Money Can't Buy You Class

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Michelle Obama and her $1,000 tote

Michelle Obama has been defined as the “fashion icon for the every woman” yet stepped out – reportedly Monday – carrying a $1,000 tote bag. I don’t blame her for buying an expensive tote, but pairing a teal tote with blue shoes? Not a good fashion move.  Nor were these other “iconic fashion” moments:

Not the most flattering "dress"


What exactly is this shirt?

No comment

With all her assistants at her disposal (at a cost of $1.25M), you’d think Michelle would be advised to make better fashion choices.  The above ones are not worthy of a “fashion icon”.
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0 responses to “Money Can't Buy You Class

  1. Candance Moore

    Alternative headline:
    I cried because I had no money – until I met a woman who had no class.
    Anyway, I’ve never been impressed with anything she’s worn, and I can guarantee you if Sarah Palin dressed like that she’d be panned in every fashion magazine there was.

  2. Moochelle hires her stylists from the Braille Institute.
    She is an icon for crass and whorish fashionistas.
    Even Shrillary Clinton, the pantsuit queen, is better dressed!

  3. I wouldn’t cough up $5 for that hideous tote at a yard sale.

  4. That patchwork nightmare, and that top white top with the trims all over it, are like something out of great granny’s grab bag of scraps. ugh The outfit in the top picture is nice, but then she garbaged it up with blue flats and some plastic loooking outsized tote bag

  5. whats the old saying you can put lipstick on a pig, but it will still be a pig..
    i mean how far have we really dumbed down our country. this woman michelle pronounced the state of Nevada as Nev – a – da, and she supposedly has a college education. And of course our president thinks there are 57 states. what a pair dumb and dumber. how do you now she paid for that bag and didn’t just walk away with it or have some lobbyist give her the bag?

  6. Anita B Glover

    All the taste she will ever have is in her mouth!


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