More October 13 UFOs

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This is an UPDATE of my post, Here’s the Fleet of UFOs Predicted for October 13!
Thanks to a tip from beloved fellow May, we have other UO (unidentified object) sightings from other parts of the world on October 13th. H/t Earth Changes and the Pole Shift website.
1. A strange big bright green-yellow glowing light on the horizon of the Qingling Mountains in China:
2. One and then two globes of bright light over the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, captured by live webcam:

3. A quick darting light in the sky over skyscrapers in Malaysia:

4. A UAO (Unidentified Aerial Object) over Alvin, Texas:

5. Several UAOs in Clovis, California:

6. An Unidentified Thingy in the sky somewhere in Ohio:


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0 responses to “More October 13 UFOs

  1. Not all these photos are from Oct. 13th. They are past alleged UFO sightings. There is no one coming here. I finally took my tin foil hat off and my hair is so friggin permed and curly that I’m going to have to use some of Michele Obama’s straightener!!! Not to mention my brain is feeling a bit baked. I just wish if they are out there that they would show up and get their free benefits and then keep going and going where “no man (or creature) has gone before! Adios alien. Hasta Luego! Hasta la vista baby! Don’t let the door hit ya in the ass! And take your illegal Mexican couterparts with ya! Mi casa es no su casa! But if any of you bloggers happen to REALLY see a UFO let me know so I can put my stupid tin hat back on! Do you have any idea how hard it is to sleep with all that crinkling sound happening on the top of your head? Well….it’s pretty damn hard! Not to mention it’s totally a love making turn off because it blinds your mate during the day or he just keeps looking at his own reflection instead of you. Are you done yet? Very funny honey. Freakin aliens ruin everything!!!

  2. These sightings are just a test for the upcoming Project Blue Beam. Do not be fooled by them. This is the way the New World Order believes they will get their one world government and one world religion. Discover more at

    • I will check it out. I don’t know much about this project. I only read one article about it about 3 months ago and I wasn’t really sure what it was about or if it was real or a theory. Can you sum it up a bit from your view point? I’m curious.

  3. basically a group of “super elites” control most of the world. Their stated goal is a one world government from which they can then rule over with total control. They typically use a Problem Reaction Solution approach, by engineering a problem to get the response they want from the public to then bring in the solution. Project Blue Beam is a planned fake alien encounter whereby the world must unite to stand against them. and hence a one world government will be formed. Lots more to it of course, so check out the website..

    • Oh OK. I have known there would be some major world even that governments have planned to use to “unite” and for the US to declare Marshall Law, but I hadn’t heard it called PBB. I would love to see how they plan to make the world believe that alien from elsewhere have landed here and that we are at risk. But they never cease to amaze me. Thank you for your explanation. I appreciate it. And I do believe a one world order (NWO) is right around the corner. Oh well, whattaya gonna do, eh?

      • Hollowpoint,
        This is what I’ve read on the NWO conspiracy theory websites: The powerful but shadowy global elite — called variously the Illuminati, Free Masons, Zionists, Jews, Rothchilds, Rockefellers, Bushes, Bilderberg, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Lucis Trust (earlier name Lucifer Trust, I’m not kidding!), Queen of England, reptilians, or just plain Satanists — have mastered cutting-edge technology that they’ll use to:
        1. Cause earthquakes (by liquefying fault lines or by HAARP) across the world, which would kill millions of people and, more importantly, provoke an end-of-the-world fear, a la the movie “2012.”
        2. Gigantic holograms of spaceships will be projected onto the skies above cities and countries across the world, causing people to think that ETs are invading Earth, leading to utter panic.
        3. Exploiting the fears from 1 & 2, some leader/government will rise up and call humanity to unite as one and under a single govt, blah, blah, blah.
        4. Presto! We now have the New World Order under the One Government.
        Just read this interesting article on how Stanley Kubrick’s last film “Eyes Wide Shut” is really about the Illuminati. It’s worth a read:

        • Since you put it that way, it makes total sense. I can really believe the hologram deception. What creeps! Then we will have the One world Government headed by the Antichrist, no doubt who will promise peace. It is approaching fast. I hope you have food storage and water for “just in case” you need it or for to share. It is amazing that we are actually living in this time and see it happening right before our eyes. Thanks for this info. It will help make it easier to peg the fraud when it appears. Hey, did you happen to see today’s Drudge Report showing the quite “demonic” photos of Obama? Kind of creepy I must say. Looks like his true nature has been caught on camera!

  4. I haven’t checked out those links yet, but from what I’ve read of PBB there’s another pointer to add to that list…
    3.1 Exploiting the fears from 1 & 2, some leader/government will rise up and call humanity to unite as one and under a single govt and religion.
    These earthquakes caused by HAARP are supposed to uncover some fossils or relics or something which gives us a whole new way of looking at evolution and religions… Then using holograms, religious figures will descend from the sky – Jesus in predominantly Christian countries, or Mohammed or Buddha specific to the place. Somehow they’ll tap into our minds and it’ll feel as though we are being spoken to personally by God… Thus forming a one world religion.
    I dont know how much I believe all that, but I have to say, I wouldn’t be surprised…

  5. Ya know, as bizarre as it all sounds, I don’t doubt it one bit! Not one. “Here come da judge! Here come da judge”. (Please tell me others are old enough to remember that saying).


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