More garbage coming to tv….

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NY Post:  There’s a new call girl in town.  Jennifer Love Hewitt is a down-on-her-luck masseuse-turned-prostitute in “The Client List,” starting on Lifetime next month. In the series, Love Hewitt, 33, plays single Texas mom Riley Parks, who is abandoned by her husband and forced to make a tough choice in order to survive.
From Variety“The series will follow Hewitt’s character as she balances two starkly different lives — one as a single mom in a conservative town struggling to provide for her family and the other as a savvy and ambitious businesswoman working with a rowdy, sexy and unpredictable group of women.”

The brunette’s buxom bod is plastered everywhere these days to promote the new series — on billboards, on racy ads on the sides of Big Apple buses and on the cover of Maxim — wearing only black lingerie.
I’m intrigued by the ‘Soccer Mom Madam’ story,” Hewitt told The Post, alluding to the case of Anna Gristina, the upstate soccer mom who allegedly ran a sex ring out of an Upper West Side apartment. “I believe there are very distinct reasons why people make the choices that they do. I don’t judge people for their choices.

“For my character, she has to support her family and this seems like the best option at the time,” said the actress.  “She begins to realize that she actually does a lot of good, not necessarily sexually, but emotionally with her clients in being a friend to them.

Love Hewitt didn’t exactly research the role a lot, but based it on a surprising person.  “My mom was a young, beautiful, single, Texas mom, so within my family, there are a lot of very strong Texas women,” she said.  “Riley’s personality is similar to my mom, so I used her for my inspiration.”

Love Hewitt said, “I believe there are very distinct reasons why people make the choices that they do.”  That might explain her choice to be apolitical:
“You know what? I am so not political it’s scary. No, politics is something that I am fascinated with. Some point in the next year or so, I would love to sit down and just [have someone] explain to me and really get it. I’m just not very educated on it, and so I don’t even begin to talk about it with people because I just look stupid. So I don’t even go into it. I would like to get more into it, and feel like I could, you know, because people sit down and they have all these great political conversations. And I have no idea what people are talking about and why. I’m like, can we talk about American Idol now?”
Well, some folks might find this entertaining.  Me, not so much.  Yet it’s this type of “entertainment” one would expect these days.  Just too bad that the only type of work this “strong mother” can find to save her family is prostitution. 

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0 responses to “More garbage coming to tv….

  1. My thoughts, exactly!

  2. Bill Clinton opened Padora’s Box. Cheese Burgers, Monica, fried chicken…………………..Multitudes of failings.

  3. This is not exactly the role model I would desire for my granddaughter or nieces. Oh, yeah, down on your luck and out of funds, just go prostitute yourself. YUCK!

  4. Old Fogies know too much. That is why our Health Care is being cut off. The Lowlifes do not appreciate being exposed to themselves. They just want to have fun and vote for Obama.

  5. The difference between this and softcore porn is that this stars Jennifer Love Hewitt.

  6. She only wishes that she could be a strong Texas Woman! Her hair is still not big enough! It wouldn’t last one day in this Texas wind! Mine’s longer than hers and I’m fixin to cut it all off cause I cannot afford to use one bottle of hairspray a day! 😉
    So now it’s ok to be a call girl?

    • Grouchy,
      That is actually the first time I have ever laughed that hard, out loud while on the internet! 🙂 🙂
      Don’t worry, you couldn’t pay me to cut my hair…you have to do short hair, can’t just throw it into a ponytail w/a baseball cap. It’s just on days like today, I do think about it! The ski is brown! I would be in the dog house if I cut my hair! Your right about that! And I think I might be out on my (A-double S) if I even thought about becoming a “call girl”….if my dad or brother didn’t get ahold of me first! Thanks Grouchy….I sometimes forget that I need to keep Heath in mind when it comes to the “looks” department! 🙂 Thank you, you always make my day!
      Can you point me in the right direction as to where I might find a tube of “axle grease”? HAHAHAHAHAHA! Nevermind I’ll use bacon drippins. I have a big pickle jar full over the stove, for cookin. 😉

  7. art immitating life. how long until JL. hewitts acting career takes a detour into the porn industry seems like this show has the basis for what may eventually occurr.

    • I guess she is as desperate as the Call Girl or “massage therapist” due is portraying! I agree Igor, the first lifetime massage movie was enough. The fact that there is an audience for these types of shows makes me gag! What’s left to cover?


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