More garbage coming to your tv…

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Momma Drama

A new reality series places five youth-obsessed moms and their daughters in a house together
Hollywood Reporter: Jersey Shore’s executive producer, SallyAnn Salsano, is bringing another house full of colorful characters to our TV sets. VH1 has just picked up a new reality series from Salsano’s 495 Productions titled Mama Drama.
“This show is emotionally and visually stimulating,” Salsano tells The Hollywood Reporter. “You can’t stop watching. These characters are real and raw and don’t apologize for anything.”
VH1 has ordered 10 episodes of what it calls a “docu-style social experiment,” which features moms who don’t want to grow up and their young adult daughters who they’d rather pal around with, than parent.
“We see examples of this all around today with mothers living vicariously through their daughters,” VH1’s Original Programming and Production EVP, Jeff Olde, says.  “Part of this speaks to a new cultural definition of age with women in their 40s and 50s no longer constrained by rules about how they need to dress or act,” he continues. “In some cases, this allows them to forge strong bonds with their daughters and true friendships. In other cases, they cross the line and forget their role as a parent and a role model.”
The series places five mothers and their daughters in a house together to see how their BFF status can withstand the time together and alongside other mothers and daughters with similar relationships.
“With this show, I had the same experience I had in Jersey Shore [Season] 1,” Salsano says. “Where I couldn’t leave the control room because I could not believe what was happening before my eyes. At any second chaos could erupt, and most days it did. When there was a fight in that house, it wasn’t a regular reality show squabble – it was personal. Whoever was saying something was going after someone’s mother or daughter.”
As with Jersey Shore, Salsano says she relates to the show’s cast, but not the over-the-top ways in which they express themselves.
“I am super tight with my mom. My mom and I are best friends. I have that in common with these girls,” she says. “However, I can tell you I’ve never been to a nightclub doing shots and hooking up with guys in front of my mother. I’m not judging, because even in the best of times there is no more complicated relationship than one between a mother and daughter. I think that’s something that needs to be explored.
Yeah, and nothing makes a relationship with your mom less complicated than going out, getting drunk, and hooking up with guys.  Riiight.  My remote control won’t be tuning into this show.

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4 responses to “More garbage coming to your tv…

  1. To the person who gave this post a “one star” rating:
    “You peasant swain! you whoreson malt-horse drudge!” “Thou lump of foul deformity”

  2. Don’t even know where VH1 is on our t.v. Have never watched an episode of Jersey Shore. Won’t be watching Mothers and Daughters, either. And, of course, nothing on TLC. Have to admit I watched an episode of Kendra the other night, for the first time, when I was clicking through the channels – and wasn’t appalled like I thought I would be. She seemed sweet, down to earth, and she and her husband Hank have an ADORABLE little Boy! Know it was on “E” and NOT on TLC. [Don’t know what I expected from Kendra – only know a little about her and associate her with being one of three of HH’s girlfriends…] This whole “reality” tv thing has gone on for too long and gone too far. I’ll stick to Fox News and METV, and watching reruns of Newhart. And, of course whatever channels debates are on: CNN tonight, 8P.

  3. Animal Planet is another trash station with Heidi Fleiss, the former prostitute and brothel owner (escorts just go outside, instead of it being kept “in house”). I would NEVER watch that show, although I’ve read that it has something to do with birds. I was down in New Orleans right after Katrina hit, and we rescued nearly 300 dogs and cats. I remember seeing the Animal Planet’s huge bus there (with “Animal Planet” and a great design splashed along the sides), and I asked what they were doing to help, and the response I got, from those with the ASPCA and Humane Society, was a shrug of the shoulders!

  4. You’ve really got the right idea, Sage. I might do the same. I am paying for so much garbage on TV already that it is unreal. What is more annoying is that my provider is always discontinuing many of the good channels to pick up even more trash.


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