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What’s in the water in New York?  Remember the woman that gave birth live as part of an “art performance”? Well, if you didn’t want to witness that, now’s your chance to participate in the “Psycho Tank”!

A man floats in the "Psycho Tank"

City tells museum it can only let one person at a time in skinny-dip exhibit

New York Post: The Department of Health warned the New Museum yesterday that it can no longer have more than one visitor at a time splashing around — often nude — in a giant bathtub that’s part of an adult-playground exhibition.

“The Health Department contacted administrators at the New Museum and advised them of the requirements in the Health Code and the conditions that would require approval and a permit,” said DOH’s John Kelly.  “The New Museum made the decision to limit the use of the tank to one person.”

The swirling “Psycho Tank” of super-salted water — which is warmed to body temperature — is a highlight of Carsten Höller’s “Experience” exhibit.  “This is definitely not for a germophobe,” said Charles Ritter, 74, upon emerging from the churning waters.  I was thinking the whole time about how many city permits they had to get to do this.”  The answer was: The museum didn’t have even one.
But at least it gave some thought to the risks.  Visitors sign a form saying they do not “have any communicable diseases or other adverse health conditions that could be transmitted by being in water with others.”  Once they were immersed, jets of water would send strangers bouncing into each other in the buff.
The cozy, crowded nature of the tank put it afoul of the city’s ban on bathhouses that operate without a permit, and by late afternoon museum officials had quietly told the guard overseeing the tub to only allow one person into the water at a time.  “As of now we’re changing the policy,” deputy director John Hatfield said.  “This will be a single-person experience.”
Before the crackdown, museum visitors of all ages were happily exposing their wild sides.  “It’s interesting to see the body reacting in public, in ways that it doesn’t normally — especially in men,” said Maureen Robinson, 69, after she had emerged from the exhibit.
Floating around naked, in public, in water that strangers have been floating in?  Um, I think I’ll pass on this “exhibit” as well.
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  1. From the news article, we know “bathers” include a 74-year-old man and a 69-year-old woman. I guess exhibitionists don’t go away, they just get old.
    I think I’ll pass!

  2. I’ll pass too,yuk!

  3. i wonder what percent of this liquid was urine? floating in a toilet bowl like environment must be a liberals dream come cum true……

  4. Unbelievable! Again what’s next?

  5. If you are looking for a “skinny” person to dip in this tank look no further than the WH. Just kidding.

    • Are you referring to “White as Snow” as in washing away his sins?
      The redemptive power of the Blood of Jesus was for everyone, there was mention of “unforgiveable sin” and “giving over to a reprobate mind” for certain other behavior, so yes it is possibile, but our expert Sage will have a more fefinitive answer, or more informed than mine. I am so upset by the way things are going that if it were up to me, I would say “Don’t waste the Clorox” but then again, I may be answering out of my flesh, my Holy Ghost might be frowning at me right about now. Selah.

  6. Gross! Of course any who would want to do this would sign stating they were free from disease… who is going to ‘prove’ it? Eww.. no thanks…

  7. is that a tootsie roll no its a baby ruth no i think maybe its a clark bar
    mmmm no wait a minute its a turd yeah let the liberals float around in their own excrement but let them pay for it themselves…


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