More Nuclear Reactor Problems at 8 Locations?

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5 responses to “More Nuclear Reactor Problems at 8 Locations?

  1. This shouldn’t be too surprising, and I very much doubt there are secret agents disabling reactors world-wide. A more reasonable analysis will show that nuke plants are built in waves, in sync w/the sheeple’s accepting them. Think action:reaction, OK?
    Although a variety of designs are involved, all components tend to age and decay. Add to these human-made nuclear follies the titanic vagaries of weather combined w/plate tectonics, and it should be pretty clear that we’ve done it to ourselves… again!
    Humans insist on planning short-term projects as if we had eternal control over the Creation. Hello! We never were in charge…. As Dr Weaver wrote, we need far more piety before we can live rightly.

  2. Yes, Joseph, we are not in control of creation. We are, however, in control of and rjesponsible for the problems we create for creation. Dear Lord, please help us!

  3. lowtechgrannie

    While all these situations have developed, the MSM gives us 24/7 coverage of what? Twittergate, the Casey Anthony trial, Dancing with the Stars and Jon Stewarts feud with Fox News.

  4. Lowtechgrannie, I completely agree! We hear about crap and “form,” no substance! It’s sickening! Really, the media thinks we are absolutely idiots, and what we don’t know, won’t hurt us. This is their philosophy, notwithstanding the fact that they are trying to mold our values into leftist B.S.

  5. lowtech and Joan, we are the most entertained, least educated people in history. We have lost our ability to think, and to conceive the thought that the people have power to change things. We cannot seem to appreciate the requirement that stuff we design having a requirement to keep the by-products it produces safe for billions of years, might not be a long-term good idea. Chances are, we’re all going to glow in the dark by Christmas.


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