More Hypocrisy From Gore: Have Smaller Families to Reduce Pollution

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Do as I say, not as I do.

In an appearance Monday in New York City, Green guru and Global Warming profiteer Al Gore took on the subject of population size and the role of society in controlling it to reduce pollution.

In the name of “empowering women,” Gore preaches the virtue of having “smaller families”. The original YouTube video showing Gore urging us to have smaller families was “removed by the user,” but here is another video taken of Gore at the same event intoning on about “extreme weather”:

This is the same Al Gore who, with his now-estranged wife Tippy, have produced FOUR children: Karenna (b. 1973), Kristin Carlson Gore (b. 1977), Sarah LaFon Gore (b. 1979), and Albert Gore III (b. 1982). That’s not exactly a small family.

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Environmentalists like Gore also lecture to us that “it’s time for those of us who care about the environment and are concerned about global warming to stop buying and drinking bottled water” because “The containers mean oil in the shipping, oil in the refrigerating and oil in the recycling, not to mention the oil that’s also needed in the manufacturing of plastic bottles. That’s a whole lot of oil to quench your thirst in a most unethical way.”

Did you notice the plastic water bottles on the small table next to Gore, in the video?

More hypocrisy!


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20 responses to “More Hypocrisy From Gore: Have Smaller Families to Reduce Pollution

  1. Eo, can’t play vid…

  2. Al Gore is really looking seedyand dissipated, and what is going on with his face? No matter, he’s a PIG anyway.

  3. Gore should be “gored” by a bull in Pamplona. He embodies, most unattractively, hypocrisy, unbridled greed, and power grabbing of the Bilderbergers.

  4. Hell I’m 8 of 9 If Gore had his way back then my whole family would have been in a gulag…or worse.

  5. Why does anyone listen to this useful idiot anymore? He’s a liar and a cheat. He can’t fix his own life, so what in the world is he doing advising anyone about theirs?

    Just watched the Conartist and thief speech, and it wasn’t nearly short enough. About the only time he didn’t lie was when he was quoting someone else. For those who believe I’m being too general and too hard on the poor man, he lied about the Taliban, which is a terrorist organization. HELLO! Who doesn’t know this? He lied about Al Quieda being without a leader. Ummm, just saw the replacement on Yahoo News last week. Complained about the trillion spent in the last decade on war. Care to explain that 14 trillion deficit YOU incurred, MrP? I should have worn my hip-waders because it was DEEP.

  6. Just remember, when dealing with the enviro-kooks, green = red.


  7. Lockbox! Goober.

  8. I grew up in a very conservative state around a lot of VERY conservative people. I noticed honesty was not a common trait among conservatives — many of them would easily lie and many would take advantage of you in a heartbeat when you had them do work for you (construction work, for example) … Why is lying so easy for so many conservatives and why are so many conservatives self-righteous and petty people?

    I would have remained a conservative into my adult life if I didn’t witness such disgusting hypocrisy among them… I pointed these things out to so-called “Christians” I grew up around and the vicious backstabbing response just pushed me further away from this “cause” …

  9. Jason Jones, there is an old saying (well not to old) but I do believe it applies to you and your ilk.

    “Project much?”

    By the way which conservative state did you live in where they lied to you so much?

  10. Jaason Jones,

    Speaking of lying did Obama give you everything you wanted for Christmas or are you still sorting through the Coal mixed together with BS?

  11. You are a liar Jason and a really bad one at that.

  12. Steve & Will,

    You are my knights in shining armor!

    Thank you for battling “Jason Jones” — which is just this troll’s newest alias. One of his previous aliases was David Strange. But he first appeared on FOTM early this month, June, as “Jasper.”.

    In fact, I have good reason to believe Jasper was simply the morphing of the original LetsKillBirthers. Why? Because by his own comments, JasonJones/DavidStrange/Jasper et al has been lurking on this blog for the past “2 1/2 years”. He obviously reads every post and comment on this blog, and has gone out of his way to belittle Tina, calling her stupid. But no one picks on my friend, which is why he nurses particular animus against “Eowyn” because I uncover his mask each and every time.

    Of course, we all know him better by his real name, which is Legion. He’s been stalking me and FOTM, using a series of land-based IP addresses. Beginning with “Jasper,” he’s swtiched to different mobile phone IP addresses:

    This latest bunch of venomous comments by Jason Jones Legion will also be expunged. FOTM is not his playground. We have much much more important work to do than to give a free forum for his hate.

    Hey, Legion. I have infinite patience when it comes to hunting down evil entities such as you. May St. Michael the Archangel smite you — in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
    In the name of Jesus

  13. Why am I not surprised it would be the little basement dwelling loser.

  14. Good for you, Eowyn, Steve and Will! There is not one individual in this world who has not sinned or is not a sinner! Yet, because of the love of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, who saved us from sin and death, we can proceed in life and try to follow Our Lord as He has revealed Himself to us. We are not hypocrites if we fail and get up again and continue to try! This is a typical, unthinking arguments for those individuals who perceive such greatness of themselves, like Legion, who paint the picture that they never fail, that they never sin, that they are surrounded by so many “hypocrites” excepting themselves! Who is really the hypocrite? Who is really lying?

  15. “The Fat Sex Crazed Poodle” rides again. lol. He is so full of hotair. The “NWO” king. He has alot of good buddies in Russia,he really should move there.


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