Mooch’s $12,000 dress

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Two weeks ago, Mooch sent out a fundraising email to supporters asking them to donate $10 or more “to help protect Obamacare.”

Last night, the White House had a state dinner, which cost taxpayers $203,000 to $572,000, for France’s diminutive President First Philanderer François Hollande. The unmarried Hollande had cheated on his girl friend, Valerie Trierweiler. The latter, sadly (snark), is no longer France’s First Lady Mistress, which France richly deserves for their folly of making the unmarried mistress of their socialist president their “First Lady”.

This was the gown Mooch wore — a black-and-blue gown by designer Carolina Herrera.

Mooch state dinnerMooch towering over France’s First Philanderer Hollande

CNN estimates the gown to cost twelve thousand U.S. dollars — the equivalent of 1,200 of those $10 donations “to help protect Obamacare.”

No word on how much Mooch’s monstrous earrings cost.


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0 responses to “Mooch’s $12,000 dress

  1. Looks like Dave Chappelle in drag, but worse

  2. Reblogged this on BLOGGING BAD ~ DICK.G: AMERICAN ! and commented:
    Gunny G!

  3. She [begging your pardon] WE were overcharged,,, again.

  4. This dress is actually lovely for someone with small hips and butt–not for this Amazon!! That said, Carolina Herrera dresses are very tiny-waisted. Mooch had to have had this design specially made tent-sized.

  5. Great post, Dr. Eowyn.
    Ouch. It hurts to have fools in power.

  6. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this interesting post. If I were the First Lady, knowing how terrible our economy is, I would never spend the taxpayers’ monies in any kind of extravagance, no matter what the occasion. And to think she is asking for money to save the Unaffordable Care Act? Dear Lord, what next?

  7. What a waste. She looks like a big bruise (black and blue), as well. Hard to look at this sort of thing without feeling sick to my stomach.

  8. Reminds me of, and hopefully I am quoting correctly . . . “You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.” This is kind of the thing you might expect out of a carpetbagger.

  9. Somehow, when a dress of character is worn by someone with no character, it makes the dress sag a bit.

  10. Earrings-$3.99-WalMart. No matter HOW much we spend on her clothes,she’ll NEVER have any class.

    • Exactly, truckjunkie–simple diamond or pearl drops would be so much more elegant. She almost always wears huge costume earrings that cost a bundle but look like junky $3.00 ones from a discount store.

  11. The SRM and leftists bashed Palin and Mrs. Romney over the price of their clothes. Now they celebrate how beautiful Michelle looks in this expensive dress. Double standards…

    • Although Sarah Palin never asked for it, the RNC spent close to $150,000 clothing Palin over the course of 12 weeks. I have always maintained that the criticism was a bit out of place as wardrobe is a KEY part of any prominent public figure and the suddenness with which Ms. Palin was thrust into the public eye necessitated the expense although perhaps not so extravagantly, especially given the aura of plain-folk austerity Palin was selling. It was primarily for this last point that the wardrobe expense was criticized and I think most understood that it was the RNC that did the buying.

      I don’t recall much criticism of Mrs. Romney’s clothing. Doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. She is so stratospherically wealthy that anything other than an elegant and expensive wardrobe that is appropriate for her wealth would likely cause more criticism and accusations of presenting herself as more down-to-Earth than the reality.

      I haven’t seen much criticism of Michelle Obama’s clothing, either, except for some onesy-twosy stuff as when she wore $500 sneakers to a food bank or this absurd kerfuffle over an unattractive and rather inexpensive designer gown.

  12. Well, sue me if I think it’s at least better than that red and black bull’s-eye she wore during his first campaign to accept the nomination. If I weighed 99 lbs. I’d STILL not wear an expanding/optical illusion bull’s-eye on my ass. Anyway….didn’t anyone notice——why the heck does the first lady NEED huge POCKETS in a state dinner evening gown?????? Is she going to sneak dinner rolls up to the living quarters???? Is she pilfering state silverware????? How about international secrets quickly sketched on a napkin (such as state secrets are between France/USA)???? QUICK! Someone check those kangaroo pouches for the Declaration! Is it missing?

    • You have sharp eyes, CalGirl. I didn’t even notice the pockets; thought they were folds. LOL

      As for that black-&-red dress in 2008, I’d always seen in it a Black Widow Spider:

      • Dr. E—BFA in Studio Arts was FIRST degree 🙂 I notice things, esp. if they scrape against artistic senses (fingernails on a chalkboard!). Thanks for the “Black Widow Spider” dress pix….I didn’t think anyone else noticed or remembered!!!! That one should go “down” in history (2nd of 4 degrees ….you know….if you love the arts…no one cares…so “they” tell you from the “get-go,” DO SOMETHING ELSE b/c no one cares and no one will hire you.”) No matter—-that “spider dress” was ugly as sin & I didn’t need a Fine Arts Degree to inform me, & I hope ….not too many Americans did, either 🙂

  13. She has a grin like a cat on a gut wagon!

  14. this dress is rather disappointing for 12k

  15. C’mon guys, it takes a lot of cash to make that man look good!! Wonder if 13K would have done it??

  16. Expensive attire for a cross dresser.


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