More suicides as a result of Wuhan virus isolation: Two Air Force cadets commit suicide while at the Academy

As I said yesterday, this will have an impact on the health of millions of Americans.

From Yahoo: Two deaths of cadets by suspected suicide since Thursday at the Air Force Academy, where 1,000 seniors are the only students on any military campus in the country amid the COVID-19 pandemic, has rattled the service from senior leadership to its trainees.

The Air Force’s top civilian and military brass rushed to the academy on Monday to reassure cadets and steer the service through the turbulence of a global crisis and tragedies close to home.

Unlike the Army and Navy, the Air Force has kept cadets on campus – socially distant in single rooms, away from their roommates – since the coronavirus began upending military and civilian life earlier this month. Upon graduation, cadets and midshipmen are commissioned as U.S. military officers. At the Air Force Academy, new grads could serve as a source of new pilots to fill a shortfall, or new officers for the Space Force.

Alumni of the academy and parents of cadets have told USA TODAY, and filled private online chats, with concern about the Air Force response to the coronavirus and the deaths of the two students.

The parent of one member of the 2020 class said the first suicide should have triggered a massive response by Air Force leadership to prevent a copycat act. It was not clear from communication from academy staff to the parents that enough attention was given to each cadet after the first death , said the parent, who asked not to be identified to protect their child from retribution.

Precautions taken to fight coronavirus could have meant fewer civilian and uniform staff members were on campus to have eyes on each cadet to see how they were handling stress, the parent said.

Read the whole story here.


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9 months ago

Suicides in the military have been going up for years in all the branches.
Maybe they’re sick of hearing about the stupid virus 24/7.

9 months ago

You were willing to go through boot camp and all that military discipline… then you just kill yourself because you have to sit and eat cookies while surfing the net for a while? There is more to this story than meets the eye… and I think it has something to do with MKULTRA.

9 months ago

Am I the only one who sits here thinking that they might have known the Clintons?

9 months ago

Glad they did it there an not when they were in flight or had their hands on nuclear weapons.