Mystery Deepens With Obama's Connecticut Social Security No.

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A year ago, two licensed private investigators, Susan Daniels and Neal Sankey, found something really interesting: Multiple Social Security (SS) numbers are associated with Barack Obama’s name. Daniels and Sankey put their findings in sworn affidavits. Dr. Orly Taitz further verified their information with a third source, John Sampson, a retired Department of Homeland Security senior investigator.
Two months later, in May, the mystery deepened when it was determined that the SS number Obama is currently using (042-68-4425) has a Connecticut prefix, 042, but Obama had never lived in nor had associations with the state of Connecticut. Worse still, that Connecticut SS number had been issued in 1976 to a Connecticut resident who was born in 1890 and is now deceased. This means that Obama is using that number illicitly because the SS administration says a SS number is never re-issued or re-used. (See Q. 20 of “Frequently Asked Questions” on the Social Security Administration’s website, HERE.)
Now, the mystery deepens further.
Retired US Air Force Col. Gregory Hollister, the litigant in a new Obama eligibility lawsuit, recently conducted a search for Obama’s Connecticut SS number in the Social Security Number Verification System used by small businesses to verify employment eligibility. The results came back as “Failed: SSN not in file (never issued).”
Linda Bentley of reports on February 23, 2011 in “Hollister v. Soetoro/Obama eligibility case to be reconsidered by Supreme Court“:

Records indicate Obama didn’t start using this particular SSN until 1980, although there are several other numbers associated with his name, none of which were issued in Hawaii, or any other place Obama has ever lived or worked for that matter.
Obama’s use of the Connecticut-issued SSN can be readily verified by anyone as it is imbedded in his fraudulently created Selective Service System records.
Hollister provided this Examiner with a copy of the results from the Social Security Number Verification System ( used by small businesses to verify employment eligibility, using Obama’s name, birth date and the Connecticut-issued SSN.
The results came back as “Failed” with a Verification Results Code 1, which is defined as: “SSN not in file (never issued).”


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0 responses to “Mystery Deepens With Obama's Connecticut Social Security No.

  1. It would seem to me that IF they wanted to, it would be a very simplistic task to check the social security number he used when he worked at Baskin Robbins as a teen and the number he is using now. If they are different, he is a fraud. I know that Orly Taitz listed alot of different numbers with different name variations but a few were used at Mr. Soetero’s known addresses. it is obvious the Dept. of Justice is avoiding this issue.

  2. remember a couple of months ago,the commie party were hard at work rearranging rules about ssn’s-the harder they work at covering,the worse it’s going to be-

  3. Please note the, “ATTENTION ALL USERS” portion near the top of the page, in RED.
    Interesting, a major change being made like this during this ‘Administration’.

  4. It is unbelievable that this man has gotten in “OUR WHITEHOUSE”. This should all fall on the shoulders of Nancy Pelosi , who as the Speaker of the House had the Constitutional duty to vett his eligibility. Obvioulsy if he has numerous social security numbers that were not from Hawaii , this proves he IS NOT ELIGIBLE. The fact that this number disappeared says this is a VERY DEEP CONSPIRACY . I often wonder if we are not being duped by our new Republican held Congress. I don’t get why they have not pushed an IMPEACHMENT , this man daily shitz all over us and the Constitution.WND has a 50 reason list of why he can be impeached. If our country last till 2012 or if we fail to REPEAL this usurper , we will likely have to march on Washington or wait till they come for the guns and we will see a civil war.People are awake,they are watching ,many are preparing for that fateful day .These elitist don’t understand the ” American spirit “. We will not sit by and watch them take us down.PREPARE PATRIOTS !

  5. Julie, I’ve posted a few times on here how Nancy Pelosi and her daughter, Christine are responsible for the disaster known as Obama. They knew he was not eligible to be President.

  6. Hawaii’s governor can’t find the birth certificate even when he orders it found and now this.

  7. Orly Taitz has some new interesting info today on the ssn! she is getting closer by golly! with the help of patriotic Americans.

  8. someone with a brain

    who cares where he’s from? hes doing better than any one of those republican fascists could ever do.. especially that twig palin

    • Indeed, who cares if the President of the United States uses an illegal Social Security number? Who cares about silly things like the rule of law?
      Just remember what you wrote on my blog, today, March 7, 2011, at 9:41 am, west coast time. Don’t come whining when Obama or some other ruthless politician misuses the law against your interests.
      BTW, it’s so typical of Progressives narcissists to fancy themselves smarter than others and portray conservatives as no-education stupid rednecks. I have a Ph.D., achieved the rank of Full Professor, and my IQ score is in the 98.962th percentile. Your turn!

    • I do not know where’s the big brain,who supports a teleprompter-in-chief,can’t put two sentences together.How about 4.5 TRILLION spent,not one job created? Can’t blame Bush for 150000000000 million unemployed,gas from1.89/when he took office/$5.29 up to$ 6.30 full serve.He’ll lose in 40 States,You’ll see.

  9. Obama is not even using his legal name. When you are adopted, they destroy your original birth certificate so that is why they cannot find the long form document for Obama. I bet he has a birth certificate with the name Barry Soetoro, but its probably located in the CIA or some such organization if IT even exist. I personally think he is a muslim plant, dont think he is a Christian, or married legally to MIchelle. I further do not believe he attended Harvard or Yale and doubt those girls are even HIS or MIchelles. I also think MIchelle is not whom she says she is. Hmmm seems our President would not even qualify to obtain a birth certificate, drivers license or even vote. I wonder how he is doing that? ARe all the cards he uses for those activites fraudulent as well? Why will the Congress not investigate him: what are THEY hidding that they are afraid to expose him? Is the whole daeeeeemmm Congress part of this conspiracy?

  10. MY Soc. Sec. # STARTS with 042 issued in Conneticut


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