More Pics of Jeff & Cena

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Here are more photos of Lance Corporal Jeffrey De Young and his bomb-sniffing dog Cena, “the shortest Marine in Afghanistan.” They are soldiers bravely serving in that Islamoterrorist-infested hell hole. You can read all about them HERE. Jeff has asked us to send certain needed supplies to him for his two- and four-legged fellow Marines. For his wish list, CLICK HERE.
Here are the photos. Warning: The last one will make you cry.
May God send His magnificent Angels to spread their wings of peace and protection over Jeff and Cena, guarding them from all evil and harm,

Two handsome Marines: Cena and Jeff

Inseparable brothers, even in sleep!

Cena, wired and attached to the bomb-detecting equipment

Cena's wound

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10 responses to “More Pics of Jeff & Cena

  1. Man, that looks painful…Hope you are both recovering well. Prayers for both of you and your fellow Marines!

  2. i am mended and up and about. Cena is doing fine as well. We are going to be heading back to work soon so I don’t know when I’ll be able to post. I’m sure my mom can relay information and prior. I thank everyone for their packages. It is a bit of love in hell. I’m sure me and my fellow Marines would bleed on the flag to keep the stripes red but we need patriots with voices and tears that scream America is missing her men! To get the point across we’re fighting for the ones we love, not ourselves. I thank you all for supporting us. So to you all goodnight and good luck.

  3. Once again, everyone, thank you, thank you. It’s very hard to have my baby(literally) so far away but he’s doing what he needs to for himself and his country. Too bad more Americans can’t have the son i raised well thanx to you all they do. Jeff already has three mothers and 11 siblings in all

  4. OOOOPS so anyhow, eveyone should adopt our military as their own. After all they are there for their country not to party!!!!!! To my son, as i always say, “Stay safe, stay low, keep your angel on your shoulder and cena your front.” Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jeff’s Mom,
      Thanks for dropping by! Here’s hoping Jeff and Cena will get plenty of care packages stuffed with goodies! God bless.

  5. hey every one how are you ? i am doing great today my dog is up andf moving eowyn im going to upload some pleasent fotos of me and cena playing for you guys anyways ill write more later tottaly better and willing to fight

    • Jeff,
      I just purchased a dog anatomy book on The seller is Solstice Books. I’ve instructed them to send it directly to you at your FPO address (the one you gave us). So, look for it coming in the mail!
      Hugs to Cena!

  6. Bless you all. I’m going to post this to our local dog club list and a few places around town – we are a military town. I may have an anatomy book for you.

    • May,
      Bless your heart! I did purchase a dog anatomy book from a bookseller on amazon, and had it sent to Lance Corporal Jeff deYoung. I don’t know if he got it, nor do I know if he got the package I personally mailed out.


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