More Libtard Butthurt: Chelsea Handler slams white female Trump voters in essay

Why isn’t this womyn living in Spain, as she promised to do if Trump was elected?

Chelsea Handler xxx

Chelsea Handler: Women should support this woman…or something.

From Fox News:  Chelsea Handler is facing heat for an essay she penned this week calling for women to come together and support each other.
However, in the same essay published by Thrive Global, Handler singles out white female voters who supported Donald Trump — a move that many are calling hypocritical.
Handler said there is a problem with “women supporting women” in the United States. “One of the saddest things about November 8,” she added, “were the women of America who somehow managed to vote for Donald Trump, specifically the 53 percent of all white female voters who chose Mr. Trump.”
Handler noted that America “is a free country, and we are free to differ on public policy” but “what kind of a woman votes for a white, entitled rich guy who has spent his entire life working the system for excess personal profit while insatiably groping strange women for personal pleasure.
The most qualified womyn...

The most qualified womyn…

She said it was especially frustrating because Hillary Clinton is “arguably the mostly qualified Presidential candidate in modern American history ” and would have “lift[ed] America up out of its 240-year ‘winning streak’ of male dominance and patriarchy.”
She also said that “94 percent of black women voted for Hillary Clinton, because unlike white women, black women don’t take their rights, liberties, or justice for granted.”
This womyn takes my ...

Chelsea gonna support this woman’s right that I don’t take for granted? Don’t hold your breath…


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Dr. Eowyn

More scapegoating and whining from the Left — which is fine with me because the more they refuse to recognize and accept responsibility for why Hillary and the Dems lost the election, the more likely they will continue to misread reality and thus lose more elections in the future. 😀

Kevin Lankford
Kevin Lankford

Obviously this ding bat hasn’t the insight or intellect for rational abstract thought. Reminds me of abstract art. always confounded me why abstract thought was prerequisite for the demonstration of intelligence, yet abstract art seems to indicate total disarray of perception.
I am totally lost why some refuse to make some effort to inform themselves before opening their mouths exposes such ignorance.


How could criticism, anger, regarding failure of Hillary Clinton or another woman like her to win an election not be understood as sexist in itself?


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Chelsea Handler must have combed her hair with an egg beater!


Is that woman in the picture shooting an assault rifle? An assault Rifle? Oh my goodness. Quick. Libatards. Ban guns. Take them all away. From the honest people. Cause crooks aren’t gonna turn em in. Oh and patriots that don’t trust the government won’t turn em in. So go ahead. Disarm yourselves. I’m gonna invest in precious metals. Brass, lead & copper.

David Cameron
David Cameron

She’s just further proof that liberalism is a mental disease.


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