Monday Political Funnies!

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And lastly, a not funny, but true meme:

H/t John Molloy


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9 responses to “Monday Political Funnies!

  1. Wow, put a smile in a dreary waterlogged Miami, ribbit, ribbit, ribbit!

  2. Good ones…all of them!

    • I bet the Chinese kid is having the last laugh, as the Chinese are laughing all the way to the bank while building infrastructure in Africa, and acquiring mineral rights.

      There’s a documentary called “Empire of Dust” that shows the problems China has with some of the African countries (Congo, in this case), but the Chinese guy insults the blacks calling them lazy, among other things, and the black translator has to sit there and take it, because he knows it’s true.

  3. Oooh dang, that last one! :O

  4. Love all of these! The last picture is the most shocking.


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