More warm and fuzzy thoughts from Bagram…

In April I blogged about the web site This is a web site where soldiers post reasons about why they love Bagram. Here’s some quotes to give you an idea of what fun they are having over there (not):
I love Bagram because:

  • Taco shells so stale they shatter like glass when you bite them.
  • Eating half your meal at Dragon Dfac (dining facility), then looking down and noticing that some of you food is moving. Bugs are extra protein, right?
  • I realized that when I say “I hope the food sucks for lunch/dinner”, I’m never disappointed and I’m happy to have something go the way I want!
  • Where else can you be constipated in the morning and have diarrhea in the afternoon.
  • ManBearPig doesn’t dare trespass here.
  • They should issue a medal for being able to saw through your food without cutting through the to-go box.
  • I can have any different combinations of chicken and rice EVERY FRICKING DAY.
  • One visit to Kandahar and the poo pond and everyone up in Bagram will stop complaining.
  • You know you have been here too long when one of your NCOs is watching the news in Dragon DFAC and says…man, Michelle Obama is hot!
  • Getting the shower water to a comfortable temperature is like solving the DaVinci code.
  • I LOVE the way my hands smell like turds AFTER washing them in the “Disinfected non-potable water” at the DFAC!
  • Learning the hard way that your bladder has a capacity of about 1.3 water bottles.
  • We get crappy utensils that can’t cut pudding, but the American prison system has to worry about prisoners making shanks with theirs.
  • Finally coming to terms with breathing all this dust. Consider it free “Mineral Air”.
  • After reading this I’m glad I’m not there.

Warning: If you go to the web site, you will find language that may be offensive. After all, not all aspects of serving over there are a pleasure. You’ve been warned :)

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Our daughter has been there since January. She loves it too. We send her a lot of care packages so she doesn’t. take hostages.


Had to check that website out . Pretty funny one-liners . Thanks DCG!