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10:30 pm Thurs 6/28/12 : According to LA Times: at least 346 Homes Destroyed
An unidentified person sent this firsthand eyeview in an email to my friend:
Colorado Springs is in a state of emergency.  There are now subdivisions
burning on the west side of the city.  Major landmarks are being destroyed.
There is chaos and traffic jams.  Thousands of people have evacuated or are
attempting to evacuate.  The Air Force Academy is being evacuated.  The fire
departments and fire fighters are unable to do anything about the runaway
firestorm.  Woodland Park and many surrounding towns and cities are in
jeopardy.  The fire is completely out of control.
Law Enforcement and fire departments are being called in from surrounding
cities such as Pueblo and from other places along the Front Range to assist.
A family member who works at a Wal-Mart is reporting panic buying.  It
appears if the food shelves and camping supplies are are being stripped
according to him.  Many people will have to stay in shelters, vehicles or
camp for the time being as many have nowhere to go.
We have family and friends in Colorado Springs who are on their way to our
home.  We have prepared for 3 years for such a catastrophic emergency so we
can accommodate them.  This is a wake up call to everyone to be prepared,
very prepared.
We are patrolling our part of the mountains for any sign of fires,
particularly for signs of arsonists as this appears to be the cause of all
the fires that have been started in Teller, Park and El Paso Counties.
The only thing we can do now is pray for the citizens of El Paso County,
Teller Counties and other areas along the front range.  There will be many
people who will need our help soon.  This is truly a catastrophe unfolding
by the minute.

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  1. Yes this is very serious. My uncle Harry lives there. I wish they would deploy the water dropping 747’s from Washington State. They are amazing. I wonder if President Obama has declared a national emergency by Executive Order.

  2. NO he and mooch are too bust spiking da futbol over obummercare decision. Why should he care if the American West is burning. He is from Chicago where all he saw burn his his rich, far left’s money.

  3. Obama Dancing while Rome burns. He is no good not doing anything. It is deplorable he has not done anything.

  4. your right hardnox,they don’t let you pile and burn slash anymore-let it get 3-4 feet deep-it burns better. (dumbasses) enviros,they are so smart. (not)and yes,thee commie adminis. cut resources back to zilch,even the libtards in Oregon are upset,they could actually figure this one out.

  5. Sounds bad GF…prayers to all down there and for rain!


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