More tax funded blasphemy

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Another outrage from the Left, broadening the gulf between good and evil. I don’t know which is worse, the outright blasphemy, or the concerted effort to seduce and pervert innocent children. ~TD



Public school performs ‘gay’ play mocking Bible, laughing at bestiality  –by DREW ZAHN

gay playA public charter school in Massachusetts turned a deaf ear to protests last week and followed through with performing a pro-homosexual play that mocks the Bible and has been blasted as “blasphemous.”
Students from the Pioneer Valley Performing Arts Charter Public School, or PVPA – which serves 400 pupils, grades 7-12, in South Hadley, Mass. – on March 15-17 performed the controversial play, “The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told.”
fabulous_1A 1998 Paul Rudnick comedy that had a run in theaters in New York City, “The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told” alters the biblical Book of Genesis to include homosexual couples Adam and Steve and Jane and Mabel in the Garden; as well as a “horny” rhinoceros that tries to seduce men on the Ark; and Mary, the mother of Christ, arguing she can’t be pregnant, because she’s a lesbian “bull-dyke.”
A New England theater guide, The Theater Mirror, in a glowing review, further explains the play “gets so specific as to be a gay how-to sexbook” and summarizes it as “a goofy gay romp with a serious sting in its tale.”
sick2News of the play’s pending performance prompted protests from several sectors, including students, parents and even the president of the school’s board of trustees, who said he seconded a student opinion that the play is disrespectful to Christianity.
The bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield, Mass., however, was even more blunt.
According to The Springfield Republican, the Most Rev. Timothy A. McDonnell responded through a spokesman: “I didn’t know it was the responsibility of charter schools to teach religious bigotry.”
Within the community, crowds of protesters showed up at the performances, including Noreen Beebe of Northampton, Mass., who told the Republican she was “insulted” that taxpayer money is being used mock Scripture.
“It breaks my heart to see a public school doing a parody of the Bible,” Beebe said.
Pam Rys of Ludlow told the newspaper said she considers the play “hate speech in the form of art.
The play’s director, however, argued, “It’s not a play that bashes religion, but it does make fun of some religious attitudes.”
During a rehearsal leading up to the performance, he clarified, “Although it’s full of jokes – some of them at the expense of religious fundamentalism – the play, is, at its heart, a thoughtful investigation of the meaning of faith and family.”
William Newman, director of the Western Massachusetts office of the American Civil Liberties Union, also defended the play, stating, “The highest function of art is to make people think and talk and consider and be challenged. This play seems to fill the aspirations and goals of art.”
According to WWLP-TV, in Springfield, Mass., PVPA Head of School Scott Goldman said he had been bombarded with emails and phone calls alleging the play was “blasphemous and hateful,” but that the show would go on.
“While we have no control over whether organizations from other states decide to protest the show, it is clear to me that many of the most recent emails are attempts to coerce PVPA into cancelling the play,” Goldman told the station. “Allowing this to happen would very much go against the grain of our unique, artistic and intellectually rigorous PVPA community, and the larger Pioneer Valley community.”
Goldman conceded that while the play may not be appropriate for younger audiences, he believes it suitable for high-school aged students.
Indeed, the play did go on, even over a the objections of a crowd of roughly 50 protesters who reportedly gathered on opening night.
According to minutes of a school trustee meeting held earlier this month, the board intends to discuss in the future the process of how plays are selected to be performed by the students.

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0 responses to “More tax funded blasphemy

  1. This is so diabolically evil!

  2. If the play had held to the high moral standards of the bible then the satanic liberals would have been screaming for the separation of church and state. Our country is way overdue for a war against the satanic liberals.

  3. Meanwhile, back in the Garden of Eden, thousands of years ago, the serpent who was the most subtle of all the creatures cornered Eve and persuaded her that it really wasn’t fair that she and Adam were not meant to eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil………………………………….with the inevitable, extremely long lasting ramifications……………………………. FAST FORWARD to now………………………………. Pioneer Valley 2013 and the persuasion of the students to partake in this particularly unpalatable form of “art” theatre.
    Where is Adam? Surely he’s going to put his foot down this time? Adam !!!!!!!! Adam!!!!!!!!!! Anyone seen Adam lately?
    Hello everyone, a new RE RELEASE, Jesus Christ, the Messiah was born to a virgin in Bethlehem two thousand years ago to fulfill prophecy, and the Law.
    His subsequent betrayal by Judas Iscariot, leading to his crucifixion on Calvary, where his pure precious blood was shed for te remission of our sins, means that now, we are all candidates for redemption and eternal life.
    To be reconciled unto God, and to be washed white as snow. We are presented with a choice between blessing and cursing. God says “Choose life”!!!!
    Sounds like a plan to me.

  4. Come, Lord Jesus!!

  5. It’s a performing arts school, does anyone expect different? Seriously, parents who send their children to schools like this are simply educating their kids in the same mold they were; liberal messes.

  6. They wanted to provoke thought and challenge people’s beliefs? Why not choose the Koran, oh but they would get put in jail or get their heads cut off. I’ll bet most of the people involved have never even touched a bible let alone read it.
    I know where Goldman (the principal) gets his inspiration from, in the Talmud, which is regarded as more authoritative than the Torah (Torah is for women and children), Mary is depicted as a whoring hairdresser and Jesus is condemned to sit in boiling excrement for eternity.
    A bit of notoriety will get this college some publicity, some more boundaries get tested and crossed and this is called progressive.
    Cartoons of Netanyahu building a wall with the blood of Palestinians are disallowed (the truth) whereas a depiction of the bible as homosexual is allowed (lies). Evil becomes good and good becomes evil; lies are truth and truth is prohibited.
    The christians and their faith are being tested like never before. But they’re not using lions now, but ridicule and subversion. If they are not doing this to any other faith then that means christianity is dangerous to them – take heart.

  7. This kind of smug behavior has been tolerated in Massachusetts for a long time. The thing that troubles me most is that this public school is deliberately trying to pervert children who have been entrusted to their care.
    If this were not a “politically correct” crime, the teachers responsible might be charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

  8. This is vomit-inducing.
    Someone please explain to me how homosexuals — who comprise less than 2% of the U.S. population — manage to exert such power and influence over our culture (elite & pop), via the “entertainment” industry, media, education (K-12 & esp. college) and even churches.
    One reason, I submit, is that like demons who never sleep, they are relentless in pushing their diabolical agenda on America. Back in December 2010, none other than St. Timothy’s United Methodist Church in Cedar Falls, Iowa, pushed the “Mary as lesbian” meme, with a living Nativity scene featuring two women starring as Joseph and Mary, instead of a man and a woman.
    That means we must be equally, if not more, vigilant and relentless in pushing back!

    • I think that homosexuals are being used to destroy family life and unity. Just like other “minorities” such as blacks and women have been used to break up traditional family and national traditions. I don’t approve of persecution of any kind, but minority interests are the seemingly reasonable foot in the door that eventually allow attacks on the majority. Equality is an emotive word, means different things to different people, but it is a broad brush with which to lump everyone together, there are no distinctions or concessions for differences. Equality can be used to justify things that were previously criminal or socially abhorrent.
      It’s the trans-gender lobby now, that’s an even smaller percentage of the total population, but we will have communal toilet facilities etc that will alleviate any “distress” that one transgender person may have in the face of 1000’s of normal people.
      It’s crazy, but I don’t believe it’s the minority that is pushing for all of this, there are other forces that have the power to lobby government etc and change the rules who are using minorities to push for their evil agenda. You have to look at the sponsors and funding of these movements, the non-profit organisations who are fronts for subversives, and the rich and famous who are putting their faces on the propaganda material.

  9. the play is evil to the bone,how could something this evil be allowed in a public school??????mindless liberal bobble heads teach others to be mindless liberal bobble heads,what a shame!

  10. That’s gubbermint skule for ya.

  11. Oh, can’t mention the Bible or wear a pro-abstinence t-shirt but this is okay ’cause of “diversity” or something…

  12. Satan knows his time is short; he’s pulling out all the stops. Hope these school officials are ready for 90lb hailstones, if they make it that far! Come quickly Lord; get us out of this wretched place!


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