Most Bizarre Political Pic of 2010

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This happened in October last year. I can’t find any confirmation that this pic was photoshopped, so I’m presuming it’s true.
Do you have a 2010 Most Bizarre Political Pic?
Please give the URL link in a comment and I’ll add the pic to this post! 😀

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0 responses to “Most Bizarre Political Pic of 2010

  1. that cop looks like he’s thinkin-“you sonofaB$%&”! for some reason he and “The Fraud” can’t keep their hands off other men-yuk! I’d like to see one clock him right between the eyes.

  2. Italian men, like Biden, can be tactile with other men.
    What’s Obama’s excuse for “closeness” to Rahm Emanuel, Reggie Love, and many other guys?
    WHY would anyone knowingly touch that fat cop on his thigh?
    Eye Bleach, Please!

    • Happy New Year, Zorro!
      Joe Biden is of Irish “heritage”; his wife Italian. That being said, my husband was born of Italian immigrant (legal) parents, but he would NEVER put his hand on any man’s (or woman’s) thigh! LOL
      This pic is so bizarre I don’t think we can sensibly process it. LOL

  3. Thank You, Eowyn. I always welcome your input and wealth of information.
    Whatever his national origins, Joe Biden is not “right in the head”.
    Steve, “Joltin Joe” can blurt out national security secrets or manhandle a law enforcement officer without a single thought of the consequences.
    We have to raise the bar and truly drain the swamps in 2012!


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