More Theatrics From The Left

From The Agenda Project, whose goal is “to build a powerful, intelligent, well-connected political movement capable of identifying and advancing rational, effective ideas in the public debate and in so doing to ensure our country’s enduring success”, comes this video that is anything but rational.
They attack Rep. Paul Ryan‘s idea to overhaul Medicare.  In doing so, they show “Paul Ryan” pushing “grandma” in a wheelchair off a cliff and into a river.  A bit theatrical, don’t you think?
Ryan’s plan would overhaul Medicare and Medicaid. His budget, which has already been approved by the House, would turn Medicare into a voucher program for Americans under 55, or what Ryan calls a “premium-support model.”
At the end of the video they ask, “Is America Beautiful without Medicare?” Ryan’s plan doesn’t call for eliminating Medicare but rather privatizing it. Intelligent and rational indeed.  Guess when you can’t argue the facts, you go for the theatrics and feelings as is typical with liberals.
The Agenda Project was founded by Erica Payne, a progressive liberal.  This same organization dedicated to “intelligent” and “rational” ideas also sells t-shirts and mugs that say “f*ck tea” to demonize the TEA Party movement.  Keep it classy liberals.
The Weekly Standard has the video in case it gets removed from YouTube.
h/t LibertyScout

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Dr. Eowyn
Dr. Eowyn
9 years ago

Such intelligent, rational, tolerant, open-minded, bleeding hearts they are! LOL

9 years ago

Liberal logic: It’s rational to hate people if they’re conservative.

9 years ago

Why aren’t they suggesting seniors call the White House and ask about that Live Cycle plan that they have in place already? You know the one that talks about rationing medical services? The one O’s czar talked about, about rationing would be necessary under Obamacare….