrect and utterly hopeless smart-ass, I must confess I love it.

  6. winstonsmith6079

    Oh My [supreme being/gaya/nothingness/thought/whatever]! They used the word “HOL[y]day”! I’m SOOO offended my pinkie is twitching, UNCONTROLLABLY 😀 !

  7. You’ve gotta hand it to them for their sense of humor! That is funny and insightful!

  8. LiberalFascism101

    The Pharisee Jews (aka European Talmud Jew) was delighted and continues to feverishly work to destroy Christianity and the flourishing Western Culture it created. Irving Berlin’s “White Christmas” was just that – a secularization of Christmas. Political Correctness is Cultural Marxism.

  9. As Kramer would Say (Was It Kramer?) Festivus for the Rest of Us”. 😀


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