More than half of homo-bisexual men with HIV go untreated

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Due to the never-ceasing drumbeat for a cure for HIV/AIDS — a drumbeat begun, championed, and continued by the homosexual “community” — untold hundreds of millions of dollars, including taxpayer money (via the government’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC), have led to medical science developing a dizzying array of, by my count, 51 drugs to manage HIV.
The treatment is called highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART). HAART extends lives and slows the spread of the AIDS virus by maintaining the function of the immune system and preventing opportunistic infections that often lead to death.
And yet, MORE THAN HALF of homosexual and bisexual men with HIV in the United States don’t take these life-saving drugs.
How perverse is that.
Kim Painter reports for USA Today, Sept. 25, 2014, that a new CDC report published in Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. found that fewer than half of infected gay and bisexual men in the United States took those medications in recent years. Treatment was especially scant among young men and black men,
David Purcell, deputy director for behavioral and social science in the CDC’s HIV prevention division, says men may stay away from treatment out of denial, because they don’t understand the need, don’t have insurance or for many other reasons, including perceived stigma. “People may not want to go to a clinic that is called ‘the HIV clinic’,” he says. Some may perceive health care providers in their communities as homophobic. Young men may not know how to manage health care basics, such as making appointments.
Blah. Blah. Blah.
Victim Card
The report shows that 77% of gay and bisexual men newly diagnosed in 2010 got some initial care, as evidenced by lab reports from 19 areas around the country. But just 51% of all infected gay and bisexual men in those areas got continuing care. An additional nationwide analysis found 49.5% were prescribed drugs that can suppress the virus, preventing it from destroying the immune system. Those medications can allow patients to live for decades and greatly reduce their risk of spreading the virus.
Drug treatment rates were just 30% in infected men under age 25 and rose with age, reaching 68% in men 55 and older. Rates also varied by race; black men got treatment less often than Hispanic and white men.
Federal health officials started recommending treatment for everyone with the virus, including those at the earliest stage of infection, in 2012.
Noël Gordon, a project manager at the Human Rights Campaign, a “gay rights” advocacy group, says the age differences in care also may reflect differences in how younger and older men perceive the HIV threat. “Older gay and bisexual men lived through the crux of the crisis and have lost friends and partners,” he says. Younger men are less likely to know others with HIV experiences or to talk about HIV among friends.
CDC says nearly 600,000 of the 1.1 million people living with HIV in the United States are men who have sex with men, and two-thirds of new infections still occur in that group. Infection rates among “gay” and bisexual men, especially young men, have been rising in recent years, despite targeted prevention efforts. About one-third of infected “gay” and bisexual men don’t know they are infected.
In a separate Kaiser Family Foundation survey released Thursday, about one-third of “gay” and bisexual men said they had never been tested. More than half said a doctor had never suggested it, most likely because nearly half of “gay” and bisexual men had never even discussed their sexual orientation with a doctor.
It is now 33 years since AIDS was first discovered and diagnosed among homosexual men in the United States. There is simply no excuse for this willful ignorance and refusal to engage in safe sex and get treatment.
And yet, despite all this, the homosexual “community” and their enablers will continue to goad the American people that we must do more! and pour more money! into “Research For A Cure!”.
Money for medical research is a zero-sum game: More money for AIDS research means less money for other diseases, especially those like Lyme Disease that are not self- and behavior-induced like HIV/AIDS.
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0 responses to “More than half of homo-bisexual men with HIV go untreated

  1. Maybe they’re just suicidal out of depression. That would be fine if it were ONLY their problem, but it’s also everyone else’s as well.

  2. Not to mention the stupidity of “bug chaser” thrill-seekers among them…

    • I was JUST about to mention this, then saw this post!

      • And, more recently, these guys talking about “raw” (unprotected) sex and the “roulette party”– a swinger party where HIV-positive and negative folk randomly have unprotected sex for kicks– too:

    • Including the healthcare community, bigtime!
      Innocents like Rabia, as heinous as it is, is just a tip of the iceberg of others, as in the healthcare community where people dedicate their lives to care for the sick while exposing themselves to the blood and body fluids of men and women chasing their next self-centered trespass of the 6th Commandment. Instituting universal precautions is helpful, but not 100% protection. My first mentor, Al M….., died of AIDS, not because of lifestyle, but by exposure to the blood of an HIV+ patient during a life-threatening, hemorrhagic event in surgery. The survivor of that surgery will probably never face Al’s children and confess how his behavior led to their Dad’s death.

  3. This is so incredibly sad, that people would choose a lifestyle that condemns them to death–either sooner, or later. I can’t even imagine the stress in their lives, worrying about whether or not their were HIV positive. Most excellent post; this reminds us to teach our children, and give them the entire scope of the facts regarding this disease.

  4. “Young men may not know how to manage health care basics, such as making appointments.” This is rather insulting. Or maybe people really don’t know how to make a call? Seriously, this is depressing.

  5. Thank you very much Dr. Eowyn for this important post. We are responsible for our choices in life, and not only do our choices affect us individually, they affect others as well. This is why we cannot live for self-gratification, because it is never just the “self” that is affected.
    More importantly, when we make the wrong choices that are selfish, we offend the Holy Trinity, the holy, mighty and eternal God, through sin. Dearest Lord, please help us to reject the devil and sin, and to first think of others before ourselves.

  6. Big pharma and doc’s are not interested in a cure, they are making to much money with maintenance drugs that would go away if they found a cure…

  7. For that person that gave me the thumbs down. That is a quote, for polio and not HIV, from Dr. Salk, one of the inventors of the polio vaccine that I saw at a speech at OUHSC

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  9. And many faggots just don’t care.


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