More evidence that Americans are scary stupid

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These Americans don’t know the (un)Affordable Care Act *is* ObamaCare LuciferCare




As described by the Daily Caller, last Monday, Sept. 30, 2013, ABC’s late-night show host Jimmy Kimmel trolled the streets of Los Angeles to ask people to choose which health plan they preferred: Obamcare or the Affordable Care Act. These are, of course, the exact same thing. But that didn’t stop people in L.A. from pontificating on the various pros and cons of “two” policies that are the SAME THING.

One guy called Obamacare “un-American,” but the Affordable Care Act is “more American.” Another thinks that Obamacare is “socialist,” but the Affordable Care Act is not.

From their asinine responses, however, I think I now know why the POS has told the lapdog media not to call the (un)Affordable Care Act by the more commonly-known name of Obamacare.

The Obama brand name is now soiled, but the Orwellian Newspeak of “Affordable Care Act” isn’t. The stupids in this Kimmel video actually think just because it’s called “Affordable Care Act,” that means LuciferCare actually is affordable!

God help us.

H/t FOTM’s Miss May

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0 responses to “More evidence that Americans are scary stupid

  1. Face it, folks.

    We’re screwed.


  2. This just shows that people know nothing about what is going on in this nation. And that Obama supporters were just part of a band wagon. Maybe if more Americans were paying attention to current events our political nonsense would end.Maybe!!

  3. For some reason, I have no sound with this video. My speakers are working fine everywhere else. But anyway, you can’t fix stupid and it is indeed scary! My daughter thanks me almost daily for teaching her to become informed about all that happens everywhere. As she states it…street smart intelligence…knowing your surroundings on every level.

  4. Jeez… is there a wall I can bang my head against? (It might hurt less.)

  5. Oh my…
    Laugh? Cry? Drink heavily? Pray?
    Perhaps it’s time to move.

  6. Laugh? Cry? Drink heavily? Pray?

    LOL td, they all work fer me. 😉


  7. Yes, God please help us!

  8. Its funny you mentioned that. This is why I got kicked off of Facebook yesterday. I was on the White House page and the John Boehner page.


    Liberals don’t know shit about Obama care.

    For the first year, the charge for not obtaining health insurance is $95 or 1 percent of household income. The penalty will increase, though, to $695 per person or 2.5 percent of household income in 2016 and then according to a cost-of-living formula for following years.

    The IRS penalty for a husband and wife with one child is $695 times 3. That’s $2,085 in IRS fines.

    You ass hole liberals need to do the math. The IRS penalty is big.


    Liberals don’t know shit about our Constitution either, or that we live in a Republic, not a bull shit democracy.

    In a democracy majority rules under all conditions without respect to individual rights and liberty. Its called mob rules.

    In a Republic the majority vote stands so long as it does not infringe on the rights and liberty of the individual. Read the Bill of Rights.

    Liberals are the stupidest bunch of ass holes in our country.


    Google and Facebook are CIA front groups sponsored by the federal government. They are listed as independent corporations to avoid complying with federal laws.


  9. The following two posts are the most hated by the liberals on Facebook. (A third post not included would be to mention Jesus Christ. That’s when the liberals take off their gloves and slander you to the end of the world for even mentioning his name. Liberals are very wicked people no doubt about that.)



    If your having trouble understanding Obama Care then understand this…

    Obama Care is totally illegal

    When you read Section Eight of the Constitution granting powers to Congress by the States you will notice there are 18 paragraphs and each paragraph lists each of the powers granted to Congress by the States.

    James Madison, the Father of the Constitution, argued even back then that the general welfare words in the first paragraph does not give the federal government unlimited power because the general welfare would then be used by the federal government to do anything they wanted to do and there would have been no need to list each of the powers granted to Congress by the States in each paragraph of Section Eight of the Constitution.

    The Founding fathers of the Constitution and those who supported it were saying in order for it to be general welfare it must apply to one of the powers listed within the 18 paragraphs of Section Eight of the Constitution. And if you notice all of those paragraphs none of them include national health care anywhere whatsoever.

    The only legal way for the federal government to have passed national health care is to first obtain an Amendment to the Constitution by obtaining the approval by the States. Even the justices of the Supreme Court know this is the truth and they violated their oath of office by allowing it to stand.

    The members of Congress voted to approve Obama Care by majority vote without the approval of the Constitution or an Amendment to the Constitution from the States.

    What we have witnessed is a dangerous power grab by the federal government in all three branches of government against the powers granted to them by the States in the Constitution.

    This is a very dangerous thing that has happened in the United States. The federal government has willingly usurped their authority on purpose and trampled the Constitution under their feet.

    Obama Care is totally illegal



    This is the main reason why the government is pushing so hard to disarm the United States.

    The Mark of The Beast

    The objective of bringing health care under the legal control of the government is not for your health, its to set up a national registry to chip the population with the microchip implant.

    Investigate it for Yourself

    Get on the Internet and look up the health care bill. It is H.R. 3200. Read pages 1,000 to 1.008. Read it carefully. This is the most important part. And this is why Nancy Pelosi told Congress they needed to pass the health care bill right away, before reading it. This part of the health care bill sets up a national registry to catalog and chip the entire population of the United States with the microchip implant. This section was later removed from the health care bill because of complaints. It was then later amended by Congress and added back into the health care bill after the public stopped paying attention to the controversy.

    Everything Obama says is a lie.

    The National Health Care laws are the legal vehicle that will require everyone to be chipped by law.

    You are in Great Danger


  10. “Obama Care is totally illegal” – wow, I just asked this elsewhere. Where are the headlines screaming about this? Another thing, it’s getting beyond the minds of average citizens, way too complicated. I think I’m fairly intelligent, but I’d hate to be an employer and try to unravel this monstrosity!

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