Moochelle Booed at NASCAR

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Moochelle was in Florida today to make the traditional “Gentlemen, start your engine!” call at the final NASCAR race of the season.
She did not get a warm welcome. There were “boos” from the crowd at the mention of her name. LOL

H/t Breitbart.

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15 responses to “Moochelle Booed at NASCAR

  1. hehe

  2. Wish I’d been there!

  3. really. this is hardly surprising…
    a combo of Military families and NASCAR lovers……what on EARTH was she thinking? Those are probably two groups with little love for her husband, while she, herself, seems to have nothing but disdain.

  4. what a shock to the system seeing “Mooch” there! One of thee most Patriotic sports events in America-this Anti-American,muslim,is getting very brave showing up at places like this

  5. Hmmmm. What a bummer of a way to begin a race ! Hey, I wonder if Mooch packed veggies for her’s and the kid’s snacks ?? On second thought, I wonder if they even stuck around to watch the race, for that matter ?

  6. There are comments floating out there on FB and other blog sites [Breitbart’s site as well], that this was set up to show how racist we all are. “We” as in those of us who are bitter gun clinging, bible worshipping, NASCAR watching folks. The msm will be playing loops of this to make the point – throwing out that over-played race card – that the reason boy blunder won’t get our votes is because he is black [HALF!]. The “white guilt sympathy” vote, or something like that. About darned time that someone on the GOP side, running as a candidate, besides Herman Cain [who, by the way, played the race card…], stands up and says, “This is NOT about the color of someone’s skin; it has to do with policies. End of story. Put the race-card, which has been over-played, ad nauseam, back in your pocket.”

    • There was no need to fake it! You people are racist plain and simple, but what’s more pathetic is your sad attempt to defend and deny the racist right! Deny that fact that your party can’t stand having a black man as president and hiding behind that token Uncle Tom won’t change that, not to mention the racist author with his racist title! You loser dig yourself with your blantant racism that you no longer hide, but pathetically try to deny!

      • Playing the race card, again? Y.A.W.N.
        Have you seen our posts in support of Herman Cain? What? You don’t support Herman Cain? That makes you both a RACIST and a HYPOCRITE!

  7. Michelle Obama and her WIG collection – while websites try to seduce the American people into believing this JOKE of a Woman could ever represent the United States of America – if “elected” – if it were not for ACORN’s vote rigging schemes as a Crime Syndicate.
    The extent that Obama PR people will go to – to force Americans to accept The Obamas, who have shown themselves to be anti-American, Hate our American Flag and hates our country, does not come with asking people to vote on Michelle Obama’s new hair-do – when it is a Wig – and she wears the wig like a hat – w the wigline in full view.
    Royalty does not eat in public. But somehow class is not part of the Obamas’ character. Therefore, the pictures of BigMo chowing down – are most endearing. They should be used as campaign ads – BigMo setting an example w unhealthy foods as a pig – while Obama rapes the US taxpayers for $6 Billion for her “Nutrition” program – which is just another corrupt means to funnel FREE taxpayer money to the UNIONS.
    Michelle Obama is an Absolute Embarrassment to the United States of America – along with the Street Thug she considers her husband – in a marriage of convenience.
    “Dr.” Jill Biden has no shame – in participating in The Obamas’ Con Game
    of assisting military families – other than photo-ops – as BigMo’s Election Propoganda for 2008 – “my first order of business – if Barack is elected – will be to the military families”. Now regurgitating this propoganda – with photo-ops – for obama’s re-election campaign for 2012.
    The MILLIONS spent on Public Service Announcements – for the creation of the ads and cost of airtime – w Michelle Obama and Jill Biden – could have been given to the Military families – for a better use of our taxpayer money – since the phone numbers were disconnected – that Michelle Obama was pitching in the PSAs – as the White House’s PROPOGANDA – “pretending” it was a direct line for military families to call to acquire assistance.
    It was reported in the media – (but not for long) – When the families of the active-duty members who were having their homes foreclosed upon – Illegally – could not get a return phone call – when calling for Michelle Obama at the White House – after discovering the phone numbers pitched in BigMo’s PSAs were disconnected.
    The Obamas are BOGUS. The Obama Administration is a JOKE.
    Michelle Obama being booed at NASCAR – is similar to the reception that Obama received on his Bus Tour – as a Black and White Fraud.
    Can hardly wait until 2012 – for these freaks of nature – to be thrown out of The White House = the peoples’ house.

    • “The Obamas, who have shown themselves to be anti-American, Hate our American Flag and hates our country”
      When you spew this garbage you sound like a whiny infant. Grow up.
      What evidence do you have other then the crap you’ve been fed by breitbart, limbaugh, hannity and the other haters? People like you who divide us are the problem.

      • When was it that Michelle said, “for the first time I’m proud of my country.”?…What about his 20 plus years at Trinity Church?
        If he loved America he wouldn’t have spent the past 3 years spending us into oblivion, alienating our allies, killing jobs, and sucking up to the Muslims.
        You wanna see division? Look at the man in the WH. He’s not a leader by any means. He’s a community agititator.
        But hey, you keep drinking your kool-aid.

  8. The EPA and Mr. Soetero will be writing an executive order to ban exhaust fumes and to limit noise pollution in all of the cities hosting races.

  9. Yeah, like who didn’t see this coming?
    LOL – I have been to more than a few NASCAR events in my life, and the beer starts flowing early.
    Trust me. 😀

  10. Why do you refer to the First Lady as “Moochelle”?


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