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Tim Tebow

Traildust recently posted a great article on Tim Tebow:

Here’s more:

Prior to the 2013 season, in which he did not play, Tim Tebow had an 8-6 record as a starter. His winning percentage of .571 was higher than half of the starting quarterbacks in the league at the time, including Carson Palmer (.446), Kevin Kolb (.428), Cam Newton (.406), Jay Cutler (.548), Brandon Weeden (.333), Blaine Gabbert (.217), Alex Smith (.513), Ryan Tannehill (.437), Christian Ponder (.461), Mark Sanchez (.532), Matt Flynn (.500), Sam Bradford (.369), Josh Freeman (.428), and Jake Locker (.363).

Tebow’s postseason winning percentage of .500 was higher than the postseason winning percentages of Peyton Manning (.450), Tony Romo (.250), Matt Ryan (.200), Christian Ponder (.000), Matthew Stafford (.000), Robert Griffin III (.000), Andy Dalton (.000), Philip Rivers (.428), and many others.

With its satanic half time rituals, its support of gun control, the allowance of TSA agents and drones at games, its support of United Way, and many other acts, it’s obvious that the No Fun League has fully embraced NWO Satanism. As a dedicated Christian, Tim Tebow is a threat to the league’s agenda and had to be removed at all costs, regardless of his winning stats.

I doubt if less than five coaches and players are aware of the league’s true agenda, which is to promote NWO Satanism while making as much money as possible. The league, which once represented everything good about America, now represents everything reprehensible and evil about America’s enemies. And they are laughing all the way to the bank.


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0 responses to “More On Tim Tebow

  1. Great post, Mike! It’s now very clear why the NFL was so hell-bent on getting rid of Tebow.

  2. Several months back my spouse begin to bad mouth Tebow. I did not understand why. With all the disinformation out there I can now see why.

    This young man is a home-schooler and a credit to his mom AND dad.

  3. Thank you Mike for this most wonderful post! I have always admired Tim Tebow! I am absolutely certain that he was eliminated from professional football because of His deep love for Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Christian Faith. His persecutors will receive justice at the hands of Our Lord Himself.

  4. Oh, yeah, Tebow “can’t play” and they won all the time with him, but Manning jacks up the Broncos’ Superbowl game worse than Ray Finkel and he’s till the greatest thing since sliced bread. (Riiiight.)

  5. Thanks Mike, for filling in this important information. I actually started adding a couple of things in that direction, but thought it better done after more research. You nailed it.

  6. Reblogged this on The Vine Vigil.

  7. Thanks, everyone, for the excellent comments!

    Doc, thanks for the great pic!


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