More Democrat psychopathy: Red Hen owner pursued Sanders in-laws to another restaurant; burnt decapitated animal on DHS employee’s front porch

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Last Friday night, June 23, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her in-laws went to The Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, VA.
There, restaurant owner Stephanie Wilkinson told Ms. Sanders to leave, ostensibly because restaurant employees object to Sanders’ presence because of President Trump’s no transgenders in the U.S. military policy and his  “immigration policy” determination to actually implement federal laws on illegal border-crossing.

See “Liberal Tolerance: Red Hen restaurant kicks out White House press secretary Sarah Sanders

It must be noted that what the jackals of the Mainstream Media call “separation of families” is actually the Trump administration enacting a measure that flowed from the  Clinton-era Flores vs. Reno Supreme Court decision allowing unaccompanied illegal border-crossing minors be held “in the least restrictive setting appropriate to the minor’s age and special needs.”

But Wilkinson wasn’t content with kicking Sanders out of The Red Hen.
According to Governor Mike Huckabee, Wilkinson actually followed Sanders’ in-laws to another restaurant across the street, and organized a protest outside while the in-laws were dining.

Meanwhile, around two dozen threats were made in the past few days, primarily against Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers. Leftwing psychopaths also doxxed thousands of Department of Homeland Security (DHS) employees and released their personally identifiable information on social media.

A senior DHS official found a burnt and decapitated animal on the front porch of his home in Washington, DC. (ABC News)

Where’s the outcry from PETA and the Humane Society?

On Saturday, June 23, Acting Deputy Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Claire M. Grady issued a memo warning DHS employees to stay on alert because of “specific and credible threats that have been levied against certain DHS employees and a sharp increase in the overall number of general threats against DHS employees.” The memo recommends DHS employees to “always keep doors and windows locked, be aware of unexpected changes” at their homes and “utilize maximum security setting on social media platforms.”  (Washington Times)

H/t FOTM‘s MCA and DCG


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0 responses to “More Democrat psychopathy: Red Hen owner pursued Sanders in-laws to another restaurant; burnt decapitated animal on DHS employee’s front porch

  1. This is catching fire. It is their latest distraction. It is not legal to harass someone, anyone. This woman is clearly an agent. Yes, she’s insane, but she’s still an agent.
    There have been a slew of these lately. Slapsy Maxy doesn’t just “decide” to leave her palatial digs and run her mouth. Her owners have given her an assignment.
    There are times when the best approach is to ignore something. There are others where it is best to create a fuss. The tools they use to do these things are too stupid to know they’re being used.
    If this keeps up it is only a matter of time before someone gets hurt.

    • lophatt . . . Great comment! When the mayor of Seattle cannot FIX the stuff on her front porch–she needs to shut up, sit down and work on the problems that are within her jurisdiction.
      The people of Seattle should be outraged that she is spending their money traipsing around the country, no doubt in an effort to “make a name for herself.”

    • My apologies to “Dan” who seems to be the grammar queen. I didn’t create this cartoon but I agree they spelled “border” incorrectly.

  2. Must. Buy. More. Ammo.

  3. Must start using the ammo purchased!!!

    • Practice, practice, practice…

    • Good one!😂😂😂

    • Must leave Mexifornia for one of the least illegal-occupied states in the USA (Vermont, West Virginia) or the least taxed (temperate-climate) states in America (Tennessee, Alabama, Delaware….a few others….)…..Will take my retirement monies, my higher education ( MS+ 90) as well as my husband’s (PhD) …WHICH we will apply to our adopted community in “retirement.” We will be out “Searching for America” in order to spend our “retirement” years. Suggestions welcome…as, for sure, NO ONE on a fixed retirement income can survive for long in socialist/Marxist Mexifornia.

      • CalGirl . . . Bravo! Excellent Comment.

      • Don’t move to PA, the “Land of Taxes”. We got one of the highest gas taxes in the US! And that is the tip of the iceberg.

        • Thanks chem…..I was born in PA, & lived there for my childhood.. .had/ have ties to there even now w/relatives/etc… love it ( they seem to be the BEST in taking care of their retirees and SS old-agers…they took excellent care of my RURAL grandmother right up until her death….she ws able to live at home alone, with so many state systems checking in on her….one-pay drug subscription…..) I will be buried there in one of our family plots…..but, I know that I can’t return there for reitrement….(and you can’t EVEN start to understand what I KNOW here in CA about gas taxes……) NOR can I EVEN consider coming back to MD, where I finished growing up…NOR VA, where I was educated….as they are RAT HOLES of elitism/corruption/ socialism, a microcosm of what the USA would be like had Hillary (or Bernie) been elected POTUS in the last election. My main goal is to get out of Mexifornia, far worse than any of the above-mentioned, with which I have to live day-in-day-out. I guess HELL can be a comparitive situtation, dependent upon from where you are hailing…..

          • I know how you feel…I was born here and am still here in the state-until my remaining family member plops over, I’ll stay here, but would love to know where to move as well, our neighbors are truly from Hell, the fracking is ridiculous, property taxes are nuts, but I guess they could be worse. I’ve heard MD is pretty bad, what about NC or SC?

            • North Carolina seemed pretty nice in my travels. I’ve spent a fair amount of time in Maryland and N. Virginia. The people were friendly in Maryland, but I wouldn’t want to live there. The areas of N. Virginia I was at seemed like ant colonies. All these people zipping around at high speed going nowhere. They live in dumpy studio apartments for hugely over-priced rates. Yech!
              I’ll probably stay where I’m at for now.

              • Just stay out of Baltimore, some girl I did research studies with (I was a lab rat) got me to drive her to Johns Hopkins for us to try to get into a study, she grew up there and told me that you do not want to be here once the sun goes down! The Popeye’s restaurant was ghastly, once I took a look at the flies all over the place and the mop bucket of used toilet water, I didn’t order a thing.
                North Carolina seems like a nice state, not sure what their laws or taxes are like but at least they aren’t so freezing cold in the wintertime. 🙂

                • Yeah, Baltimore is like an old story I know. Guy comes up and says “you wanna buy a watch? I know you ain’t got no watch ’cause its night time, and night time ain’t no time to be in this here neighborhood”.

    • Turn ammunition into skill.

  4. As always, she showed excellent comportment for the occasion, but she also used great wisdom. One does not want to eat food prepared by another who hates you nor served to one by another with the same attitude and has time alone with that food. It is unfortunate that our nation is being so divided by a few who are attempting to bring us under their complete control through chaos. Will we all have to always eat at home? Or dine on fast food takeout?

      • Yes, exactomundo, but not limited to immigrants.

      • WOW…that Red Hen restaurant has some pretty gross menu items.
        Oh, don’t forget the Hepatitis C risk you can get from all the illegal aliens working in the kitchen.

        • or HIV from the rampant homosexuality there.

        • What people don’t know is that there are TONS of communicable diseases that can be transmitted to them through the same mundane methods as the common cold—snot, sneeze spray, an innoculated door knob or a dinner plate delivered to your table. Many/most of these make their way to your immune system/you kids’ immune systems from a country far away from our shores….from the yearly “flu” that makes its way SOMEHOW every year from the interior of China….(EVEN WHILE IT WAS A CLOSED SOCIETY in the 1960’s…..)to the tuberculosis and leprosy that is entering the USA today from below the Mexican border.
          In the late 1970’s, I worked as a manager for a direct sales company spread all over the USA. Managers had seasonal sales rallies/ introductions of new products about every 12 wks or so. Managers met at, usually, very nice American venues in their regions for introduction to the new sales menu….new products….etc…..We met one early fall in a premier Eastern America heirloom type mountain, posh, inn…….formal dress for dinner, on the tennis courts….tea at 4 PM in the grand lobby with tuxedo-clad quartets, etc.. BUT….my friends…..all the waiters/cooks were “green cards” from Haiti. I returned home from this business trip to a nightmare. I subsequently contracted cyto-megalo-virus (which means, literally, your cells are overtaken by millions of the virus). It is contracted by direct contact to the saliva or similar of the infected person. Which,, means to me that the infected Haitians had tasted/touched,, put their saliva somehow on my food. It can kill the very young and old…..but worst of all…if an infected mother (some of whom do not know of their infection, b/c it mimics a bad flu) if the woman becomes expectant with the fetus while still infected… results in awful awful consequences…… like, microensephalie, or….babies born blind, mute, deaf, with dimished capacity…. I spent months of illness trying to find a diagnosis, which I found maybe only months before my self-healing process. Meanwhile…only months later, I found myself pregnant with our second child, and had to endure the agony of wondering, besides our maybe RH incompatibility, would this virus kill my child or render him/her unviable after birth? My child was born in excellent health. Evidently, my body had rid itself of this virus entirely before his conception…but….the time ws so razor close for me that I did not KNOW until he was born “OK.” This was PURE TORTURE for me and my family.
          So—there is much more at stake than Nancy Pelosi and her team will admit or respond to if you confront them about this additonal (health) threat to US citizens from undocumented, unvetted, un-examined “immigrant” (health-wise…like the old Ellis Island). I will also add that one teaching year….I was informed AT THE END OF THE YEAR…fr the health office at school, that all year long I’d had an active TB case in my room for 3 periods per day……..or how about the time I had a violent BITER HIV positive child in my room (with an aide…what ws she THINKING upon taking this job??????). I might add that, if YOUR child ws in my room those years that I had the actively -infected TB student or the HIV positive student who BITES others……neither YOU, nor your child NOR ME were given any information to allow us to make a decision whether or not to expose myself (or your children) to any of these lethal infections/diseases…..all in the spirit of “protecting” the infectious person. NOT YOU.

          • So…forgot to add…EVERY YEAR….I have to pass a TB skin test in order to keep my teaching job in CA/Mexifornia. If I show “positive” exposure, then, the rest of my career(like my friend and neighbor teacher), I have to submit to a lung exray to see if the positive exposure has established itself. How many of you have to do the same in order to keep your job??????

            • My Lord, CalGirl…you went through (and are still going through) absolute HELL due to some gross person with no hygiene at all! Ugh! I am so sorry, but happy your baby was born healthy! What a terrible thing to have to deal with. And they’re trying their darndest to get these illegals in here by hook or crook! It’s like all this Chinese crap they’ve flooded the country with, and now we have a horde of insect pests from there, but nobody in the main slime media will talk about it, our plants are getting eaten by so many bugs I have never seen before in my life, and I’ve been gardening for 20 some years.
              Also, that is truly terrifying that a biter of a child with HIV no less is allowed to be around other children and teachers…of course they won’t tell because that would violate HIPPA, oh no can’t have that going on… 😛
              Xrays of any kind are dangerous as it is! If you read the book by Dr. Susan Humphries, MD (Dissolving Illusions), she talks about the history of communicable diseases in the old days (with loads of citations, she did her research), and she also gives some great tips about how people cured TB back then (yes, but of course don’t expect some MD to tell you about it, they don’t know diddly or squat).

            • Wow. When I still lived in California I held a license that I had to renew every year. I had to go to a class that was usually held in San Diego. I remember at one of those sessions the San Diego County Health Officers came and did a presentation on TB and HIV.
              They had films they had taken when they went out into the field to find illegals for testing. The statistics were awful. That was 35 years ago. Whenever they came across them they would flee so they only tested the ones they could convince to stick around.
              I’m sorry you had to go through that. Those of us who don’t live in mansions on a hill are subjected to this because of how they refuse to deal with real problems.

      • And she wonders, alone at night in her twin bed with her cat, why she’s still a “Miss”, and will never be a “Mrs.”; why the only boys interested in her are the pigs, the men who only want her for sex, then dump her. And there’s a whole lot more like her out there.

      • And I used to think that a co-worker from the Taco Bell where I worked as a teen, used to (discreetly) take discarded food out of the trash bin, and serve it to customers that ticked him off, was bad. He was slightly retarded, but he wasn’t stupid! Though if he worked fast food today, I wouldn’t put it past him to do likewise.

    • I can’t help wondering if Obongo’s old friend, Ayers, isn’t reliving his “underground” days again. I could see that, I really could.

    • That or every Restaurant will have an “L” or a “C” on its sign,to signal which places are safe to eat in. It may be necessary when ordering to send word to the chef and servers that “If I get sick from this food,everyone who handled it will suffer MORE than I will. I’ll SEE to THAT.”

    • marblenecltr . . . I am afraid that you are 100% correct. Even Jesse Jackson, back in the day, spit on the food he was serving to white patrons of the restaurant where he worked. I guess the Demo’s just haven’t come that far.

    • With all the stuff they put in food at restaurants, its a no brainer. They’re trying to instigate this behavior among the unthinking masses.

  5. If they want war, I am more than sure that we can deal……..
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  6. Be vigilant and always go armed.

  7. When has society gotten to the place it is proper to start acting like barbarians? To threaten young children, to harass harmless diners and attack those bothering absolutely no one is now out of control.
    If the right had done any of these things to the Obamas, it would be headline news for weeks. The once upon a time news organizations cannot even tell a truthful story these days.
    The above woman is so out of control, she needs a come to Jesus meeting behind a wood shed. Harrassment is against the law, lets enforce it. Where were these same people when the last several Presidents were doing the same thing? Now, it is wrong to enforce laws. Oh Lordy me.
    This seems to be a distraction from other issues and makes one wonder if this is the same paid group doing all this.
    How many of these complainers have taken in even one child? Do they not know by doing this right we are finding which children are coming over with traffickers and pedophiles.
    Do these people leave their guarded gates open at night and their doors unlocked, I think not.

  8. Norman L. Wherrett, Jr.

    At age seventy-five (75), the Redmond [WA] Police Department seized our defensive handguns (3) and long-guns (2) based upon the most incredibly false King County [WA] Superior Court documents I have ever seen.
    Thursday evening 21 June 2018, I was senselessly challenged, assaulted and injured by a bicyclist a block from our home. My assailant is identified but remains at large. Elder Citizens are endangered in Redmond, WA – another PRIDEful LIBTARD ‘Sanctuary City’.
    My WW2 Navy Intelligence Officer/Attorney-father warned me: “If we allow others to strip us of our hard-won Constitutional Rights, AMERICA shall be mortally wounded.”

    • “If we allow others to strip us of our hard-won Constitutional Rights, AMERICA shall be mortally wounded.”
      Which is exactly what our founding fathers warned against, as well… and why the progressives are attempting to do so; they want to forever change our country by destroying what it was created to be, and then re-forming it into what they want it to become, an anarchist/socialist/atheist “state” with no true governing body nor law except “the will of the mob”.
      That used to be, “If you can get away with it, it’s ok.” Then, “If nobody gets hurt, it’s ok”. But now it’s become, “If only the conservatives etc. get hurt, not only is that ok, it’s good“! We’ve allowed God to be removed from society and are now reaping the end results.

  9. What the??? These people are homicidal maniacs. Their masks have come off, and they can’t hide what they really are now!
    Attacking Sarah Sanders is ludicrous, but attacking her family is insane. She doesn’t have anything to do with making or enforcing the law. Their demons are acting out.😈
    However, I will say this – I have been praying that the Lord would shine the light on the evil ones and expose them for all to see. I know many, many other Christians are praying for the same thing, and I think that is what we are seeing.
    I know Sarah is a strong Christian, and I am sure the blood of the Lamb is prayed over her at all times. The Lord is shining the SON-light on all of this. I pray for protection for all of these people who are simply doing their job.

    • I agree… it’s the “least”, but also possibly the best we can do.
      My mother and I were on the phone last night discussing the current state of incivility and we agreed to be praying for our country — leaders and citizens alike. We’re fighting powers beyond mere mortals…
      I only wish she didn’t rely on CNN and MSNBC almost solely for her news feed, as they present “their” side so slickly that it almost appears to be factual and truth-based. Fortunately, she’s both a strong and traditional Christian (although socially liberal), AND a long-time English and journalism teacher, so she knows about the whole neo-liberal bias and “if it bleeds, it leads” sensationalism that the “news” feeds on.
      And she always listens when I present the other side and encourage her to watch the actual news events on CSpan, EWTN, and CBN that shine light on the “other side of the story”. I’m just personally getting fed up with the fake Christians on CBNNews posting their responses to stories, and now even attacking conservatives for their Biblical beliefs… may be time I got in there myself to debate a bit… And I’m sure it’s the same way on EWTN’s Catholic site. The left has been invading our “hallowed halls” for decades now. But it’s like they’ve suddenly been activated since Trump took office.
      Just FYI, mom has yahoo for email, and likely gets led into their fake news stories, which are horrendous, after signing out. I do the same when signing out of my hotmail accounts with MSN. Interestingly, MSN stopped allowing us to add our comments after articles at about the start of 2018. They still allowed “feedback” to the site on each page, however, and I OBLIGED them to let them know how slanted their articles were, or how ridiculous the ideas they espoused. So maybe 6-8 weeks ago, they stopped allowing even site feedback. So much for any sort of balance. It’s forced-feeding only now…

      • If your mother gets CNN and MSNBC, surely she can tune in to Fox News.

        • I think her idea is, she knows what they’re going to say and show on Fox; she wants to spend her time seeing/hearing what the other side is showing. I’m kinda the same way, but it often irritates me to no end to sit and listen to what the other side presents as “news”. I argue with the TV and mute it a lot… lol.
          And I don’t have cable to watch anything but network shows anyway (my cable provider just recently removed the free MSNBC access from their smart app). But I will sometimes check YouTube for replays on specific stories (like Tucker Carlson)…

  10. Unfortunately, it is through fears, including the one discussed here, that could bring us under total control “for our safety.”

  11. Sarah is a lady and a woman. As a woman, MEN respect her, and women approach her with caution. As for a lady, it takes a lot of class to get up and politely leave without causing a scene. There are so many women lacking the virtues Miss Sarah lets us see everyday in front of the cameras. That s what real American women are made of.

  12. The Attorney General of Florida, Pam Bondi, was attacked at a movie theater on Friday. Grown men were spitting on her. There is no self control, no fear of the law, and apparently, no consequences.
    Gee, I guess I’m getting old. I remember when folks could go out to dinner and a movie on Friday night without being expelled and stalked and spit on.

    • People would not even think about it. We have a different spirit around us and influencing society. If we followed the Lord’s prayer, the Ten Commandments, the two commandments, and the Beattitudes, we would be well off as we once were.

      • I’m not sure “spirit” describes it-I think it’s like “GROUP POSSESSION”. (I couldn’t call it MASS possession,because many of us are NOT afflicted with it.)
        ” If we followed the Lord’s prayer, the Ten Commandments, the two commandments, and the Beatitudes, we would be well off as we once were.”
        And Democrats wouldn’t exist….

    • When I was growing up it wouldn’t have mattered WHAT politics a person had, if they were assaulted like that whoever was around would have intervened and they would have gotten the bum’s rush.
      After a “tune up” they would have handed them off to the cops. We should all know that this whole thing is engineered. Remember, they have spent many years studying human behavior and have had access to whatever they needed to manipulate their targets.

      • “Remember, they have spent many years studying human behavior and have had access to whatever they needed to manipulate their targets.”
        You are the target, you need to move [ at least be aware that they are not the only ones being manipulated ].

    • Morals, honesty, respect, have been replaced by liberals.

    • Yeah, that definitely warrants carrying a can of mace in a hip holster at all times. And test it periodically to ensure it’ll work when called upon, such as when folks SPIT on you (or others).
      It’s what we should EXPECT the cops to do for us, but 1) they’re not always around, and 2) they don’t always adhere to protecting the public.

  13. So,we suddenly have cluster attacks that seem to be allowable from the left side. They were planned out and I would bet the same people were involved and paid from one of the Soro’s 300 plus groups.
    Imagine if the right played the same game.

    • During the campaign there was that group who clandestinely filmed the Clinton bunch about their tactics. They openly admitted to hiring crazy people and criminals to disrupt rallies. The same group is still very much involved and the whole thing is orchestrated from Kalorama.

  14. Deceptive enemies-sorta like Nam….

  15. mike domnanovits

    Liberalism is the equivalent of cancer . What cancer does to the body , liberalism is doing to the country , rotting from within .
    As to the above article , these butt wipes need a taste of their own medicine .If they confront you and get physical , it’s time to open up a can of whup-ass on them . Then tell them , ” Have a nice day “

  16. It looks like the “fighting guests” & the “audience that cheers them on” have escaped from the Jerry Springer Show & are running amok across the American landscape.
    __I read that Sarah Sanders’ brother-in-law was part of her dinner party & once they had moved to the second restaurant & the Red Hen Hag & her Mob were shouting at them from outside, that the BIL went out there & told Red Hen Hag, “I’m a Liberal & not a Trump supporter but what you are doing is not helping our cause.” It didn’t say how Red Hen Hag+Mob reacted to what he said.
    __I also read somewhere that those who were shouting at Pam Bondi were doing so because she had decided against pursuing insurance companies to have them cover pre-existing conditions (not too smart of her actually; why side with Big Corporations? NOT that that is an excuse to verbally attack her nor anybody ever for any reason).
    __They also previously outed Stephen Miller’s private cell phone number. That was “mild” compared to this escalation in up-close-&-personal confrontations.
    __The unhinged crowd have gotten the message that they can do as they please as it would seem no “Law & Order” is going to stand up to stop them.
    __They say if little kids (usually boys) learn to stand up to the bullies on the playground that the bullies will usually turn & run away, instilling confidence in the boy that he CAN stand up for himself.
    __What would others have done if they had been Sarah at the Red Hen & were asked to leave?
    __The Lord said, Turn the other cheek; & if someone asks you to go one mile with them, go two miles; & if someone wants your coat, give him two coats; & Paul said, “Heap fiery coals on their head” (basically “kill them with kindness” that they may be ashamed), etc.
    __I was thinking, Agree to leave the restaurant at the owner’s request, but I might have wanted to offer an invitation first to the boss lady, to allow the aggrieved-chef to come have a seat at the table for a few minutes & invite him to air his grievances & offer to deliver them personally to Potus. (Of course, if chef was fuming inside that probably wouldn’t go over well. But you never know. You might could “plant a seed” & soften him up. If not, the invitation alone may have been “seed” enough.) Then leave knowing you did all you could do & “shake the dust off your feet” as you go.
    __I would only consider doing such or similar if “Opportunity Knocked.” I would not go LOOKING for them, such as the alt-right guys who went TO Antifa protests. When the lions are hungry & roaring, I would not walk into their den.

    • Yes, too bad they cancelled Jerry Springer, these nut jobs don’t have an outlet for their behavior anymore.

    • Excellent post.
      “(Of course, if chef was fuming inside that probably wouldn’t go over well. But you never know. You might “plant a seed” & soften him up. If not, the invitation alone may have been “seed” enough.)”
      I think the thought of an angry chef planting his own seed on my food would have been enough to get me to leave. Remember what that crazy cable TV chef said about how, if he’d been able to serve PotUS Trump a meal, he’d have poisoned him? And of course, that chef then killed himself recently…
      These folks are feverishly insane against anything conservative, Christian, white, male, middle-aged and older, you name it — so long as it disagrees with their “anything goes” mentality. If I lived in a more raucous area of the country, I’d be seriously tempted to get a concealed carry permit just to protect myself. My days of spinning roundhouse kicks are long gone… ;~)

      • Nutters like this are why they check all the food in the Whitehouse. Unfortunately, the ‘underlings’ don’t get the same protection. I don’t think I’ll be able to go into a restaurant anymore without thinking about this.
        Maybe we should inspect the chef for pentagram tattoos and/or rainbow jewelry. Gawd only knows what one could catch in a liberal restaurant with all those “genders” and “beastialists” and flying monkeys and stuff.
        “Wash your hands” just doesn’t seem enough somehow.

    • Sarah Sanders handled it appropriately. It is always best to take the high road. Realistically what other choice did she have? Even if she were the type to fight being ejected and made a scene, the cops would have come and made leave anyway.
      Instead, she comes off as she should, looking like the lady she is. The other bozo revealed herself. She may be proud as punch at the moment because all of her deviant little friends think she’s a hero, but she’s in the wrong.
      I’m confident that when Sarah stands before judgement this incident will be counted in her favor.

  17. POTUS’ tweet re the Red Hen Restaurant is a hoot:
    Also, I read that the YELP page for the Red Hen had over 15,600+ comments as of yesterday. However, Yelp says they purge comments which they can tell are due to “news events” (like the Sanders story) vs. those which are bona fide reviews of the Restaurant, its food or service, etc. So the number of comments may be much less by now. Yelp said it invites people to discuss “news events” on its news page, so anti-Red Hen comments could be left there.

  18. I don’t know why, but this seems just like what the Rockefellers and Warburg’s were doing when they funded the Bolshevik “revolution”.
    The Soros’s cabal are paying these buffoons off to do this and they aren’t being arrested because they’re doing what their ‘masters’ are telling them to do.
    In Juri Lina’s excellent book “Architects of Deception”, he said that the Bolsheviks had big money behind them, power too, otherwise there was no way in Heaven that they would have been allowed burn and pillage.

  19. The commies also used this kind of tactic in SE Asia to expose their own royalist or loyalist neighbors who ended up getting stiffed, locked up tortured, etc… I hope our SE Asian refugee friends remember this!

  20. Liberals are cornered animals right now, up against the wall of the upcoming mid-term elections. They sense that the ‘blue wave’ they’ve been hoping for might instead turn out to be a red tide! When the ‘wall’ of Trump’s 2020 re-election begins to box them in, they will undoubtedly become truly dangerous.

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  22. I’d like to see this in the MSM:
    A gaggle of conservative social justice warriors from across the country (world?) swarm down upon the Red Hen (and elsewhere) to protest en masse against such thuggish behavior, exactly the way progressives do.
    Unfortunately, most of US are employed or otherwise responsible for daily chores, family, etc., and simply can’t take the time off for such horse hockey.
    But in general, if we don’t start standing up for ourselves and those with similar beliefs the way liberals, progressives, and blacks/POC do regularly, whether they’re right or wrong, we’re simply giving away our rights and freedoms, and in effect, our country!

  23. “I feel that an actual physical civil war is in our immediate future. If the escalation persists, as it has since our Duly Elected President took Office, I honestly see no other way to save our Country…”
    Yeah, I’ve been saying that for a while now, and we just seem to be speeding up the time scale exponentially. I don’t see a two-army conflict coming as we had ~150 years ago, but if Trump takes Brown’s bait (along with the West-coast crap generally), we may see armed conflict between US forces and the state of California (and possibly WA & OR). Could Cali hook-up with Mexico, and WA-OR go to Canada??? That’s a big part of the U.S. economy to lose. But also, where would Cali then go to supply their needs for water & energy?

    • Thanks. The “good” part is the second part of the article. Sarah and her husband went home and her in-laws went to eat across the street at another restaurant. The “Little Red Hen” and her entourage went over there and harassed them. They happen to be Democrats who told her that while they don’t like Trump, the lefties were embarrassing them and hurting “the cause”.
      What a loon. Sarah, just like any of us, has relatives who are of different political opinions. That used to be (and still is among the civilized) acceptable. This new crop are pure communists and want nothing but total, mindless obedience.

  24. Twitter is THE DEVIL:
    “Twitter censored a call for bipartisan civility from former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer, labeling it as “sensitive content.”
    In response to White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ expulsion from the Red Hen restaurant in Virginia, Fleischer posted, “I guess we’re heading into an America with Democrat-only restaurants, which will lead to Republican-only restaurants. Do the fools who threw Sarah out, and the people who cheer them on, really want us to be that kind of country?”
    Despite lacking any inappropriate commentary, and receiving over 20,000 retweets, Twitter quickly labeled the post as “sensitive content,” requiring users to click a button acknowledging that the censored tweet could contain something inappropriate before they were allowed to see the message.”

    • Well good for him. That’s how it should be. Only those wanting to split the country would want anything else.

  25. How come these p*ssies are only targeting con women? Huh? #WaronWomen
    Lefty protesters HARASS Elaine Chao:
    I TRIPLE DOG DARE them to go after Mad Dog…

    • They keep this up and some of them will start requesting SS assistance. They can get it. They’ll shut this nonsense down, pronto. It hurts when your face bounces off the cobblestones a few times.
      Sooner or later they’re gonna get the “wrong” guy. Actually, it would be better if its a woman. She can just say “I got all nervous and before I knew it, he was all perforated”.
      She’d only need to drop one or two. I wouldn’t put up with it for a second. Hey, if they’re troubled by it shoot ’em in the back of the head so it comes out their ear. They’ll be home for dinner.

    • I saw video of the “people” harassing Elaine at her SUV, and was wishing she’d use some Taekwondo or ? on them. She was telling them to, “Leave my husband (Sen. Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell) alone!” Feisty!

      • Yeah, she got right up in their face. Good for her. I saw Malkin on a clip where she chased Waters all over the capitol until she ducked into a “members only” elevator. She talked about how she’s done that her whole career and how she tried to excuse the LA rioters and that guy they beat with a cinder block on the street. It was a good piece. I’ll see if I can find it.

        • Ah yes, the RIOTS (which they call “civil unrest” now). Would LOVE to have seen those boys take a few bean-bag rounds or rubber bullets back then; may have saved Reginald Denny quite a bit of pain and rehab (and wondering what the hell he’d done to deserve such an attack).

        • I heard the same. I knew Waters was a low as you can get, but she actually went out to lunch to celebrate the court victory with the thug who beat Reginald Denny with that brick. If you knew nothing else about that female dog, this tells you all you need to know. Racism and crime are OK when Blacks do it. She represents the ghetto mindset perfectly – never take responsibility for anything – I dindu nuffin. She is a walking advertisement for why Black politicians the likes of her must never gain any more power than they have now. They would replicate the genocide of Whites in SA here in the US faster than you could bat an eye.

      • Elaine Chao gets no sympathy from me. She and husband Mitch McConnell should be investigated for their connections to Communist China (via her father’s shipping business).

        • Agreed. I don’t think it was so much about “who” she assaulted as it was about the idea of assault itself.

        • I don’t like anybody dealing with Red China. I didn’t like Nixon or Clinton or any of the rest doing it. It just proves my point, I think, that these “party politics” are bunk. At the end of the day they’re all on the take.
          The point here is the idea of “assault” as an acceptable tactic. It isn’t.

          • David Rockefeller was responsible for the military, political, industrial, and economic power it is today. He is also responsible for our weaknesses in those areas today. LBJ, Nixon, and others were used by him, and they played their parts well for him.

        • I had the same reaction. I don’t like seeing anyone the recipient of those thuggish tactics, but you are correct about Chao, She was one of the Asians featured in Hammamotos’ “Servitors of Empire”. As for McConnell, he is just as bad, and it appears this marriage is one only of mutual exploitation for personal power and gain.

  26. Lock n’ load.

  27. “Filthy” Red Hen Hit by Alt-Right Protests Even as It Remains Closed for Now”

  28. To Lophatt: In regards to your meme, it is spelled “border” and not “boarder”. Please learn how to spell and upgrade your grammar!

    • Yes, I saw that! And also SCOTUS’ 5-4 decision on labor unions this morning. WooHoo!

      • I had NO IDEA non-union workers were being forced to pay union dues… SMH. I knew they were forcing members to pay dues that then went to political candidates the union members didn’t always (if ever) support, which in itself was absolutely wrong. But non-union members too?
        Amazing they were EVER able to get such rules instated.

        • It was a big fat scheme. Get the dues, unions return them to libs via donations, libs get more money for pet projects via taxpayers (Planned Parenthood).
          Libs are only upset that their money flow is interrupted.

          • So why don’t they do the “American” thing, and fund their OWN pet projects, rather than weaseling funding from those who don’t support such projects, but are forced to pay for them in order to keep their jobs? So maddening…

          • I know the big, burly Teamsters are decidedly pro-trans-testicles, and the other parts of the BaconLettuceGuacamoleTomato community, or at least, the dues $$$$$$$ they could pitch in towards the Teamsters’ coffers, which is the real reason the Teamsters are reaching out to them.
            At my workplace, there have always been rumblings of organizing, but for my own situation, I’d probably wind up losing $$$$$$, and at the very least, I’d be pissed at other people that wouldn’t do their “fair share” for whatever reason.

        • Oh yeah. That is called a “closed shop”. Everyone must belong to work there. If they don’t join (usually because of religious belief), they must pay dues anyway.

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