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Don’t say ‘hold the fort’…it’s offensive to Native Americans, warns state department diversity chief

Daily Mail: Political correctness has just claimed another victim – saying ‘hold the fort’ has now been deemed offensive to Native Americans.  That is the view of the U.S. State Department’s Chief Diversity Officer John Robinson, who has penned a column explaining why that phrase and many others can cause offensive – offering advice on how citizens can watch what they say.

Explaining, wrongly, that ‘hold the fort’ derives from defending homesteads and seeking refuge from raging Native American’s in the 19th century, Robinson advises his readers in State Magazine to be aware that the phrase is now negative and racist.

Chief PC Baloney Officer…

‘How many times have you or a colleague asked if someone could ‘hold down the fort?’ wrote Robinson.’You were likely asking someone to watch the office while you go and do something else, but the phrase’s historical connotation to some is negative and racially offensive.

‘To ‘hold down the fort’ originally meant to watch and protect against the vicious Native American intruders.’In the territories of the West, Army soldiers or settlers saw the ‘fort’ as their refuge from their perceived ‘enemy,’ the stereotypical ‘savage’ Native American tribes.’

In Robinson’s firing line was another phrase that is in everyday use: ‘Going Dutch’. Instead of a fair way of dividing the restaurant bill among friends, the top diversity officer in the country has deemed the phrase as a ‘negative stereotype portraying the Dutch as cheap.’

And instead of referring to a non-exact average ‘rule of thumb’ is offensive to women all across the world. This is because the phrase derives from ‘an antiquated law, whereby the width of a husband’s thumb was the legal size of a switch of rod allowed to beat his wife,’ wrote Robinson.’ If her bruises were not larger than the width of his thumb, the husband could not be brought to court to answer for his behaviour because he had not violated the ‘rule of thumb’.

Drawing attention to this, Robinson hopes that everyone, men and women think before they say this popular phrase.

Moving on to those with disabilities, Robinson urges caution over the word ‘handicap’. This is because some in the disabled community, ‘believe this term is rooted in a correlation between a disabled individual and a beggar, who had to beg with a cap in his or her hand because of the inability to maintain employment.’

‘Choose your words thoughtfully,’ wrote Robinson wrote.’Now that you know the possible historical context of the above phrases, perhaps you will understand why someone could be offended by their use. Let us agree that language will continue to evolve with continually improving consciousness and respect for others.’

Going Dutch is now offensive? And how many people think of a man beating his wife when they say “rule of thumb”?

PC madness…next on the Chief’s agenda:  anyone who believes in traditional marriage is deemed to be offensive.  Someone needs to grow some thicker skin.


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0 responses to “More PC baloney…

  1. A mind is a terrible thing to waste. John Robinson has baloney for brains.

    • Ditto and Ditto and Ditto! I am handicapped and I never thought of it as an insulting term, just factual. Maybe I should stand out in the Wal-mart parking lot and take one of my hats from France and see how much money I can earn after they have seen me, little poor me, with my little cane and sad, sad face. Good Lord, how ridiculous! I think old John ought to “grow some” and by the way John, do you find that communication offensive? God help us! My wonderful father, rest his soul in peace, gave me a small wooden carved sign that said, “Don’t take life too seriously, you’ll never get out of it alive!!!!” He had some prize possessions in his little hall closet and when he gave it to me, we both laughed! REALLY, THAT IS THE POINT OF ALL THIS UNNECESSARY BULLSHIT!!!!

  2. The State Dept. Diversity Chief,… ( PC czar )…can Kiss my grits!
    He gets paid to do this?….I see budget and job cuts in our near future!

  3. I’m getting so tired of this idiotic PC crap. Let’s get this bunch of crackheads, yes I said it, out of office. The sooner the better.

  4. “Going Dutch” does not mean the dutch are cheap. It means wether you have a twenty dollar steak or a five dollar salad the check is going to be divided equaly so everyone pays the same for their meal. It refers to their socialized nation where everyone shares the wealth and pays the same no matter what.

    • “It refers to their socialized nation where everyone shares the wealth and pays the same no matter what.”

      Not true. 51% of adult Americans don’t pay federal income taxes, some get money “back”. And yet, paradoxically, the 49% of us who do pay income taxes are called “selfish.”

    • going Dutch means I pay for my meal, you pay for yours. You want to eat like a king? Pay for it yourself. I don’t work my butt off so others can mooch off me.

      Nice try with the socialism BS..

  5. I need a scorecard. Too much to keep up with.

  6. That is SOOOOOOOOOOOO stupid!!! What is next wen can’t call our forts like Campbell, Bliss, Bragg, Drum, Stockton, and others forts anymore? This guy has has “farhts” in place of brains, or is that “forts”. lol

    • I think it’s “farts!” or it has got to be “forts!” God help us with all of this extraneous alleged sensitive crap!

  7. Michelle Malkin has an article about this on her blog also. Included are words we can no longer use when discussing Obama: angry, Chicago, golf, experience, and constitution. All these words have “negative connotations”. Gee, I can’t imagine why. Guess that means I can’t use “serial killer” around BTK now.

  8. Hold your potatoes is anti-Irish racism.

  9. Did you ever get the feeling that academia and government have become “a tale, told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing”? This is NIHILISM, the desire to, in Nietzsche’s words “transvalue all values.” In other words, to negate for the sake of negating.
    As far as I know, historically, this urge goes back to the Sabbatean Frankists, who believed it was essential for the evil to wipe out all the good in life, so that everyone would start over, at the beginning, at zero, as it were. The Hegelian Dialectic came along with its thesis-antithesis-synthesis movement, which has been used by the Power Elite ever since.
    In plain English, we are living through the tertiary stages of Nietzsche’s syphillis, albeit in a mental way. Other administrations and bureaus have had their oddballs and eccentrics, but this Administration is like a bird, flying in ever smaller concentric circles, determined to fly up its own “fundamental apperture”!

  10. The day I was introduced to the true ugliness of PC…..I had just moved into the Sproul Hall Dorm at UCLA, September 1989. I had met some of my floormates, and was meeting more. Two girls were talking to me about if I’d met Michelle in the last room by the fire exit. I said I didn’t catch her name, but I had talked to an Oriental girl. Good God almighty, they pitched a fit! They acted like I’d said the worst thing ever. “Asian” they corrected me like I was a two year old or a potential skinhead. “Oriental is food and carpets” (Now it’s not even that) Aren’t Caucasians from Russia and people from India also Asian? I was stupid enough to ask. When did this become a bad word? And why? I was embarrassed and felt like a stupid rube. Anyway, it’s a little thing, but it’s an ugly little memory that shadows my very first day of college.

    • The funny thing was, I was always naturally “politically correct” just because I didn’t want to be an insensitive lout or hurtful, I wasn’t going to pre-suppose she was Chinese or Korean or Japanese, etc. I had honestly never heard of Oriental being a bad word – and nobody’s filled me in in the twenty three years since!

      • SDF & GF:

        “Oriental” is not a “bad” word. It’s just dated, used during a time when Hollywood portrayed “Orientals” as the alien “other”, with slit eyes and sing-song voices. Many “Orientals” are as American as white Americans; many speak better English! And so, the word comes with that baggage. While I don’t agree with SDF’s dorm-mates for coming down so hard on you for using the word, I also think you’re much too sensitive and defensive, nursing the sting you felt from this incident from decades ago. Good grief. Surely there are more important matters in life! I suggest you put them on the defensive by asking them why they find the word “Oriental” to be offensive.

        As for GF’s lauding of the Oriental civilization:

        I know you mean well, but would you laud the Roman Empire upon discovering that NJ Gov. Chris Christie’s mom was Sicilian Italian? Why would “Orientals” in America identify any more with the Oriental civilization than Christie with the Roman? Many naturalized U.S. citizens came to America precisely to get away from their “roots,” whatever that means. Non-white Americans are as American as white Americans. I thought Conservatives put being American first and foremost, and object to people calling themselves hyphenated Americans. I suggest we start treating non-white Americans as simply Americans, instead of with labels and albeit well-intended comments, the net effect of which is to pigeonhole them as alien “others.”

        • Bravo Dr. Eowyn! In the attempt to be sensitive, one loses the very meaning and significance of being “American!” Nobody cares about one’s roots, just about the fact that we know what it is to be an American, equal dignity and opportunities no matter where one’s relations come from! I do not wish to be called Hungarian/Slavic American!!! I am JUST AN AMERICAN, JUST AN AMERICAN, PLEASE, NO OTHER REFERENCES ARE NECESSARY! It is merely a trap to be labeled as “Hispanic” American or “Black American,” a sort of antithesis to what being an American IS – the BEING of BEING AN AMERICAN REQUIRES NO PAST LABELS!!!!!

  11. Maybe Snoopy meant to say “Hold the fork” and then the politeness czar could have taken the day off. Or “Hold the foot down”. Snoopy’s remarks are being censured now? Mickey Mouse better look out…………………
    and they have offices and secretaries?
    We can’t hold the fork/foot/fort and they can smoke people with drones?
    This has to be a nightmare, we gotta wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The alarm just went off. This is loony toons.

  12. baloney for brains i think is a bit generous probably more likely lower intestines for brains is more like it.. and meanwhile racial discrimmination against white people is okay go figure. affirmative racism is still a law

  13. Political Correctness and it’s parent Liberalism – The mental illnesses of the 21st Century.



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