More deep thoughts from the iY Generation…

Last month I did a post on the iY Generation (#me!), highlighting the deep thoughts they post on Tumblr. Today, I give you these brilliant reflections…
 “I hate it when people say that ‘abortion is a woman’s issue’ it’s a uterus bearer’s issue. Everything isn’t always about you, cisgender women.”
unborn baby
“Reasons abortion should be fully covered on all insurance plans: If you can’t afford an abortion, you definitely can’t afford a pregnancy. If you can’t afford an abortion, and are forced to carry a pregnancy to term anyway, you sure as hell can’t afford a child. Who the fuck do you think you’re really protecting here?” (Apparently this person is not aware adoption.)
“The reason women are turning you down for casual sex seems to be that, for one thing, a lot of you are calling them sluts afterward. Also, a lot of you aren’t bothering to try to be good in bed.”
 “skelogender definition: a gender that’s a big part of you and come from deep inside but is obscure and unknowable. A gender that’s unique to you – it’s you and while it’s probably not clear to others it keeps you together.”
say what
“Do you think it matters how many people someone has slept with?” No, and it particularly bothers me that women are held to a different standard on this front than men. Also, it’s such a weird thing to care about. Like, imagine if I tried eating Cheerios for breakfast. Would Cheerios be like ‘I’m the 48th cereal you’ve tried eating!? I don’t feel special.’ Well then screw you Cheerios, I can’t go into the past and uneat all those cereals, but that doesn’t mean I don’t genuinly enjoy your wholegrain crunch…”
“We will ask nothing. We will demand nothing. We will take, occupy.”

One of OWS's finest...

One of OWS’s finest…

“Gender and sex are the same thing. Gender is merely sex that has hit the social sphere. The idea that sex is an actual real thing that bodies have is just another excuse that people use to misgender trans people. My body is female because as a female person, me, possess this body. Sex is an oppressive and inaccurate social construction that allows cis and/or dyadic people to hide behind a facet of science they don’t even understand.”
“the fact that pretty teeth are only known as ‘white’ and ‘straight’ is a manifestation of our hatred for minorities.”
“BDSM (bondage, dominance, sadism, and masochism) is weird but arent we all the subs to capitalisms dominance”
“I feel like the ‘radical’ part of (t)werf should just be cut out bc I really don’t care what you want to call your feminism, but denying women safe places due to their genitalia isn’t radical at all, it’s literally parroting patriarchal ideology”
so what is it that constitutes a “real” pronoun? is language, and our conceptualization of it’s role in identity politics inherently flawed? are our ideas about what constitutes “real pronouns”, “real English” and “real grammar” not inherently gatekept on the basis of race, class, gender and socioeconomic status, ans skewed through a colonialist lens? what you’re doing, is taking the argument into reductio ad absurdum territory and invalidating the idea that we are allowed to choose or prounouns, fuck up language, create spaces, self define and change the way we interact with gendered language.”
english is hard work
“if u can’t construct a coherent or comfortable non-dude gender identity for yrself, you gotta work to tear down misogyny in yrself and yr male peers.”
As a fat person, I’m not allowed to fail academically or at my career. If I lose my job or don’t get into college, I’m not eligible to join the army. I don’t fit into into the uniforms at Hooters. I would never get a job as a stripper. I’m not allowed to use my body when my mind isn’t enough to keep me employed.(Feminists revolt!)

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0 responses to “More deep thoughts from the iY Generation…

  1. “the fact that pretty teeth are only known as ‘white’ and ‘straight’ is a manifestation of our hatred for minorities.” — and of LBGT too!
    PC Language Police strikes again!
    AAARGH! The Stoopid. It Burns!!!

  2. Dear DCG, can I share some of my thoughts as a fellow member of the Ygeneration???
    So you need free abortion because you can’t afford paying for your own abortion nor can’t afford a pregnancy or the resulted child? Well, perhaps you should not be having sex… save it to when you can actually deal with the consequences of your acts!
    Yes, looking for your soul mate and your favorite cereal is the very same thing. Stop shaming the cereal-sluts out there!!! (Should I mention that I’m being sarcastic, or is it obvious?)
    I don’t know any cis or dyadic people… I know men, women and some people that are not quite sure of what they are… It’s quite easy to find out who is who… men and women are usually easily identifiable and they accept themselves fully. The unsure ones are a bit more complex to define by first glance, and they lack self acceptance, thus demanding the rest of the world to accept them as they are in search to fill in the acceptance void they are sole responsible for.
    WOHOOO, lets root for the rotten teeth!!! It’s the age of inclusion, folks!!! By the way, can we also stop with the spot racism? Your t-shirt is spotted and no longer crispy white? You should be ashamed of yourself for even noticing it, you racist!!! Let’s boycott tide to go!!!
    No, we are not all subs to capitalism but I’m certain that being exposed to this generation’s stupidity is some kind of torture… so masochists, enjoy!!!
    I’m self defining the language… frón nauon Ai taip laik dis9 if iu dón géttit9 itz iór problen! And yes, I used 9 as comas, so what???
    And finally, to the sad chubby complainer, I feel with you. But I have a good advice, that if followed correctly will change your life forever: LOOSE WEIGHT and stop bugging… boohoo, you are fat! You can change that!!! Look at Nick Vujicic, he was born with no arms or legs and he lives his life fully without the self-pity. Get your fat butt off the sofa and loose some weight!!! Or accept yourself and stop demanding acceptance from the rest of us!!! Gezzz!!!
    Just saying!!!

    • Glad to know there are some kids of the iY generation that have it together Siegfried!
      It’s painful to get on Tumblr and read this stuff. The lack of reasoning without using the f-word is astonishing. And the PORN, the PORN! Feminists don’t want you to sexualize women yet that’s ALL THEY DO. Yikes! Now I have to go read the “Feminism is Communism” post…

  3. Yikes! And many of them cannot take constructive criticism/feedback on the job. As a supervisor, you are “discriminating” and “disrespecting” if you see areas for improvement–because they are “so much more intelligent and evolved” than my generation. That was a rant–sorry!

  4. Hurt my head to read these. 😳 LOL!!

    • Northerngirl . . . I so agree with you! My brain could not wrap itself around some of the “concepts” that were written. I felt like I was lost in a deep fog.

  5. Let me guess, you all are old. Sorry had to say it. Now have some acceptance of your sagging bodies, failing memories and faltering good looks. Seems to me you all spend too much time on the interweb too. If you have time for this lame site, how much time do you really spend online? Loolllzz

    • “If you have time for this lame site“…spoken by the one who has time to come here, (maybe) actually read the posts, and comment.
      Let me guess, you’ve mastered Alinsky 101. You have no original nor coherent points to debate so you hurl insults. Now have some acceptance that your public indoctrination and time spent on tumblr (no doubt) has proven that Shambo suffers from failing education and faltering debate skills. Sorry had to say it.

      • Weak sauce response. The first point if the article was how those darn whippersnappers are on the internet all the time. It should have read “they’re always looking at stuff I don’t understand I’m behind the times”

        • Riiight, because nothing says “behind the times” than a generation that justifies making up new terminology/science/English to suit their feelings. Common Core approved!
          “The first point if the article was how those darn whippersnappers are on the internet all the time.” It’s as if you can read my mind.
          And this right HERE is why I weep for our future.

        • Fun playing with you Shambo. Alas, I must run to the grocery store so I can make (oh no!) family dinners this weekend.
          Do stick around on this lame site though. You’re going to love playing some more with the good Doctor 🙂

    • @Shambo:
      To paraphrase Winston Churchill: “We may be old(er), but tomorrow you will still be a soul-ugly useful idiot.”
      If I were you, I wouldn’t be so sure and smug about your body and your looks. I’d bet you $100 that our DCG is fitter than you.

    • Shambo, if the site is so lame, how come I keep seeing your name popping up in thread after thread. What’s up? No date tonight? Wanna hang with the old folks? Hey be careful. You might even learn something.
      Junior, most of the people here have led 3 lives already. Not just chronological. You know bubkus.

  6. Gee, I wonder how many homeschoolers are represented in those pithy comments…. heh-heh-heh…. 😀
    This is what comes of teaching self esteem without accomplishment, from teaching that facts, logic, and reality are all unimportant, so long as you feel good about yourself. I guarantee that all of these mental midgets think that they are profound thinkers, when in reality they are about as deep as a splash of water on a sidewalk…. and nearly as interesting.

    • Home schooling is mostly for Christian fanatics and white supremacists, so I agree with you People who don’t want their point of view challenged usually isolate and insulate themselves, like in a site like this. Oh snap!

      • “People who don’t want their point of view challenged….”
        This is nothing more than the usual canard from the left, and yet you will find that nearly all of us know boths sides of the issues discussed here, while you could not accurately articulate even one genuinely conservative viewpoint. Our viewpoints are challenged daily, and subject to self examination and evaluation, while you answer any challenge to your point of view with kneejerk liberal talking points.
        “….usually isolate and insulate themselves, like in a site like this.”
        And yet the doors to this site are thrown open wide to permit even hateful, nasty, intolerant bigots to come here and participate. What a strange sort of isolation and insulation that is!

      • Shambo, thank you for serving as a perfect example of a low-information thinker, we really appreciate it, although you seem like a very smart person, I did not read the word “whippersnappers” anywhere. We welcome you with open hearts and open minds, but I promise, once you start looking equally as hard as what the left says and what the right says, your own thinking will be challenged. And by the way, I am young, I am a card carrying democrat who chose to look very carefully at what both sides say things were just not making sense to me anymore, and I found that it is painful to learn the truth–much easier just to hate the right. But I found there was MORE truth on the right, and more common sense, which is sorely lacking in our world today.

  7. Actually, Shambo, I have one more thing to say, for you to refer to someone’s “sagging skin” is just vile, “Faltering Minds” –REALLY- Have you no respect for anyone? To mock the aging process is simply absurd–time waits for no one–you included. But you, you sound like you know it all, already. Wisdom comes from reading liberally biased information, right, because everyone else is so dumb. Good luck with that. How smug all the Huffington Post and New York Times readers are–now finding out the joke is on them.
    Let’s see what happens in 10 years when you are trying to support kids on a salary, getting rationed health care, and paying for everyone else’s unlimited health care and public housing, utilities and food, which an average person would have to earn 20 dollars an hour to afford. But you sound like you may be so successful, that you would enjoy giving over half your money away to taxes and other hidden wealth redistribution programs, while the liberal administration helps corporate greed grow, so we have a ruling elite class, that can make rules for you to pay even more taxes and hidden fees and keep those same liberals in office for your entire lifetime. And it will go by quickly. Everyone’s does. Oh Snap!

  8. There’s less to Gen Y than meets the eye!


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