More Climate Change "Mistakes" Uncovered


Gore & Pachauri: two thieves in a pod

Every day, it seems, another mistake lie is uncovered in the climate change global warming report by the UN’s powerful IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) — that same report that garnered a Nobel Peace Prize for the IPCC and its chair, porn-writer Rajendra Pachauri.
First, it was about the Himalayan glaciers (they’re not melting!). Then, it was about the Amazon rain forest (they’re not disappearing!). Next, it was about the Netherlands (20%, not 55%, of the country is below sea level!). The latest has to do with the IPCC’s claim about electricity.
As reported by the UK’s Telegraph, a diagram used to demonstrate the potential for generating electricity from wave power is now found to contain numerous errors.
The IPCC Report cited Wavegen, a UK-based wave-energy company, as the source of information for the diagram. But the diagram on Wavegen’s website contains dramatically different figures for energy potential off Britain and Alaska and in the Bering Sea. Wavegen, in turn, denies it is the original source of the data, saying it had simply reproduced someone else’s diagram on its website. The diagram in question is widely cited in other literature as having come from a paper on wave energy produced by the Institute of Mechanical Engineering in 1991 along with data from the European Directory of Renewable Energy. Confusing enough for ya?
But wait! There are yet more mistakes lies:

  • Claims made by the IPCC about the effects of global warming, and suggestions about ways it could be avoided, were partly based on information from ten dissertations by Masters students. (Having supervised Masters’ theses, I can tell you too many are merely longer versions of undergraduate student papers, with more footnotes.) 
  • One unpublished dissertation was used to support the claim that sea-level rise could impact on people living in the Nile delta and other African coastal areas, although the main focus of the thesis, by a student at the Al-Azhar University in Cairo, was on the impact of computer software on environmental development.
  • The IPCC also made use of a report by US conservation group Defenders of Wildlife to state that salmon in US streams have been affected by rising temperatures. The panel has already come under fire for using information in reports by conservation charity the WWF.
  • Estimates of carbon-dioxide emissions from nuclear power stations and claims that suggested they were cheaper than coal or gas power stations were also taken from the website of the World Nuclear Association, rather than using independent scientific calculations.
  • Professor Roger Pielke of Colorado University’s Centre for Science and Technology Policy Research, accuses the authors of the IPCC report of deliberately ignoring a paper he wrote that contradicted the panel’s assertions about the cost of climate-related natural disasters. Worse yet, an anonymous IPCC author claimed Dr Pielke had changed his mind on the matter, when he had not.

Such revelations are creating growing public confusion over climate change. A poll by Ipsos on behalf of environmental consultancy firm Euro RSCG found that the proportion of the public who believe in the reality of climate change has dropped from 44% to 31% in the past year.
In the meantime, Pachauri has lost his lustre even in his native land. Like sharks smelling blood in the water, environmentalists in India are circling Pachauri. They now accuse him of harming endangered forests, depleting scarce water reserves and promoting power companies which emit the carbon gases that cause global warming! Too funny….

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