More fake hurricane-weather news

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This morning, FOTM‘s DCG posted a video showing how the Weather Channel broadcasts fake news about Hurricane Florence by exaggerating how strong the wind is.

A reporter pretended to be unsteady on his feet, buffeted by the supposed strong wind. Alas, the video camera showed that right behind the reporter were two people casually strolling by.

I had a GIF made of the video in case YouTube takes it down:

But it’s not just the Weather Channel that is engaged in fake weather news.

CNN, too, faked its Hurricane Florence reporting, as shown in the pics below (source: Mark Dice).

The first pic is from CNN’s live footage of Anderson Cooper standing in the supposed deep flood waters up to his waist.

Notice, however, the camera man standing in shallow water just a few feet away.

Here’s a pic of the same flood waters taken from a different camera angle showing the same camera man and another CNN employee standing in shallow water.

Note: Snopes says the pics are actually of Anderson Cooper reporting on Hurricane Ike in 2008. If true, it just goes to show Cooper and CNN have been engaged in fake weather reporting for at least 10 years.

But it wasn’t just Anderson Cooper faking weather news.

CNN’s senior diplomatic correspondent Michelle Kosinski also engaged in fake weather news.

Here she is, paddling in a canoe, in seemingly deep flood waters.

Alas, her lie is revealed when two men casually slosh by, showing that the “deep flood” is only ankle deep.

If the MSM fake weather news, what else are they faking?

H/t Vivian Lee

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18 responses to “More fake hurricane-weather news

  1. And yet, they are not even the least bit ashamed that their lies have been found out.😎 They will still feign shock and horror that nobody believes them anymore. The Bible speaks of these kinds of people.

  2. “What else are they faking?”

    Everything else…starting with what they believe is important to for us to know, to what the Media Matters memo dictates as today’s DNC-prescribed narrative.

    • Yes. Just imagine coming to work and being handed a script to read. That’s it. If you have to do an interview your victim has been placed under stress and all you have to do is spin whatever they say to match what you’ve been told to do.

      There is absolutely no way that any of this is about truth. They would never run anything without careful vetting just in case it weakens their overall lie. So the act of watching these liars is an exercise of looking in a mirror and sticking one’s head in an echo chamber.

    • CogitoErgoSumantra

      Here’s one I just saw:

      She apparently has *200* women from her high school class who will vouch for her on the Kavanaugh party story (which he now denies ever even attending).

      Prior to this news release, the “news” folks were wondering how the right had released the letter in defense of Kavanaugh so quickly unless they had known he were going to get accused (he had it done when he was appointed to earlier federal courts, idiots.) So my rhetorical retort to them is, how did SHE get *200* female classmates to do the same for *her* in about the same amount of REAL time?

      This whole debacle is one huge debauchery of the left trying to deny the right its SCotUS appointment and the whole world knows it. I had to turn off the admin hearings on CSpan last Thursday when it quickly became obvious it was just going to be another repeat of the prior week’s circus.

      And “if” the Dems take over the House in November, and they initiate their planned impeachment attacks, welcome to Civil War II. It’ll be on. Look for the budget stall because the house will be maniacally attacking Trump. The government will shut down, and as usual, they’ll blame the GOP and Trump… Lather, rinse, repeat.

      • Brett’s confirmation is nothing more than Kabuki Theatre. It’s complete BS.

        I pray to God that the discrepancies in her story are exposed in Monday’s hearings. I’m so SICK of the DEMORATS and their perpetual temper tantrums.


        • The whole thing is so childish and boring. I don’t know how they can stand whining to each other day after day. They have no morals or scruples. They are totally unashamed.

          Their standard basically is, “if it works, it’s OK”. They don’t care if its true or not. This is orchestrated hatred, pure and simple. Those who fall for this are being led down the garden path.

  3. I lost count of the times they’ve been caught red-handed. There was the “war correspondent” footage from the sound stage. There are clips alleging to belong to current events that are actually of past events. There was riot footage claimed to be in Russia but was actually in Greece (with the Greek letters to prove it).

    They are simply horrible. I keep reminding myself that there is no difference between these over-paid liars than someone working in Mc Donald’s (although the service worker is probably honest). It’s just a job and they will say whatever they are told to say or avoid whatever they are told to avoid.

    Why would anybody believe them? For that matter, why would anybody watch them?

  4. My brother-in-law works for Homeland Security, in VA,/D.C. and is a National Weather observer. My in-laws live on the coast, VA/NC line. Other than the expected high waters/flooding (GEEZE LOUIZZEE…at high tide every “normal” day, their back yard is a MARSH)….these winds were over-predicted and over-reported from the get-go in this particular area. They had to make a fetching news report, I guess….you know….ratings and all……high water is not so interesting unless you can get live shots of abandoned dogs and cats and people on roofs…a’la Katrina…..So—-dramatic shots of “wind” might do…… (??????)

  5. This really fries me, too bad Anderson Cooper (he who purports himself to be a paragon unto himself) doesn’t just drown in the water he is squatting down in! I am so sick of all these lyin’ dogs. Everyone needs to just tune them out — stop watching them.

  6. The dope in the blue windbreaker is just that . . . a big dope. Incredible to watch two normal adult men stroll along wearing cutoffs, and tennis shoes. This said dope is I would bet at least one quart on testosterone!

    Great article. It really makes me laugh to just watch these over and over and over again!

  7. The FNM will never learn,and we the people will never trust them anymore,so help us God!

  8. I presume most of us are sick and tired of the constant and never ending lies from the MSM and the traitors in our government. Oh no, the citizens are not to know the truth! When I recently saw the video clip of Walter Cronkite stating he is proud to sit at the right hand of Satan, that did it for me: Cronkite was the same age as my father……..born in 1916. You all remember, he was voted “The most trusted man in America”. I grew up trusting our government and what Cronkite said. My dad and I used to listen to Russian propaganda on his short wave radio when I was in jr. high and high school. It was a time when the majority of average citizens were totally naive about the globalist intentions of many of the ruling class. We really were clueless. Immediately after WWII, technology was growing but was still largely undeveloped for the citizens. But, it was growing rapidly and insidiously in the secret black ops within the military, industrial complex which President Eisenhower warned us of in 1961 (I was 5 yrs. old). I am glad my parents, grandparents and most of that generation didn’t know what was being planned for all of us down the road. It allowed many of us to experience happy, carefree childhoods for which I am so grateful for. I’m glad my parents and most of their generation didn’t live long enough to experience the current betrayal by our government and leaders…….they didn’t deserve it. My parents, church and teachers prepared me for what we are experiencing now, because those of us who were born in the 30’s through the 60’s were taught to love God and respect our flag and country. We were taught the Golden Rule…..we knew right from wrong. We were taught US and World History and Civics. We learned discernment and developed independent thought. We were taught how to solve problems of all kinds. We know what are truths and what are lies. It’s a fact. We are better educated than those who were born later. If Trump can stay alive, get re-elected and get most of his agenda accomplished in 8 years, we may be able to save the US for generations to come and help other countries who want to maintain their independence. If not, and we have to engage in a civil war, then so be it.

    • Thank you, greenworxx, for alerting us to Cronkite’s shocking declaration.
      Here’s my post, thanks to you:

    • That was nicely put. I’m somewhat older than you and remember that era well. I suppose that many were naive, but many not as naive as some would like to think. We certainly knew that “our” government lied to us.

      Probably no other generation in history received a dose of propaganda as large as that served during WW2. All that aside, I know that my father, who served all through WW2 from Africa through Germany (and beyond), understood reality from propaganda. I used to discuss it with him.

      What I see as the biggest change is the ability to be informed instantly and to share knowledge and opinions in real time. Before we had to wait for a magazine or newspaper to come out and then one had to get an article published to comment.

      I think that is a real problem for them and they are actively trying to destroy our ability to do that. All my life I’ve seen examples of TPTB using psychology to force compliance. The current generation is FAR more easily influenced than mine was. I think its because they have no roots or self esteem.

      People have to realize that “fixing” this will not happen by asking those that caused it. Trust me, for all the bluster, they are cowards. If they were chased through the streets they’d leave town in a hurry.

  9. Yes, saw this last week while out of town, unreal isn’t it.

  10. It is expected neurotic queer Anderson Cooper reporting fake news, he’s been fake for so long until coming out of the closet, I cannot image there are people following this “poster boy” and the network. As far as Wally
    Cronkite, usually when people are so old and feeble and in the pages of the forgotten they reveal their truth that, he has been sitting at the right hand of Satan for a long time, while playing tag with the good, the bad and the ugly. Go ahead and die old man, burn in Hell, there’s a cauldron waiting to cook your soul.

  11. We were warned that the flood waters might be polluted with CNNers.

  12. Anderson making fool of himself is legend. It’s a worthy cause though for an annual salary of 12+ million.


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