More than a million illegal aliens have received California driver's licenses

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From Sacramento Bee: More than 1 million undocumented immigrants illegal aliens have received driver’s licenses, the California Department of Motor Vehicles announced Wednesday.
Assembly Bill 60, authored by then-Assemblyman Luis Alejo in 2013, required California DMV offices to issue driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants illegal aliens as long as they can prove their identity and residence within the state. The law has led to 1,001,000 undocumented immigrants illegal aliens receiving licenses as of March 31 but doesn’t give the licensees carte blanche to drive outside of California or fly across state or federal borders.
“Immigrants are getting tested, licensed and insured and this is making our roads safer for everyone,” said Alejo, now a Monterey County supervisor, in a prepared statement. “Today, we see the law working the way it was intended to and has dramatically improved the lives of a million immigrants and their families.”
Twelve states plus Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico allow undocumented immigrants illegal aliens to obtain driver’s licenses. Undocumented immigrants Illegal aliens were free to receive driver’s licenses anywhere in the U.S. until 1993, when California became the first state to restrict access and 45 others followed suit.
In 2015, the first year the law took effect, approximately 605,000 undocumented immigrants illegal aliens received licenses. Fewer people applied after an initial spike, and the DMV now issues about 10,000 AB 60 licenses statewide per month.
A study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences showed hit-and-run accidents dropped in California after AB 60 went into effect, and had no discernible impact on the total number of crashes or auto-related fatalities in the state. The California Research Bureau’s required January 2018 report found no AB 60 license holders had filed complaints with state agencies alleging discrimination related to their license ownership.
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0 responses to “More than a million illegal aliens have received California driver's licenses

  1. I’m pretty surprised that they aren’t actually requiring these illegals to KNOW HOW TO DRIVE. That’s pretty much a REQUISITE for us LEGAL residents.

    • Is for “social justice,” comrade– issue is never the issue, of course.

    • Here they just have the test in English or Spanish. If you’re Asian they just give you the license. The local DA has a saying “DWA”. Driving while Asian.

      • Does that DWA give ’em a pass on any accident that doesn’t KILL anyone?

        • I swear to God I’ve seen this with my own eyes. I renewed mine and there were these Asians there. I could tell that they couldn’t read the questions so they just called them up, and handed them their licenses.
          For contrast, when I was in Europe I had an international driver license. It took two weeks of night classes and a serious test to get that. Maybe I should have told them I was Asian.

      • OMG, DWA! Did you know, I hate to say it but it is true, when I used to commute between the east bay and SF, invariably when there was a driver who did a maneuver like coming into my lane without ever looking away from the road in front of him, it was an Asian. I would think to myself, what is it with these folks, that they never look around them, only forward in total obliviousness to their surroundings. In relating that observation to my artist friend many years ago, instead of refuting me as I half expected him to, he said, well you know it’s called driving while Asian, and it comes from when they came here from outer space, and they only had to look at the viewing screen in front on them on the spaceships like in Startrek! Laughed myself silly.

        • A couple of years ago I was going to work on the highway and it was snowing. I was probably going about 45 MPH because it was slick and you couldn’t see all that well. Up ahead I noticed this car with two Filipinos in it. A deer ran across the road from the side and they hit it without even tapping the brake.
          It “exploded” all over the highway, pieces were hitting my car. Their bumper was torn off and they never decelerated. I pulled over to help clear the carnage. The last I saw of them they were disappearing over the horizon dribbling sparks.

          • Did you get their car’s license number?
            Just curious: How do you know they’re Filipino?

            • Believe me, I KNOW. I worked with them for many years, it was near a Navy base where they are very common. They were Fillipino. Now, you can make an argument that they aren’t “Asian”. But they would dispute that.
              It wasn’t meant in a disparaging way, it was just a statement of fact. If I knew them to be Hmongs I would have said that as well. In this case, they were Filipinos (actually Filipinas, but my auto-correct doesn’t think there’s such a word).
              I saw them as they passed. I hope that explanation is sufficient officer (wink!).

        • People from India can’t drive too well either, my best friend is Indian and she routinely just blasts through red lights. Awesome person but is scary to drive with!

          • You’re generalizing from one Indian, your best friend, to all Indians? Wow.

            • No, it’s not just her. And, people from India can’t drive well, that is true. My DH told me a story about someone he worked with, saw the wife driving and thought at first they were drunk. Later she got in a bad car wreck. People from India are wonderful, but not so great at driving. That is my point.

              • My only experience with Indian drivers is my former pastor, who is from India. He had invited me to guest lecture at a seminary — a 40-miles drive in busy freeway traffic. He drove. Nothing wrong with his driving.
                Maybe the problem is female Indian drivers. Not enough driving experience?

  2. I bet they did well reading and speaking English to pass the written and eye test, sarc. I remember Obama all over the TV encouraging them to enter our country and obtaining a license in order to vote. Why he isn’t in jail beats me.
    Now we have a country full of people that can’t read, write and even know what our street signs say out there driving sober and drunk creating havoc on innocent citizens.

  3. I think a worse aspect of this is that they are automatically registered to vote unless they specifically decline.

  4. Stealing the elections, and even the whole country if we let them. Notably, the people who are here illegally are from leftist countries, and usually have no idea why a constitutional republic and a free market are important. Most think the government is Santa Claus and has inexhaustible resources.

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  6. Several years ago I was doing some voluntary charity work in CA. While there I got a ticket for having a CO driver’s license.

    • I could tell you some stories of what happened to me after I left California. It took a full ten years to “disengage”. They want your money. They would tell me my license expired. I’d tell them I don’t live there anymore. Then they’d fine me for being late. I’d tell them again. Then they’d put a lien on my house.
      The only reason people stay is they don’t know the difference. I keep trying to get my daughters to leave. It just makes me scratch my head. It sucked when I left. It is now a BLACK HOLE of suction.

      • They probably spent $2000 in ‘manpower’ to try to get you to pay, so they could potentially make the cost of a drivers license renewal. Government bureaucracy at work!
        Seriously they put a lien on your house??? OMG!
        My BIL was driving in California, they pulled him over for some small offense (I think his car was old looking), and they fined him over I Grand and it got sucked out of his bank account (he didn’t even plead guilty or not guilty!). He’s not even a resident of California but was in the military so I don’t know how they did that. I was amazed when I heard about that!

        • Over the course of ten year I had five liens placed by the State against my property. None of them were valid. I had an attorney. He told me that it was “automatic” for California to do that anytime they thought someone owed them.
          Years later, it would come up as a “blemish”. I don’t know how many letters of explanation I wrote because of this.

  7. There is no law that states that you have to be a citizen to get a Driver’s license

    • You’ve got it backward George. I’m stating they are automatically registered to vote when they get their driver license now. They have to “self identify” as illegal or they register them.

  8. I keep saying that they get away with whatever we allow. To me there has to be a federal component to voting if any of it involves federal elections. For that reason the federal government has an interest in ensuring that voters are not allowed to vote illegally. It is illegal to vote if you are not a citizen.
    Obviously, they have no intention of enforcing this. For that reason their elections should be federally supervised.

  9. Lophatt, the CA DMV system looks exactly like all the other illegal Obama work-arounds. As I understand the situation, the CA DMV has the ability to scrub all these illegals off the voter rolls, but it’s not going to happen voluntarily.

    • What I read said that a person applying for a driver license will automatically be registered to vote unless they specifically request not to be. The DMV workers are prohibited from asking about citizenship status.
      In California you can be registered without declaring a party. I don’t have to explain how that is going to work.

  10. I have a friend who was rear-ended while at a red light by a young woman who only had an “International ID Card”; the vehicle she was driving was owned and insured by her father. Though the girl didn’t have a license, the insurance paid out the maximum ($25,000, I believe), which barely covered medical costs, let alone replace the totaled car. And the girl wasn’t cited, not for being unlicensed, not for being unable to provide evidence of insurance, not for distracted driving, not for playing with her phone just prior to the accident.
    It’s a fair court.

  11. Well….this explains why I …..IN California….even after making a week’s ahead “appointment” had to wait in line more than FOUR hours at my DMV in order to renew my VALID driver’s license as a citizen of the United States of America……and why I had to schedule/make the appointment at a DMV 50 miles away from where I live (all the other DMV’s were filled up or closed…..), and then, had to wait in another hour in line after passing my test…to get my photo ID taken…….in other words… hour drive to get there….5 hours to get through to my “appointment” and another hour to wait in the photo line….and then an hour home drive…….and entire working day more or less……and meanwhile…I was one of maybe only TEN English-speaking people in the room/process—-it was “little Mexico” in the DMV that day…I was one of only maybe TEN people out of hundreds who spoke English…which is WHY it took me an entire working day to get through the process……when everyone in the room/ line doesn’t speak English…but the state says you cna get a license anyway…….it takes 4 times longer to process the illegals/non-English-speakers than it does me…..and they outnumber me by hundreds…..ever thus……I’m counting the days until I can retire and take my retirement dollars out of MEXIFORNIA.

    • “I’m counting the days until I can retire and take my retirement dollars out of MEXIFORNIA.”
      California will still tax you on your retirement income — and any income originating from California.

      • Yes they will. My father-in-law moved to Arizona under the mistaken belief that he wouldn’t be taxed. He was wrong.

  12. Slaughterhouse in TN gets busted with huge number of illegals getting paid off the books:
    Media and local church focused on families (maybe they’re illegals too?)
    Employer needs mucho jail time.

    • Don’t worry, they’re sending most of our pork to China to be processed and then shipped back, God only knows what happens to it as well as the workers being paid slave wages.
      I just love globalism, don’t you (sarcasm).


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