More Weaselese From President Lucifer's Spokes-Weasel

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WH Spokesman: ISIS a Terrorist Group, But Taliban Is an ‘Armed Insurgency’


In his inaugural appearance at the podium of the White House press briefing room today, Principal Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz stumbled when he was asked by a reporter if the administration considers the Taliban a terrorist group.

So by that reasoning we could say,

To ISIS a goat is a whore
but to the Taliban a goat is
a respected wife.

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0 responses to “More Weaselese From President Lucifer's Spokes-Weasel

  1. This Badministration is leaving the WHOLE WORLD slack-jawed with their mis-handling of everything they touch.

  2. Considering how many different countries the “Taliban” is operating in, and, since it doesn’t attack the government of the country that it’s operating out of most of the time, I’m having a bit of a difficult time determining just HOW the Taliban is an “insurgency”.
    But anytime our government talks over the last couple of decades, I have had a hard time ascertaining their meaning.

  3. And according to the King Merde in the White House, NEITHER is Islamic!

    • King Merde
      K, I’m shamelessly stealing that one.
      LOL – And as most of you know, I have no measurable shame whatsoever. 😉

  4. Traildust, still LMBO over this: “to ISIS a goat is a whore, but to the Taliban a goat is respected mistress.” So funny, so true!!!😀😀😀 This White House has constantly performed verbal contortions to protect Muslims of which Obama is one. All the verbal gymnastics will never change the fact that they are ALL terroristic groups, one no better than the other and all with a decapitating fetish. I have not heard much about Michelle/Michael’s garden so it now leaves me to wonder if that garden was just a dining room for Obama’s own mistress??? 😳

  5. Another Alternative Reality from the Obama Administration!

  6. Just heard that the WH put out a new Imperial Edict that a certain well known comedian/ventriloquist has to change not only his name but that of one of his beloved characters used in his act.
    So, from now on, they’ll be billed as:
    Jeff Dunbeef…… and……
    Achmed the Dead Armed Insurgent.
    Signed, “Fearless Leader (on a steek)”


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