More Proof Obama's Birth Certificate is Yet Another Forgery

A week ago, on April 27, 2011, after three years of refusal and a reported $1-2 million in attorney fees to thwart lawsuits challenging him to produce his long-form birth certificate, Obama finally released the elusive document. Almost immediately, questions and doubts were raised by document forensics analysts about its veracity. See, for example, here, here, and here.)
Now comes yet more evidence that Obama’s long-form birth certificate is fake.

From Declaration Alliance, May 4, 2011:
Alert: Technology watchdogs and digital forensics experts are reporting that Obama’s newly released birth certificate is an obvious forgery. Denials to the contrary are NOT a refutation; many questions remain disputed and unanswered.
Truth seekers across the country have performed the simple task of opening Obama’s released “birth certificate” using Adobe Illustrator – a favorite tool for discovering digital forgeries. In this program, one can select the option called “release all clipping masks” to see what the original document looked like before it was edited. In the case of Barack Obama’s newly released “birth certificate” the revelations are stunning and We the People should DEMAND that Congress, State Governors and State Secretaries of State uphold their Constitutional duties to investigate thoroughly before Obama’s name may be placed on the ballot for President in 2012, because in all justice – the unlawful actions of this man and his political faction will compel Congress to IMPEACH OBAMA now because of the fraud and cover up he has thrust on this nation for two and a half years.

Illustrator Stripped BC

While we at Life & Liberty have not yet tested the document ourselves, numerous independent watchdogs and digital forensics experts are reporting, as shown above, dates, occupations, signatures and more have been edited and completely replaced with information that better fits the Obama narrative. This means the birth certificate may well be falsified, and if it is a fake, Obama has committed fraud and it leads us to ask, “What is he covering up?”
Forgery is a crime. Presenting false documents is a crime. Barack Hussein Obama II is a criminal if he has authorized or colluded with the presentation of fraudulent documentation.
There is a reason forgers always get caught; paper trails are nearly impossible to erase. So, rather than coming clean with a real long form birth certificate, has Obama continued his cover up that will make Nixon’s Watergate look like a boy getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar? All we need to do is compare Obama’s forgery with a real Hawaiian long form birth certificate to see disturbing indications that it is a fake and another cover up – JUST AS TEAM OBAMA AND THE DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEE (DNC) PERPETRATED IN THE 2008 ELECTION.


Susan E. Nordyke was born in Hawaii the day after Barack Obama’s reported birthday. In fact, she was born at the same hospital where Obama claims to have been born. And Nordyke has released her official long form birth certificate – which proves Obama’s newly released document is a complete forgery.
The discrepancies between these two documents are numerous, but the most glaringly obvious proof of forgery is the file and certificate number on the upper right side of each document.

Nordyke Birth CertificateObama Long Form released 4-27-11

Top: Ms. Nordyke’s Birth Certificate           

Bottom: Fake Obama Certificate?

Allow us to explain. In every county of this nation, there is a County Clerk or Registrar whose job is to document births, deaths, marriages and other official papers for archival purposes. This documentation is given a certificate number and entered into record books. The certificate numbers are issued in sequential order based on the date the Clerk or Registrar received the official document. The later a record is registered by the county clerk, the higher the certificate number.
Ms. Nordyke’s birth certificate was registered August 11, 1961 and has a certificate # of 61-10637
Barack Obama’s newly released birth certificate is registered August 8, 1961 and has a certificate # of 61-10641.
See the problem? Obama was supposedly registered 3 days before Nordyke, yet Obama’s certificate lists a number 3 digits after Nordyke’s.
This is impossible.
If Obama’s document were legitimate, it should necessarily have a certificate number before Nordyke’s.
We can thank the sacrifice of LTC Terry Lakin, thousands of patriotic U.S. citizens, and even Donald Trump for forcing Obama to play an ill-considered hand AND criminally revealing hand. Now it is imperative we ensure that the Congress and the state legislatures, and others finally looking at this crisis hear from us about all the evidence of wrong-doing and collusion that continues to unfold.
We must demand our Congressmen and state legislators require proof positive evidence of eligibility for any candidate seeking the highest office in our land, or Barack Hussein Obama may well steal the election once again.

~Eowyn & Steve

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9 years ago

The evidence of fraud is there and yet noone is able to get the media or our representatives to accept it. It is appalling to me to see the corruption and unconstitutional behavior exhibited by our government. The state departments blocking of Stanley Dunham’s passport records is enough evidence for me. I don’t know anything about Adobe Illustrator but the irregularities in the registration numbers is based on fact not conjecture. Where is justice?

Patriot Angel
Patriot Angel
9 years ago

Governor Jan Brewer has decided NOT to go through with the Birther bill last I heard.