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Montana Beauty

Hello friends! I just returned from a trip to Great Falls, Montana via Colville to see my dad and take care of some family business.  Missed ya’ all here and wanted to share some pics from the great state of Montana! 

Windy hair!

Missouri River 
 We stopped before Helena so dad could take this photo of me with the beautiful mountains in the background.   It’s very windy in Montana, hence my “Donald Trump” sideswept hair!  In Great Falls, the weather was beautiful, sunny and 72, yet the winds were around 35 miles per hour! The next picture is a view of the Missouri River from my hotel room.  It is the longest  river on the continent at over 2,341 miles and the second largest tributary of the Mississippi by discharge, after the Ohio River.

Lewis and Clark Statue



F-106 Delta Dart
 Close to our hotel in Great Falls was this beautiful statue of Lewis and Clark.  I can only imagine the beauty they saw in this wonderful state as they made their way to the Pacific Coast. We then went to the visitor section of the Montana Air National Guard and on display they had an F-106 interceptor aircraft  and a F-86 Sabre (not pictured). Very cool to see these machines up close!

Does this look familiar?

After our trip to Great Falls, we made it back to Colville to do what we do in Colville, target practice! We had about an hour of sunshine and went out in the “front yard” of my dad’s property to get in some practice.  You know I loved it!
Montana is a beautiful state!  The weather was nice, the people were very friendly and I can’t wait to go back! If you ever get the chance, I would highly recommend visiting this beautiful state. Enjoy the pics!
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DCG-looks like you had a wonderful time. I love Montana,it is beautiful,my favorite time of year there is July thru Sept. Montana is in a hard fight to keep what they love most right now. Between hollywood and liberals,they damned near ruined it. Fight like hek folks! Don’t let the bastards wear ya down. Glad your home safe and had a great time.


Gorgeous! Sounds like you had a real vacation! Glad you enjoyed it, DCG!

Dr. Eowyn

What a beautiful part of the country! Brings to mind the lyrics of “America, the Beautiful.”
Love your new “Donald Trump do”, Debbie! LOL


I enjoyed your photos, and kidna envy you the trip. We were stationed in Great Falls twice and both times I LOVED it. I still miss it, and when we were stationed in South Dakota, we took a trip to Great Falls for a few days, and enjoyed being there again. It’s small, but a great town to live in, and I love the mountains and the plains.