More Fellowship Fur-Kiddies!

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Yesterday, I posted the first batch of pics of some of our fur-children. Here are more.

Gosh, they are handsome!  🙂

Artist’s Fluffy Corgi named Baci, her faithful studio companion who makes her laugh:

Igor’s part-wolf Igor and Rocky, and Bear:

DCG’s Baby and Lucky. Some heartless person abandoned them in the woods in Oregon. Luckily, Deb rescued the babies:

Want to share pics of your garden and/or pets? Send them to !  😀


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4 responses to “More Fellowship Fur-Kiddies!

  1. Heartwarming adorableness. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. Darling animals! We have two cats “Poo-Poo Head Michael II” and “Therese” that look like your cats. Your dogs are precious!

  3. Cute doggies!

  4. igor and rocky are both part wolf. bear the frisbee dog is part lab and german shepherd and is the father of igor mated with tasha who is a wolf.


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