More gun control: California senate votes to raise long gun purchases to age 21

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From Fox News: The California legislature on Wednesday voted to raise the age for buying long guns throughout the state from 18 to 21.

Senate Bill 1100, introduced by Sen. Anthony Portantino, was approved with a 26-12 vote and sent to Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown for a signature, The Sacramento Bee reported.

The bill would limit those who can purchase rifles to age 21 and above. State law already limits the sale of handguns to people 21 or older.

Portantino cited the February massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school in Parkland, Florida — in which a 19-year-old used an AR-15-style gun to kill 17 people — as inspiration for the bill.

“The two most deadly recent school tragedies have been perpetrated by people under 21 with long guns,” Portantino said Wednesday. “We should be sending our children off to school knowing they are going to be safe, healthy and get a good education.”

Opponents of the legislation argued that people can obtain long guns through illegal channels and that state legislators should focus on making sure criminals and those with mental health issues cannot get guns themselves.

Republican Sen. Jim Nielsen said he thinks “bills like this miss the target,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

“What is magic about 21?” Nielsen asked. “All of a sudden you are not a danger anymore?

The bill includes exemptions for anyone under 21 who serve as police officers, in the military or have valid state hunting licenses. 


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11 responses to “More gun control: California senate votes to raise long gun purchases to age 21

  1. I deviate from this post, later I will post my comments. I’m sooo tired of the same shit,


  2. Say, Billy Clinton seated in the front row at the Miss Aretha Franklin+ Farewell and funeral services was salivating when Ariana Grande sporting a mini-mini dress was singing a tribute song. Btw, next to Billy was his beloved Brother Reverend Jessie Jackson who was seated next to the Beloved Brother Reverend Al Sharpton(gue), bunch of compadres together, Killary couldn’t find her breathing corset so she didn’t go.

  3. Dems eventually want to raise it to retirement age and then declare seniors unfit to own guns.

  4. There isn’t ANYTHING they don’t want to regulate. Apparently the leftists love to be regulated. They need to be institutionalized.

  5. So the left coast gerbil stuffers want more gun laws while ignoring the illegals pouring in and have turned their state in to a drug addled homeless camp full of urine and feces. Well played chimps, way to focus on the irrelevant.

  6. The other day Michael Savage mentioned that there is a bill in the works here in Ca that will make it impossible to get a loan if you own a firearm. What they can’t get by outright change of laws they incrementally try to sneak by through the color of law.

    • They hear their master’s voice. None of this makes sense, because it isn’t based on sense. It’s based on their owners telling them they have to disarm us by any means necessary. They don’t care if it “adds up” , subtracts down or is a wash.

      The leftie’s big thing is conformity. They put a nickel in their ear and whatever they want comes out their mouths. The only answer for this is “no”. They don’t play fair because they know they are already in charge. The quicker the eaters learn to obey the odorists, the better.

  7. ….b/c under 18, if you can’t buy a long-gun, but if you still want to kill someone, anyone, many ones….you won’t use a long-gun fire arm to do so……you just might acquire another type of firearm…or build a nail bomb, or come with dozens of one-shot pistols, or a screw-driver, or poison gas used to kill moles/voles….or a huge “samurai” sword or WHATEVER.

    • They really don’t care if they all kill each other as long as they have our guns. This is parasite protection, not crime prevention.

  8. Note carefully… “mental health problems”… this is a crucial detail, I suspect, in the real aims for the control… since they are normalizing & decriminalizing the insane, then what they are similarly trying for is to criminalize & “abnormalize” the sane, and all that goes with it, so by extension this means that being a dissident, or a “christian”, etc. would be considered a mental health problem, and be used as grounds to prevent gun ownership.

    In short, expect sanity to be demonized & criminalized. Needless to say legislation barring those with “mental health problems” is too nebulous, and could be weaponized in the above fashion, and should, therefore, not be on the books, at least not nebulous and capable of abuse as it is. Instead the right of the firearms owner to refuse business should be kept intact, etc.


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