More Civility From the Left

Glenn Beck and Family Attacked in New York Park

Remember when President Obama called for a “new era of civility in US Politics” earlier this year?  He asked people to “sharpen our instincts for empathy.” Apparently liberals didn’t get the message.

Via Mediate: “These people were some of the most hateful people I have ever seen,” said a distraught Glenn Beck this morning as he described an altercation he and his family had last night while watching a screening of Alfred Hitchcock’s The 39 Steps in New York’s Bryant Park. Explaining that a group of people yelled at his family, took pictures of them, and kicked a cup of wine onto his wife, Beck said that his security team feels that, had he reacted poorly, things might have “gone off.”

You can see videos here of Glenn explaining what happened yesterday.

Just sickening that he would be attacked with his family in tow, at what should have been a fun night out with the family.  It appears that the “tolerant” liberals only tolerate the same opinions.  Civility apparently doesn’t count when someone disagrees with you.  Shameful.


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Libtards only attack in packs, they have no courage for a 1 on 1.
Aggressive and inappropriate are two words that come to mind.
Hope the Becks can press charges once these people post the pics on their Facebook page.

Dr. Eowyn

It’s those warm and fuzzy, tolerant, pro-diversity, “can’t we just get along” bleeding-heart liberals again! Such nice people. Not.


The “ideology of peace” at play again.

Brittney Boop

This is just too sad. No matter what your political beliefs are, you shouldn’t be attacked in the manner he was.