Penn State Sex Scandal is a Tangle of Conflicts-of-Interest

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The Penn State sex-abuse scandal is rapidly becoming a thicket of, at best, entangled conflicts of interest, or something even worse….

Robert Poole is the one with the hi-lited head.

Tim McNulty reports for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Nov. 17, 2011, that:

  • Robert Poole, the chairman of Jerry Sandusky‘s charity Second Mile, also had the construction contract to do the charity’s $11.5 million learning center project.
  • Penn State University, which was also the employer of Sandusky, sold the real estate property for the Second Mile‘s learning center project — for less than market value.
  • Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett‘s administration approved pouring $3 million in state money into the Second Mile project, which has since been put on hold. (Jon Schmitz)
  • Past and present board members of Second Mile (and their families) gave a total of $641,481 to Tom Corbett‘s political campaigns. Among the donors was Robert Poole, who gave $11,258. (Deadspin)
  • Robert Poole also contributed about $2,400 to the campaign of Magisterial District Judge Leslie Dutchcot, who arraigned Jerry Sandusky and set the $100,000 unsecured bail, in spite of the Attorney General’s Office asking for a higher, cash bail and electronic monitoring. []
  • Leslie Dutchcot was a volunteer and donor for Sandusky‘s Second Mile.


Fox News just published financial records showing Penn State, the employer of Jerry Sandusky, received a total of over $250,000 in food and lodging fees from Sandusky’s charity, the Second Mile, as payment for five weeks of sleepover camps.
More on the Sandusky investigation and Second Mile from the NYT:
Meanwhile, investigators served numerous subpoenas on the Second Mile, according to people with knowledge of the inquiry. Not only did they want the names of children who had been through the program, they also demanded all of Sandusky’s travel and expense records.
Much of the older paperwork was stored at an off-site records facility. The travel and expense records, for instance, had been sent over several years earlier. But select members of the charity’s board of directors were alarmed to learn recently that when the records facility went to retrieve them, some of those records — from about 2000 to 2003 — were missing.
The attorney general’s office was notified of the missing files, people with knowledge of the case said. Subsequently, the foundation located apparently misfiled records from one of the years, but the rest seem to have disappeared.

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10 responses to “Penn State Sex Scandal is a Tangle of Conflicts-of-Interest

  1. Stinks on so many levels. How can so many people be so corrupt? Hey, they would fit in perfectly in DC…

  2. So much slime, they must buy it by the ton… back up the truck and pour it over here, gotta make room for the next batch!

  3. UPDATE:
    Fox News just published financial records showing Penn State, the employer of Jerry Sandusky, received a total of over $250,000 in food and lodging fees from Sandusky’s charity, the Second Mile, as payment for a series of sleepover camps.

  4. I’m glad to see the press is not letting anything slide on this case. It all needs to be exposed.

  5. Truth be told,I think you’d find this sort of thing where ever you scratched deep enough in big athletics, big business, politics…anywhere that there’s enough ‘easy money’ in play there will be buzzards circling and where there is abuse of power, there will be abuse of the powerless…as in the days of Noe.

  6. Federal Government should occupy Penn State and shut it down!

  7. Jerry Sandusky. Should be imprisoned and who ever Joe Paterno reported to should be held responsible. Joe Paterno I feel is being condemned because he did not go to the Police, well his higher up should have followed through. Once again our OJ type of justice rules another day, piss on your logic and fairness. The idiots will come out of the woodwork to claim there portion of the legal settlement lottery, who will win, wait and see, tune in to your nearest local state national Media. They say 8 victims now have come forward, well I wonder why they didn’t hire a lawyer and pursue this sex scandal years ago. I don’t want to here they were poor, I was poor and reported a sexual attack on myself at the age of 10 years old. My twin brother and I we attacked by a minister and we were poor, WHITE and on welfare and being raised by our mother. I want to say who ever the guardians of these kids should be charged for neglect and held accountable as Joe Paterno for not putting out the effort to contact police. See what I’m saying, let’s pick on all who had a hand in this horrible thing and stop picking and choosing who you want to destroy. By the way my brother and I never sued as we resisted and reported the attack. I know some will be critical of my report but they are part of this liberal sickness sweeping our country. Good Bye


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